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Quote: --- Original message by: DaLode
Killzone hits the nail on the head.
Not only don't I give a flying crap about ElDewrito, even if I did, I wouldn't waste my time "hacking" your server as I have 18 quintillion better things to do. I'm going to assume EtherSecAgent is just another shheersrszza (or whatever his name is) account.

Anyways, I think this thread has served its purpose. The childen here have had their whine. Now it's time for the adults to get their wine. Cheers.
idc about that dude sherrs he is doin his own youtube stuff. No sign of him haking.

How can u say its him when you guys were running around using jump hacks.

We know its u hackin pathetic cheap skate.

Quote: --- Original message by: PRPatxi
Quote: --- Original message by: SorrySoldOuts

Quote: --- Original message by: Dennis
Quote: Now, nobody gets to play 'Halo Online.'

Source: https://www.engadget.com/2016/08/26/[...]cancelled/

Whine about it for a while but please let this be the end if it in this forum.

Is it because it looks the same as the others? And halo online if so, what makes that different from halo ce community that were mostly well liked but hating on eldorito? Wasn't hhalo ce community bitching about how halo online was basically same crap and bad netcode? I haven't followed halo custom edition since I stopped playing them after eldorito popped up, but that's the main thing I kept hearing/reading. Seems like halo custom edition just can't win. Dennis this doesn't change anything at all. Eldorito is still here. Halo ce community and halo online community will never going to get along each other unless if altis, criston, kinnec, DaLode decide to find peace instead of hacking ethersecagent servers.
Edited by SorrySoldOuts on Aug 27, 2016 at 03:57 AM
Edited by SorrySoldOuts on Aug 27, 2016 at 03:58 AM

Come back when your balls drop, you silly transvestite.

Also if you need to learn English there's a very popular platform called Open English that can help you sip the language like a cup of tea. Your horrific syntax and grammar are hard to look at, not to mention disgusting.

Behave bro. He was just saying these pple went in my servers and hacked it. I have banned them but they use VPN to come nack in sadly.

Dennis these are the people on this forum hacked my servers.







Wen i was in the server i saw them running around the map together and using jump hacks.
Edited by EtherSecAgent on Aug 27, 2016 at 07:57 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » What Happened To Custom Edition? Aug 18, 2016 08:10 PM (Total replies: 54)

Quote: --- Original message by: HyperAlex

Quote: --- Original message by: Dennis
Quote: --- Original message by: HyperAlex
inb4 dennis locks this thread like the halo online thread.
Please explain what purpose this post serves? Really? How does posting that you posted before you think the thread will be locked even remotely mean anything substantive. I am actually trying to understand this. Please explain.

You know perfectly well. This thread is one of those "HALO CE IS DYING QUICK MOVE TO ELDORITO"
threads. People like sheers and Johnlex will come out of the woodwork with multiple accounts and try convince people CE is dead with their horribly misspelled words and atrocious grammar.
Then it will turn into a pissing match like it always does and that will result in you locking this thread.
Edited by HyperAlex on Aug 18, 2016 at 08:00 PM
So? Let halo ce die and stop hacking our halo online servers

Halo CE General Discussion » What Happened To Custom Edition? Aug 17, 2016 06:22 PM (Total replies: 54)

Quote: --- Original message by: StormUndBlackbird
We're all sheltering ourselves until CE3 arrives.

Dude was it u hacking my server? I saw like 4 pple were hacking and i saw ur name on there. Couldnt really make it out if it was u.

Halo CE General Discussion » This community needs some fixing Aug 17, 2016 06:16 PM (Total replies: 3)

Some PLAIN IDOITS on this SITE name altis,stormunderblackbird, flanker, and few others have been hackNg my servers on halo online not sure if they were fake names but idk MAN. I am tired of this joke.
Edited by EtherSecAgent on Aug 17, 2016 at 06:28 PM

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