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I'm running it on Linux through WINE, OS doesn't seem to install properly or be activated when running the game and HAC gives me error 317 when the game starts. I did try edit the map file to change the FOV but they are protected.

Ive been wanting to get back in to playing halo especially the campaign and i came across the h3 style campaign maps on halomaps.org. They are great looking maps but the FOV is awful and gives me a headache. Ive tried FOV changer apps which work great on other maps but not these ones :( also open sauce and HAC don't seem to work for me so i cant use them either.

Does anyone know of a way i can change the FOV so i can play these great looking maps, im starting to go crazy trying to find a way that works.

Link to maps im talking about: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=5622

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