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I'm trying to export some first person animations I've made and am not to familiar with the whole process of getting content working in HEK(just basic tutorial stuff I did to gauge interest). My max is the 2017 version and I don't want to mess it up by installing Blitzkrieg in my directory if it isn't compatible. In the case that Blitzkrieg doesn't work, could anybody refer me to a alternate method of extracting animations? I messed around with the ghost importer which I used to get the point of origin poses and animation lengths, but I couldn't get it to export what I made over the animation that was initially loaded. Maybe it can do it and I'm just to dumb to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Thanks for the help guys! I went on and downloaded the CAD exporter and was able to get my stuff working in game!

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Halo CE General Discussion » How to get Ghost's animation importer Jan 15, 2017 08:39 PM (Total replies: 5)

I was looking to create some custom reload animations for the original Halo weapons and would like to download Ghost's animation importer.

This is the link that various video tutorials send you to: http://ghost.halomaps.org/bluestreak/animation

My problem is the site never loads and I don't know if it is just not available anymore or if the site is temporarily down. If it is not available anymore could someone link me to a alternative animation importer. I used the search on this site to try and find one, but I couldn't.

I appreciate the help. After I made my original post I found out that since I am a secondary school student I can get myself an education license for 3dsmax and won't be needing gmax anymore.

I'm literally just getting started with Halo CE map making and have a question about the reference models used for size scaling included within the tutorial level data files.

The video tutorial I'm watching says to merge the "tutorial.max" file into 3dsmax so I can use them. Problem is I'm using gmax and the merge feature will only open ".gmax" files. I tried changing the file extension from a ".max" to a ".gmax" and it will show up in the merge window with the thumbnail, but when I open it nothing happens. I'm just starting with gmax so I don't know if there is somewhere I am supposed to look after I have merged the file in order for the reference master chief model to show up.

I figure just changing the file extension probably doesn't work. If that is the case, can anybody tell me if there is a way to convert it, or if there is another file for reference models I can use?

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