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Well problem is i fiddled with this and that and I couldnt get anything to work :(

Ok i know this is asking for alot...but...could it be possible if a kind soul would edit weps map for me and upload the edited and ready map here :) I know I know

Quote: --- Original message by: DeadHamster
Download Eschaton. Open the map you want to edit

Scroll to WEAPONS

find the fuel rod gun

Find bitmasks (checkboxes) that says "Detonates when drops" and uncheck it.

Find strings (textbox) that says label, and change it to PP

find the energy sword

Find bitmasks (checkboxes) that says "Detonates when drops" and uncheck it.

Find strings (textbox) that says label, and change it to PR

Close the map and go play Halo.

Ok i did just that

this is the problem I have ran into


There is a "null" for label and when I try to press it nothing happens :(

also, Detonates when drops was never checked when I opened Eschaton

Quote: --- Original message by: Spartan314
If you really wanted to you could recompile the map with the multiplayer version of the tag instead of the singleplayer version.
IIRC the multiplayer version uses a separate weapon tag

Id love to do that but the problem is I have no idea how to or what tools to use haha

Yeah the only thing I know is that "fuel rod gun.weapon" is for the single player gun and
the multiplayer player gun is called "plasma cannon.weapon" or something like that

How would I go about removing for example.....dead ODST bodies and ODST drop pods/their weapons in Delta Halo(part A)?

Im using Assembly as my modding tool. Is it in the scenery?

Where can I find a mod that simply lets me use the fuel rod gun/swords that enemies drop instead of those things self destructing? Does such mod exist?
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