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Joined: Nov 30, 2016 01:16 AM
Last Post: Nov 30, 2016 04:10 AM
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Your Age: 18
What Games do you play: Halo, Serious Sam, RFactor, and so many others lol
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Halo CE General Discussion » Gathering Active English Players?? Nov 30, 2016 04:10 AM (Total replies: 8)

Quote: --- Original message by: Xander92
Do yourself a favor in these steps:
1.Quit HMF
3.Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c2u2yJfumU&t=21s
2.Join this http://discord.me/SBB
4.Thank me later

I think I just joined it, cool!

Halo CE General Discussion » Gathering Active English Players?? Nov 30, 2016 02:48 AM (Total replies: 8)

Quote: --- Original message by: EtchyaSketch
Hey bud word of caution hes a known troll, you can look at his past posts and see what hes doing.
Anyways welcome to Halomaps, its a terrible place.

We don't serve drinks.

Ahh I see man, well I love the game and I never joined the forums so I thought it was time. Thanks for the forewarning, and again sorry if I upset anybody. Thanks for the welcome, look forward to talking to everyone on HMF at some point

And @rudeboy13 im super down bro! If you really want to we should set something up!
Edited by Damone11 on Nov 30, 2016 at 02:53 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » Gathering Active English Players?? Nov 30, 2016 02:42 AM (Total replies: 8)

Okay, whoah. Holy crap dude look, you took this all wrong.

No, im not bagging or talking badly about Halo CE. Im sorry if I gave you that interpretation. And I definitely wasnt talking badly about the Spanish CE community, its just that I dont happen to speak spanish at all, and the majority of players I came across happened to be in fact spanish. Nothing badly pointed towards them.

And yeah, thats my other point. The Bigass maps and sometimes Ambush are the only populated servers, besides the stock vanilla game maps. I just was implying that I never see any of the fun wacky maps like Nirvana, or Mini Stunt, or Mortal Kombat.

Im not trying to upset anyone on the HM.org forums, or any player of Halo CE for that matter.

The point I was trying to get across is that it would be NICE to have a steady group of English players who would like to play maps besides Bigass, Ambush, and Yoyorast Island, because thats all anyone ever plays anymore.

Sorry if I upset anyone.


Halo CE General Discussion » Gathering Active English Players?? Nov 30, 2016 01:23 AM (Total replies: 8)

Hey, Im not new to the Custom Edition community, Im just making a forum account for the first time.
Halo CE has by far been one of the best games I have ever played, Im currently 18, almost 19, and I first got into Custom Edition when I was about 9.

I havent ever lost my love for the game, but sadly the game is dying, I recently uninstalled it because nobody plays custom maps anymore, and the community is mostly spanish speaking now, there isnt any friendly conversation anymore.

I would absolutely love to gather a group of people either on steam or discord, to start playing this great game again. If you are interested, feel free to reply to this post.

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