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Thank you so much! That was exactly what I needed. Got it up and running in Sapien with no problems after following your advice. However, I'm still a bit confused by how tool.exe compiles. Specifically, "tool.exe structure scenario-directory bsp-name".

When I compile is "scenario-directory" referring to the directory that my .jms is located in or is it referring to where I want the directory built? I feel like the HEK tutorial was a little vague on explaining this. Or I at least missed some detail. I'm assuming it refers to where it's going? And if that is the case, then can I be specific when I enter in a directory? Just so that I can avoid compiling it into Virtual Store in the future? Because right now every time I compile it goes to Virtual Store.

Thank you again so much for your help!

So, I'm a newcomer to creating Halo Custom Edition maps and have been following HEK'S included tutorial. I'm currently at the point where I want to open up a scenario in Sapien.

Now, I've deviated just a bit from the tutorial so that I get a better grasp of how Tool finds my jms file, and builds a directory with the scenario tag. So, because of this, I'm not using the exact naming conventions from the tutorial. This is because I don't want any overlap with the already included "tutorial" files. Instead I've referred to my 3dsmax file, jms, and the compiled file and scenario as "MyMap".

Back to Sapien. I've had no problems using Guerilla to open up the MyMap.scenario tag using the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\tags\levels\test\mymap\MyMap.scenario". However, after making the necessary changes to "Skies" in Guerilla, when I try to open "MyMap.scenario" in Sapien the directory previously mentioned no longer exists. I can only navigate up to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\tags\levels\test". Only HEK's included folders are available. After spending the past day and this morning looking for answers and not finding any for this specific issue I've decided to come here and hope that maybe someone knows where I may have gone wrong, what I'm missing, or what I don't understand about how these directory structures are created and used.

Also, I think it might be worth mentioning, I seem to have the same issue with Windows 10's File Explorer. I can only get as far as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\tags\levels\test" just like Sapien. I've only had succes using Guerilla.

I've been wanting to learn how to build custom maps for Halo CE for a long time now, and I would very much appreciate any help or advice from anyone more experienced than me.

Thank you for your time.

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