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Quote: --- Original message by: OrangeJuice

Opensauce uses the openCOLLADA format instead of regular collada

I guess try that first, then see if it works
Edited by OrangeJuice on Mar 4, 2017 at 11:16 PM

Sorry, I forgot to mention I used both, the inhouse collada import and open collada in Max (8 and 2012) and Maya. So far with no success. :(

It seems like I am not the only one having this issue. Matthew Dratt wrote a post about the exact same problem.


I was thinking about a workaround using Aether but as usual when using workarounds I stumbled across another issue. :) The plan was to setup a level with textures and scenery just like in the original game, export the directional lightmaps and use them in the shader tags.
However, when exporting the structure.bsp with Aether the lightmaps.obj and structure.obj have corrupted UVs (the Lightmap.obj has no UVs at all, I will check if there are multiple UV sets later). UVs seem to be fine in OS-Sapien though.

Seems like I have much to learn when it comes to extracting and setting up levels in a 3D software. Any hints on how to properly set things up are greatly appreciated. I have checked Aethers wiki and still fail in exporting an OBJ with working UVs. :)

The level I am talking about is a30 SP. Tested the original campaign BsPs and the Halo CE Campaign Bsps.

Hey there,

I recently dusted off my old Halo CD to play it on my HMD. Granted, the Graphics look a little dusted too, so I decided to give them a small overhaul. I have come to the point where I need to modify the structure BSP in Max or Maya.

Anyway I horribly fail to get a proper Collada.DAE out of OS_IDEs model extractor. I have tried the exported DAE in Max 2008/12 (yes, I even installed this abomination of a 3D software) and my beloved maya. Both versions of max crash and maya only shows me some edges which merge in the center of the scene.

That beeing said:
the scenario and structure work perfectly in Sapien.

Has anyone managed to get a working DAE out of OS_IDE? Those directional Lightmaps and a working specularmask seem tempting. :)

Thanks for the time and always chew on an Onion,


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