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Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Online Feb 4, 2016 06:44 AM (Total replies: 2780)

lockeowns paid us a visit at the eldorito IRC last night, by the way, so I wouldn't exactly rely on any information that he has..

His name in there is Snowball, he also admitted to being involved with
attacks on our master server. something he wasn't able to get very far with, but Red_M has proof of.

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Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Online Feb 2, 2016 08:03 AM (Total replies: 2780)

Quote: --- Original message by: t3h m00kz
yeah, no respect for the dewrito devs anymore. they act like they know game design better than a proffesional developement studio.

%Camden: halo 3 sux
+Bivi_phone: it just reeks of mindless conformist behavior
Why do i have to have the same low poly models and low res textures
%Camden: the people who want halo 3 were only players of halo 3
+Bivi_phone: Why do i need to have every gun value reset to halo 3's
%Camden: ****that
+Bivi_phone: i have nothing wrong with playing halo 3 but i just dont see why people lust so hard over "plz add to official devs pplz halo 3 gets my dick hard"

simply unprofessional

Hi, thought I'd pop my head in
While that was pretty petty, bivi isn't really a dev. and I think most of them are upset due to the fact that while your mod will be popular, it won't be all encompassing due to the fact that some people simply don't know or care about mods, so what happens to the people who don't care about modding when they try to join a server, is they connect to a broken server, probably at least half of the time. I don't think anyone was saying your mod was a bad idea, it's just potentially very harmful to the community as a whole to release it in the way you did

EDIT: You seemed really cool though, and it is a shame to see you go, hopefully I'll see you around whenever everything is polished and presentable, have a good one!
Edited by WolfJoberson on Feb 2, 2016 at 08:07 AM

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