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Halo CE General Discussion » modifying campaigns with HEK May 23, 2017 12:26 AM (Total replies: 7)

I was missing a bunch of .weapon and .vehicle tags [I'm assuming are campaign specific] .. debug.txt help me tremendously with troubleshooting .. found the extra tag set on this site at "http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=1389" .. thank you guys.

also re sparkedit .. I can play SP maps with scen objects being translated, but not duplicated .. using vbindiff I see that when sparkedit handles duplications in single player maps, 0x42 bytes are overwritten somewhere in the scenario tag, while for multiplayer 0x42 bytes are injected, and one byte is incremented [the number of objects in that tag], and a number of other 4 byte values following it are incremented by 0x42 [which I assume is the size of the data] .. like anyone cares anymore. ;]

Quote: --- Original message by: XxPopeAK49xX
Why modify something already perfect? Typical plebs.

... Variety?

I agree with you about perfection though .. it's why I cling to the original Halo engine so much .. why would I rock anything less than perfect ;]
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Halo CE General Discussion » modifying campaigns with HEK May 22, 2017 01:48 AM (Total replies: 7)

I try to load any .scenario tag with Sapien and the program will just freeze as it boots up and crash. I'm not trying to make a new map but modify existing campaigns to add new scenery weapons enemy spawns etc.

So how can I load a stock campaign .scenario tag into sapien? is it possible?

Also I don't know if anyone still does Halo Xbox but Sparkedit corrupts campaign maps when saving after duplicating things ..

Halo CE General Discussion » Arsenic won't run Mar 4, 2017 07:16 PM (Total replies: 2)

I got Arsenic v2.0.0.9, installed SlimDX and .NET, and it won't run.

The error is a System.IO.FileNotFoundException

Is anyone familiar with this? Why this program won't run :[

edit: I had the January 2012 SlimDX installed, maybe that was why? I uninstalled that first then tried installing the November 2008 after I ended up finding it here. It now works.
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Halo CE General Discussion » flashlights on marines Mar 1, 2017 11:18 PM (Total replies: 11)

Could you please go into some more detail about this? I don't know where that is you got that screenshot from

Halo CE General Discussion » flashlights on marines Mar 1, 2017 10:06 PM (Total replies: 11)

Is there a way to activate flashlights as part of the meta or tag, or does it have to be scripted?

Halo CE General Discussion » flashlights on marines Feb 24, 2017 10:28 PM (Total replies: 11)

In Truth and Reconciliation, the marines have their flashlights on. I notice also that they turn their lights on after exiting the pelican in-game.

Is this a script or a part of the actor or weapon tag? I'm trying to have the marines turn their falshlights on in other levels. Anyone?

Halo CE General Discussion » actor colors in single player Feb 23, 2017 08:18 PM (Total replies: 5)

I'm just wondering if anybody knows about this topic .. there's an actor variant tag with upper and lower color bounds, but I notice with the grunt minor that there is no color value, even though the grunt major has a color value. In fact, grunt minor meta is about x20 bytes shorter, leaving out the array which is supposed to hold the value

EDIT: The offsets for grunt minor RGB color lower and upper bound is in the bipd tag, located at 0x524 to 0x53b in the meta. Thank you, notrododo93
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Halo CE General Discussion » glowing enemies Feb 21, 2017 08:18 PM (Total replies: 18)

I prefer to play on the TV. I'm not a serious gamer, hence why I'm just trying to do some reskinning mods and aesthetic stuff to visually enhance the game a bit for myself .. the more I look into this though I may get HCE so I can get into making machinemas

FYI, I found the offsets for Color of emitted light lower and upper in the shader model meta file, from offset x78-x83 and x84-x8F. I used a hex editor and voila, glowing.

Edited by KasperZERO on Mar 2, 2017 at 09:11 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » glowing enemies Feb 21, 2017 07:08 PM (Total replies: 18)

You know what, considering that, I'll invest in getting Halo PC if I can find a copy. Just never owned the game for computer tbh. I always loved Xbox.

Still if you happen to know something about this I would appreciate any advice you could offer, even if somebody could just confirm that this is possible to do either on the Xbox or on CE.

I know this may not be the place for help modding Xbox when this is a CE forum, but all the Xbox forums are (to my knowledge at least) all down. You guys have still just helped me out a ton though.

Halo CE General Discussion » glowing enemies Feb 21, 2017 03:08 PM (Total replies: 18)

Because I'm mostly trying to mod for Xbox. Never used HEK before.

Halo CE General Discussion » glowing enemies Feb 21, 2017 01:47 PM (Total replies: 18)

In HMT and Eschaton I see color of emitted light. I change that but no difference.

Halo CE General Discussion » glowing enemies Feb 21, 2017 01:20 PM (Total replies: 18)

glow as in the surface, made with bitmaps and multipurpose. Like how the text on ammo models or the red cross on health packs glow. Grunts also have small white lights on their backpacks. Plasma rifles have glowing symbols and things. This kind of glow, nothing to do with lens flares or dynamic lighting.

So jackals, for example. I color their eyes green in the multipurpose and inject that back into the map but that doesn't do it. I'm assuming I have to modify shaders also but don't know what I need to do to them.

If you could even just point me to some documentation or tutorials regarding this stuff that would be awesome. I don't know where else to look for halo modding resources anymore. Been searching

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Halo CE General Discussion » glowing enemies Feb 21, 2017 12:05 PM (Total replies: 18)

It's nice to see some of the Halo modding community is still around.

Halo CE General Discussion » glowing enemies Feb 21, 2017 10:06 AM (Total replies: 18)

@lolslayer, yes, like the red cross on first aid kits or those glowing logos and things on elites.

@R93 Sniper I modified the green channel of the multipurpose bitmap. could you go into more detail about compiling the bitmap and the shader?

Halo CE General Discussion » glowing enemies Feb 21, 2017 12:11 AM (Total replies: 18)

is there a way to mod enemy bitmaps (the multipurpose etc) to make them glow? if not how could I make certain features of enemies glow, like eyes etc?

Halo CE General Discussion » Changing lightmaps Feb 17, 2017 02:51 PM (Total replies: 8)

Tucker, it worked Thanks buddy

I used Eschaton 0.8.2, imported all black bitmaps over each lightmap in the set.

Halo CE General Discussion » Changing lightmaps Feb 17, 2017 11:49 AM (Total replies: 8)

Jade this is exactly what I'm aiming for. I thought it was possible this way but I can't find any resources for this anymore :/

I save the files from Photoshop CS2 using the Nvidia plugin as 5.6.5 RGB 16 bpp unsigned, No MIP maps. The file size remains the same and so I can inject back into the level with HMT without having to correct the size.

I just want to mention also when I try to go down the list of bitmaps injecting in sequence I get an error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. So instead I click on another tag and then click back on the lightmap tag before I move on to the next image in the set.
Edited by KasperZERO on Feb 17, 2017 at 12:10 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Changing lightmaps Feb 17, 2017 10:57 AM (Total replies: 8)

I modified the files in PS and was able to maintain the correct file size so it doesn't need to be updated. I inject everything back in order, but when the map loads it's all red and yellow checkered everywhere

Is there something I'm missing? I don't understand how things could be getting out of order, unless there are more bitmaps I'm missing in another tag.
Edited by KasperZERO on Feb 17, 2017 at 10:58 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » Changing lightmaps Feb 16, 2017 08:33 PM (Total replies: 8)

I'm trying to mod a Halo 1 Xbox level to make it night. I thought the lightmaps were stored as bitmaps under levels/test/bloodgulch/bloodgulch, but when I modify those files the lightmap seems to have changed but the map's glitched red and yellow, not dark or black

Does anyone know how to properly change the lighting of a map with HMT or another tool?

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