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Halo CE General Discussion » [RELEASE] BioGoji's Campaign Mod Version 1.0 Feb 7, 2018 10:50 AM (Total replies: 21)

Quote: --- Original message by: Masters1337
The majority except 2 or 3 on halomaps are fake. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ne5xy9n1npm0li4/spv2_official_beta_builds.rar

I can confirm that 5 of the CMT maps on halomaps are the real deal (except of course, they are missing features in the latest version you linked, particularly B40).

A50 (the acid trip obvious fake level) and all the flood levels (C10 to D20, flood elites have no shields) with the exception of the Maw (D40) are all fakes on halomaps. Every 2011 "release" on halomaps is fake.

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Sep 3, 2017 02:41 PM (Total replies: 12103)

Quote: --- Original message by: Halonimator
About the other planet flood maps. they are finished but they still use the modified cmt tagset. maybe it isn't a good idea to release them, I don't want people to relate my work with sneils1337 mod.


Awesome to hear you got all the bsp work done for quite of a lot of your maps. Halonimator you really need to make a new thread for your Planet Flood series, because this is like page 305 of SPV3 which not only isn't related to your project but most people won't ever notice your work here. I never read anything about your other planet flood maps until you mentioned it in this thread. If you made your own thread I'm sure a lot more people would be interested, you might even get some help you were looking for.
Edited by Giro on Sep 3, 2017 at 02:51 PM

I'm thinking of releasing a single player map pack (about 20 gigs and including maps not on this site & HaloCE3). I also need to contact RangerDanger so he can made a simple edit to his newest version of Nebulaphobia (his Nebulaphobia_a.yelo file just needs the internal map name inside the yelo file itself it remove the "_a" at the end) or someone else to teach me how to make quick edits inside .yelo files themselves to load under a different name without problems.
Edited by Giro on Sep 3, 2017 at 11:13 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » Universal UI Update? Aug 26, 2017 11:35 PM (Total replies: 29)

I have finished my list of recommended maps (took almost a month of editting).

I think Universal UI needs a note to hold down left for Retribution 1.1 on higher difficulties (if the player doesn't hold left and jump, they'll be stuck in an infinite cutscene-death-cutscene loop on Heroic & Legendary, which will prevent the player from quiting without consol/closing Halo CE).

Edit: Lacedaemon / LAC_Chapter 1 which is already on the Universal UI has an ending that requires consol / closing halo ce to quit.

Edit 2: MountainKing which is already on the Universal UI doesn't have text nor an ending (all the ai gets killed and that's it, at least it has a custom bsp and sounds)
Edited by Giro on Sep 26, 2017 at 11:43 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » Universal UI Update? Aug 17, 2017 09:58 AM (Total replies: 29)

Quote: --- Original message by: Jobalisk
any pointers for the future anyone?

Funny thing is, I never played a custom single player map that wasn't a d40 mod that sent you to the main menu at the end. I think you are the first person to ever try. For everyone in the future interested in making their maps/endings go to the main menu (info provided by spv3 developers):

"I'm surely it's something related to hsc scripts. If you analyze the d40 scripts, you'll find some codes related to the game's end. To be more specific, from the line 834 to line 847:

(script dormant void endgame_cinematics
(hud_get_timer_ticks) 0)
(show_hud_timer false)
(set timer_active false)
(pause_hud_timer true) endgame_cinematics)
(show_hud_timer false)
(set timer_active false)
(pause_hud_timer true) endgame_cinematics

This makes more sense, since you can use the command "game_won" (if you're using the devmode) in a singleplayer map, and you should be able to comeback to the UI.(edited)
Here's the d40 script if you're interested on check it out: https://github.com/plunger/blamscript/blob/master/blamscript/halo_ce_exe/scenarios/d40/d40.hsc
blamscript - game scripting documentation for halo speedruns" from Mr. Chromed

Most modders could instead of using the "map_name command use a quit to main menu command" according to Jazz.
Edited by Giro on Aug 17, 2017 at 09:59 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » Universal UI Update? Aug 13, 2017 05:34 PM (Total replies: 29)

I just noticed something with Jobalisk's maps; when they end they go to ui.map, but you can't do anything (no menu just music and the background). I'm not sure if this is an error on Jobalisk's part or the Universal UI.
Edited by Giro on Aug 13, 2017 at 05:40 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Jul 30, 2017 05:23 PM (Total replies: 12103)

Haloanimator; could you fix Whomps-fortress's enemy spawning? Kind of annoying to do platforming segments and suddenly brutes spawn in thin air around you.

Anyway, I'm excited for SPV3, though I hope I can play other custom maps with it (apparently a new launcher and file location is used for it, had all my files in one place), though I have no idea how that would affect the skull menu.
Edited by Giro on Jul 30, 2017 at 05:28 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Universal UI Update? Jul 30, 2017 04:05 PM (Total replies: 29)

ODST_C6 was never made/leaked. Plus the order the maps continue off of each other are different than you would think (finishing odst_c2 loads odst_c5, finishing odst_c5 loads odst_c3, finishing odst_c3 fades to white with esc still working, odst_c4 need to be loaded manually and when finished loads odst_c2, odst_c7 has to be loaded manually and fades to white with esc still working). The Great Infestation is already in the UI (NP team section). Also deathcube is actually a firefight map. Finally I wouldn't bother putting Senti, Operation Blackwater, and Operation Exodus on the UI at all, as they are not only small modified versions of existing maps with no endings, but I feel that there are just better existing multiplayer w/ ai maps out there.

I have some recommendations for maps

Single Player:
Assault the AA Gun v2 by ericwind (NOTE: uses a portion of ODST_C5 but with different tags, clear objectives, & polished/finalized, ignore if adding ODST_C5)
containmentisland by bg1
Covenant's_Canyon_PB2 by Wolf Grave
death_intrusion by ? (unknown author)
flooderadicationbeta3.map by Gamma927
HaloNightHorror-ep1.map by EmmanuelCd (haloce3 website)
HaloNightHorror-ep2 by EmmanuelCd (still being worked on, planned to be released in November)
island_assault.map & island_assault_p2.map by sierra117
metropoli_assault.map by The_Elite-Zelota (place in NP team section of UI)
nspm.map by knightofroses
oldmombasa.yelo by DeadHamster (haloce3 website, open sauce Free Roam map still in development & planned to have mini-quests)
odst_c series by ODSTMT/ODSTeam (NOTE: possibly leaks, only odst_c4 has text, put kill everything in map description; ignore if considered too unpolished)
overkill.map by Don't Cuss
Operation Purgepoint by rcghalohell (contact him)
planet_flood_a.map by Halonimator (haloce3 website, NOTE: only part A has no issues)
project subterfuge by Gamma927 & ODX
road1va by YellowishAxis4
salisp.map by DSalimander
secret mision 1, 2, 3, and 4 by DFagent007 (2 has a ridiculously long intro cutscene that shows the entire map & all its enemies)
Takeback.map by Spartan717
truthislandsp_partone.map & truthislandsp_parttwo.map by Malolo420 (part 3 / Infestation is technically already on the UI, might need to make a DMT section)

horror.map (Spleen demo) is yet another NP team map that was only released on the NP team website: http://npmappingteam.com/index.php?id=downloads (suddenly fades to black at the end but you can still use esc)

I can confirm all (except Dead Hamster's oldmombasa which is planned to have currency & miniquests like a Sandbox game) the maps listed above have endings without problems (usually load another map like a10 or at the very least let you hit esc after the end of a cutscene)

a30-firefight.yelo by potterhalo (open sauce required, haloce3 website)
demo.map (Mystic Firefight Demo) by ODST Nick
Hellshole by Don't Cuss
Ivory Tower Firefight V7 by Dwood (NOTE: only spawns 1/2 weapons & wave 3's enemies respawn forever)
nebulaphobia_a.yelo by RangerDanger (open sauce require, haloce3 website; NOTE: don't remove the original, as there are entirely different encounters in this version and a huge difficulty difference, name Part 2 or something)
Outpost-firefightv2.map by EmmanuelCD (on haloce3 website, definitely recommend adding)
survival-canyon by Juiceb0xhero

Now I'll list some maps that have custom bsps but have some slight problems:

01_winterstruct by Altheros
Brokendawn by Jobalisk
guardian_forest by Jobalisk
oss by R93 Sniper
planet_flood_b by Halonimator (haloce3 website)
whomps_fortress by Halonimator (haloce3 website)
(Designation) Wintersmith by Jobalisk (Designation Wintersmith is on haloce3 website)

Deathcube by Jobalisk

All of Jobalisk's maps (which use custom bsp's and content, his Designation Wintersmith map is a classic) load the UI incorrectly at the end (need to close Halo CE / consol; though this problem can be taken care of via the Universal UI itself having a script when loaded as a single player map)

All of Halonimator's maps released after planet_flood_a have the default difficulty set to impossible/legendary when loaded through consol before a difficulty is selected. Easy seems to work as Normal difficulty now. Halonimator told me Heroic is untested so he may need to go into further detail on how his maps would work with the Universal UI.
planet_flood_b by Halonimator's ending forces you to use consol / close Halo.
whomps_fortress by Halonimator has NO ending.

oss.yelo by R93 Sniper/M16 Assault & 01_winterstruct.yelo by Altheros are good single player maps but were only released as unfinished betas (oss doesn't have an ending & 01_winterstruct has a hidden cutscene that forces you to close halo) on forums (one of them was shut down).
Edited by Giro on Sep 26, 2017 at 11:38 AM

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