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Ok we all know there are tons of cut content in every halo game to date.

Right now im trying to restore some cut squads in quarantine zone (only those whose files are still left over in the scnr/squads but for some reason i cant get them to work. I'll list two examples just for now. I can get the turrets to spawn. But I cannot get the AI to spawn inside them for some reason. (btw those turrets "by default" did not have a team like flood,human, etc and had no difficulty count or -1 by "default". I assume they got cut more early during development.

This is what it looks like


this is another example and is more interesting as this wraith has a team, a squad number,an order but I cant get it to spawn unless I use that "Initially Placed" thing. But still no NPC in it


Right now I use Assembly as my mod tool.But it does not allow script editing. Is there a program that does? Do you all think there is something better than assembly?
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Halo 2 Vista General Discussion » Halo 2 Vista-tag extractor/mover May 14, 2019 10:30 AM (Total replies: 5)

Thanks for the swift response as always.

Halo 2 Vista General Discussion » Halo 2 Vista-tag extractor/mover May 13, 2019 07:43 AM (Total replies: 5)

While im still not 100% sure how to expand/enlarge the map size so it doesnt freeze(lolfail)for the OG xbox halo 2 there are these tools called Insolence/Entity which allow you to rip a tag from one map and place it into another(say I want to move the flood juggernaut from 07b_forerunnership into some other map id use that)\

is there anything similar for the PC version?

Quote: --- Original message by: MosesofEgypt
I specifically disabled extracting scenarios, bsps, sounds, and bitmaps from anniversary maps. Bitmaps, sounds, and bsps are missing their rawdata in anniversary maps, so you'd only be extracting partial tags. Scenarios are a different issue. I don't know how the recorded animations are stored, so I can properly byteswap them. Additionally, unless hek+ got an update after anniversary released, I guarantee it won't be able to properly extract tags. I've personally extracted all of b30 anniversary with refinery(replacing the tags types I mentioned with pc equivalents) and rebuilt and played it for custom edition. Aside from some weirdness with the hud scalingscaling, it plays perfectly.

Oh...i guess i will give it a shot replacing the corrupted tags with the PC ones.

In the first level...some of the very first grunts you meet after being given a pistol by keyes(a major+2minors) ...they have plasma pistols but do not drop them on death. I know the next room contains plenty of stuff like needlers,rifles,ars,etc but im curious why do those 3 grunts weapons despawn upon their death

The problem I ran into with Refinery is that while it is capable of "opening" the tags and read them all including the scenario tag but it cannot seem to extract them. So far only Hek+ can.

So what I did so far is extract the Scenario tag itself for one level and try to edit it with Guerilla. But then im not sure how to recompile the tag back into the map there is no option to copy paste it or anything. I cannot extract the whole map with hek+ but only portions of it due to some sort of crashes(just like the ones above)

About eschaton expanding anniversary maps...well when I press the expand thing it just hangs at 0% so im assuming no
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ive tried both so far but my knowledge is so limited im notsure if im doing things right

THe good news is that it is able to read the anniversary maps,but the bad news is that it is crashing

Quote: --- Original message by: DeadHamster
Probably because you're editing anniversary maps.

Also, go to preferences and switch to classic controls. The Scrolling Controls was added to appease PC users who were familiar with HMT 3.5, it was not an intended feature and it is horribly programmed. As complicated as classic is, it's for the best.

Try opening a stock Halo PC map and see how that goes. If it does the same thing, then it's something broken with the plugins, or you need to run as an admin maybe? You can edit everything except actor type with the starter plugins, but you need Sparky's to see the dropdown selection for Actor Type.

If you gave me more information as to how the Anniversary mapfiles work, I can help you better. If we have to, we'll do some kind of wizardy.

Thanks for bearing with me for so long. I know this is going to be a long clusterfk of a response but there isnt any way to tl;dr it. Here are some tidbits that i missed out. The program im using is actually called Eschaton AE(eschaton anniversary which is basically eschaton but for halo AE http://macgamingmods.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18243 ). Halo AE should...theoretically be moddable by default modding tools that are used for the original halo because the devs who developed it simply took Gearbox's port with the engine and all and plastered fancy graphics ontop of it(you can swap to the old graphics at any time). But i cant get any other tools to read those maps(Adjutant can read some tags but you cant edit tags there). I tried using HMT 3.5 but it doesnt really work..like it can read some offsets and whatnot but I run into similar problems like this guy https://www.xboxchaos.com/topic/5306-help-with-modding-campaign/

Ok i changed my controls but i ran into a problem even with the "original PC maps". Because even on the PC port...changing squads it either doesn't save or changes it all to Chunk 1. The squads im editing are on d20(Keyes) and the flood squad #1(encounter 2, combatsinitial which I want to change to no weapons at all instead of plasma rifle/shotgun). I know chaging squads "sort of works" because some flood did get changed to elites(lol).

I know Eschaton AE(and Sparky's Plugin)also do work because I successfully edited the FRG and the sword and some globals(such as taking less damage and carrying 10x of each grenade)

I can upload whatever maps you would like and Eschaton AE. I did decompress the maps as well(its a step required for Halo Anniversary)
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Quote: --- Original message by: DeadHamster

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The only reason I use eschaton is well..technically I am modding Halo CE annivesary and i havent found any tools that can open annivesary's maps except eschaton. The PC version is a guinea pig.

I do have one more question. I set the Sparky's plugins and I go to encounters and change the indexes(chunks)but all of them dont seem to save. Whenever i press enter or not after each chunk edit. The only thing that seems to change is the actor variants that I change get converted to Chunk 1.

Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

I want to mod some things such as for example
making the human combat form on the Maw thats with the covenant turned into a SpecOps elite
Change some encounters such as replacing some flood infection forms into combat forms or carrier forms
change some weapons the flood wields

I know I need to go into Scnr ...and reflexives/encounters? But then i get completely lost and no idea what to do next due to the actor palette...like in the encounters section icant seem to figure out how to use the actor palette or where to change tags
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hey umm i know it has beenlike 6 months but

I just want to say ty to DeadHamster for helping me out to getting the sword/gun to work

Well problem is i fiddled with this and that and I couldnt get anything to work :(

Ok i know this is asking for alot...but...could it be possible if a kind soul would edit weps map for me and upload the edited and ready map here :) I know I know

Quote: --- Original message by: DeadHamster
Download Eschaton. Open the map you want to edit

Scroll to WEAPONS

find the fuel rod gun

Find bitmasks (checkboxes) that says "Detonates when drops" and uncheck it.

Find strings (textbox) that says label, and change it to PP

find the energy sword

Find bitmasks (checkboxes) that says "Detonates when drops" and uncheck it.

Find strings (textbox) that says label, and change it to PR

Close the map and go play Halo.

Ok i did just that

this is the problem I have ran into


There is a "null" for label and when I try to press it nothing happens :(

also, Detonates when drops was never checked when I opened Eschaton

Quote: --- Original message by: Spartan314
If you really wanted to you could recompile the map with the multiplayer version of the tag instead of the singleplayer version.
IIRC the multiplayer version uses a separate weapon tag

Id love to do that but the problem is I have no idea how to or what tools to use haha

Yeah the only thing I know is that "fuel rod gun.weapon" is for the single player gun and
the multiplayer player gun is called "plasma cannon.weapon" or something like that

How would I go about removing for example.....dead ODST bodies and ODST drop pods/their weapons in Delta Halo(part A)?

Im using Assembly as my modding tool. Is it in the scenery?

Where can I find a mod that simply lets me use the fuel rod gun/swords that enemies drop instead of those things self destructing? Does such mod exist?
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