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Quote: --- Original message by: R93_Sniper
There's one of a fewissues that could exist:

A: You're setting up your server wrong
B: You've set the server to host on the internet instead of lan
C: You've incorrectly set up the firewall exception
D: Something outside my line of thought

If its A or B, just look up a tutorial on dedicated servers on youtube, shouldn't be too hard to find. C or D I cant really help with unfortunately.

Okay, thanks. I was about to give up on this when I figured it out, and it turned out to be A (and a really small mistake). I took your advice to lookup some YouTube tutorials, and was watching this video, when I realized that I had never actually done the sv_mapcycle_add, sv_mapcycle_begin parts (kind of a dumb mistake on my part). I saw that the server in the video actually said what map was running and how many players were on the server (my server had never actually said that). So although my server was running, it was never actually hosting a game, so no one could actually see it.

Before I watched that video I also watched this video, which shows how to add incoming and outgoing rules to your firewall for the server. When I changed the rules I noticed some settings were blocked for the server. I did this before I got the server to show up though, so I'm not sure if it mattered or not.

Anyway though, after I entered sv_mapcycle_begin the other computers could see it and join it. If I used the -port 2312 (or another port besides the default 2302) I could also join it using the computer I was running the server on using direct IP connect, although this didn't always work for some reason. Glad that I finally got it working though. Thanks a bunch everyone for your replies and help, I really appreciate it!
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Quote: --- Original message by: R93_Sniper
If two people are using the same CD key, neither of them can play together. That's how the game prevents pirates. Along with that, if I'm not mistaken, if a key is either used in too many active installations, it gets added to a sort of "blacklist" where that user cannot play on any lan or listen servers (though dedicated servers work, albeit needing to fit the first requirement).

Alright, thanks for the information.

Quote: --- Original message by: altis94
You need to use SAPP to disable cd key check http://halo.isimaginary.com/

Okay, thanks. I downloaded the server from there and got it set up successfully, but I still can't see the server on any of my computers. I've read it might be a problem with the firewall settings or something? I have the server set as an exception though. Or maybe I have to change some of the router settings, or do some port forwarding or something? If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know, thanks.

Not sure if this is a good forum to ask this question, so sorry if it's not. I am trying to setup a LAN server for Halo PC, and am having some problems. I bought the game new on Amazon, installed it on some of my computers and then updated to 1.0.10 using the patch here:

I can then setup a LAN server on one of the computers fine, and the other PC's can see it, but when they try to connect it says invalid CD key. I've read this is because the game was installed using the same CD key each time. However, if I try to join an online game with all of the computers, it works fine. I've read if you setup a designated server, instead of using the "create LAN server" thing within the game, you can set it so it doesn't check the CD key.

So I tried downloading the 1.0.10 server from the above link, put the .exe in the same folder as halo is installed, and then ran it. I also set the sv_public value to 0 in the init.txt file. When I run Halo on the same PC the dedicated server is running on, it will show the server information on the bottom-left corner of the menu screen. So I guess it recognizes that the server is running, but whenever any of the computers look for LAN games they don't see it.

I've read I might need to do some port forwarding or something, but it seems like I wouldn't need to do that for a LAN game. If anyone knows how to get the computers to see the server, please let me know.

Also, even if I get that working, I'm not sure how I can disable the CD key check. There doesn't seem to be any variable for that in the server documentation:
It seems like there are some custom servers you can download. Or is there a way to do it with the original server? Also, I wasn't planning on using the custom edition just because I wasn't really interested with playing with any mods or anything. If it would be simpler to use the custom edition, that would be fine as well though. Thanks.

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