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I was thinking that the entire first section of the mission could be entirely in stealth or rewarded it in many ways. So if you manage to reach the gravity lift only getting detected twice, you will be able to reach it in a far shorter time like you can skip 2 encounters entirely because you stealthed it. If you raised the alarm 3 times, you will need to fight through the rest of the mission and once you get to the gravity well, you need to fight an extra 2 waves consisting of gold elites with plasma rifles and hunters. And to make matters worst, you will be unable to use the gravity lift as the ship will close it on you, then you must get a banshee and fly into the hanger, skipping the first area where you must sneak through the cargo bay

And also i want to incorporate some warthog combat as well as the normal TAR is very stale with just sniping and tight corridors

So from the strawpoll overall people feel that there are too little weapons, the map is boring but alot of people still think the map is fun and the encounters are fun.

After playing it again with a fresh mindset I can say I enjoy it but it has alot if drawbacks like no pistol and pretty much only 3 weapons. Sniper plasma Rifle and plasma pistol
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Thank you for the feedback. Before I attempt to answer your question, I will need to play the original map again. I know what my criticisms are but I need to make sure the spirt of the map is fully engraved into my head before starting. I will get back to you by Sunday as I can only play on weekends. Hope you are fine with it

Hello, my name is mcrafter3000 and I am an aspiring halo custom edition map creator. I am looking to make a remake of sorts for Truth and Reconciliation in which I will completely change the level layout and encounters
http://www.strawpoll.me/10724817 here is a link to the strawpoll to generalise any criticism or praise you can give for the map.

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