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Has anyone extracted the .bitmaps\textures from Halo 1:Combat Evolved\Halo Custom Edition and uploaded them here somewhere or somewhere else?

Managed to find a zip file that contains the extracted textures from here: SP Bitmap Collection(33.0MB) Got most of the textures from the the zip file that has the map tags or from the above mentioned package.

Have to create a bsp based "skeleton" to fix the Karma collision problem with vehicles in UT2k4 and the map meshes of the actual map from Halo.Just have to wait until I can get the game as I need to see how the shaders are setup-up.Some are easy to replicate but some aren't at all.

Either way it looks quite cool.If I can find a decent image host I will post a in-game screenie of the map here.
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Quote: --- Original message by: R93_Sniper
your issue is using halo PC tools rather than using CE tools. Just use the batch bitmap extractor to convert the .bitmap files to BMP/PNG/TIF/TGA/JPG or whatever. Dont bother using texmod, and there's no normal maps either.

There are normal maps they are also called bump maps.The purple textures that are used with quite a number of textures for the Halo demo are normal\bump textures even UT3 uses them for added detail without actually increasing the poly count of the mesh\model.

Thanks.Just need all of the textures for the maps as I have some of them that I got from the Halo demo ie. the normal maps for some of the textures used in the one map Gephyrophobia using texmod and other .

The multiplayer scenario pack doesn't contain all of the textures used in each map. Checking the .obj in a 3D model viewer I can see I will have some issues with creating the terrain with bsp(added brushes) but the parts of the map like the bridge and bases are fine.

Unfortunately the names of the textures saved through texmod are not named as the textures are in the game as they are named for example: HALO.EXE_0x4D991C22 and some of the textures are not saved properly as there is some white in the textures and it doesn't look right.

I used bitmap viewer to save the .bitmaps that are included in the mp scenario pack in PSP8.I did try Halo Map Tools v3 on the Halo demo to extract the textures,etc... but only could open the ui.map file.I kept getting the not a valid .map file message for the other .map files that come with the demo. :(

Forgot to mention that I don't have Halo:Combat Evolved(PC) and as a result don't have Halo Custom Edition yet as I am still trying to get a 2nd hand copy.That is why I am asking for someone to send the files to me.

@ Jobalisk
From what I understand from the Game Content Usage Rules - Microsoft_Xbox I can use game content from games like Halo 1:CE and use it in another game as long as I put the disclaimer mentioned on that page in the readme for the map and if there are any questions I can send an email to the address provided there for clarification,etc...

Scratch made maps for example is the following eg. Instead of buying a model kit of the HMS Hood you make your own model out of whatever which is why one of the things I am asking is the map meshes in .obj format so I can use as a guide when I start adding\subtracting brushes in the unreal ed for ut2k4 with the game textures and meshes used in the map.
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Could someone please extract the map files plus the other game objects in .obj format and the .bitmap files for the textures which includes the spec and normal textures including the specular textures and the normals for Gephyrophobia and Timberland and send them to me as I would like to use the .obj files as a guide so I can use the textures used to create scratch based maps in Unreal Tournament 2004 as VCTF maps.

I know about the Game Content Usage Rules - Microsoft_Xbox regarding their games,etc... I need to confirm with Microsoft with regards to something I plan to use in the maps.

If this is the wrong forum\site for my request can someone give me a link to the right one.

Thank you.
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