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Halo CE General Discussion » Having some issues compiling a map Jan 27, 2018 06:18 PM (Total replies: 0)

I'm having problems getting one of my maps to compile - even when with OS related things. The map's scripts compile a-okay and the map itself saves fine. The only issue is that I've ran out of tag space and I kind of want to or need to keep all the tags I've imported. As I've said, I've tried using OS Tool and Sapien in an attempt to get more space, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Do note, the added tags are similar to the vanilla tagset (I'm also using d40 as a base, if that means anything. I'm also 2.58 MB over the alloted tag size.). Any help in getting this thing to compile without gutting my intentions would be great (if it must be a .yelo map, so be it).

I find it slightly odd why the map is not compiling. Of course me adding a lot more encounters and actor variants (along with all the resources they need as a result) would cause issues, especially to a big map like d40. Yet I see maps like SPV3's and other .yelos add seemingly more and work eventually. I'm guessing if I find out to make .yelo map, my problems might be alleviated without removing what I want, but who knows? Again, any help anyone may give me would be appreciated, especially if it helps me keep my intended designs.

(I have no intention of making this map public. Just thought I'd ask people who know what they're doing how to fix my issues.)

Update: Nevermind. I got some help elsewhere and successfully got my map compiled into a .yelo map without compromising anything I wanted to do.
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