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I solved my problem, I just needed to setup portforwarding, which I did using portmapper. I don't remember exactly what I did but I know I only had it forwarding while I had the server running. I'll check what I did when I'm on my computer later today.

I am having an issue joining the dedicated server I am currently trying to host.
I believe it has something to do with mcafee blocking the port.
The port I am using to host the server is port 2312
I used this video tutorial to make the server https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Brb2DicGsGY
I am using sapp and am using version 1.0.10 of halo custom edition.
When I try to join it just says retrying until it says unable to join game.
my init.txt for the server is setup as follow:
'sv_name "APCGE CE SERVER"
sv_public 1
sv_rcon_password ABCD1234
sv_password ""
sv_friendly_fire 1
sv_motd "motd.txt"
sv_ban_penalty 1m, 10m, 1d, 0

My init.txt for the sapp config is setup as follows
'admin_prefix **ADMIN**
adminadd_samelevel 0
adminban 2
admindel_samelevel 0
afk_kick 300
aimbot_ban 300 1
anticaps 0
anticheat 0
antiglitch 1
antihalofp 0
antilagspawn 0
antispam 0
antiwarp 0
auto_update 0
network_thread 1
block_tc 0
chat_console_echo 0
collect_aliases 0
console_input 1
dns s1.master.hosthpc.com
full_ipban 0
hide_admin 0
log 0
log_rotatation 4096
log_name log
lua 0
map_skip 75
mpavote 1
max_idle 60
max_votes 9
mtv 0
packet_limit 1000
ping_kick 400
remote_console 0
sapp_console 1
sapp_mapcycle 1
sapp_rcon 1
save_scores 0
spawn_protection 3'
Any info I missed that could help solve the issue just ask and I will most likely happily provide.
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