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• Halo's Multiplayer Almost Didn't Make It
Wow, talk about changing the course of history. (laughter) That component of the game is a big part of what made it so ubiquitous.

HL: Well, my goal with the design for Halo was to make something that was a shooter that played like an action game. In other words, I honest to God wanted to make something that would have felt like it could have been made by Nintendo. It was just -- oh yeah, you get in there and everything feels good. It's smooth, it's really accessible, the sound effects are really accessible.

Even the naming conventions -- I'd like to point out that I didn't call it "deathmatch" because I felt like [the term] "deathmatch" was too hardcore, perhaps. I called it "Slayer" instead, because I wanted it to be more broadly accessible as a naming convention, like [the Halo gametype] "Oddball."

Bungie had a tradition of that -- in the Myth series and so forth. There was a history of off-kilter stuff in the multiplayer gametypes.

HL: Yep. Absolutely, there was that tradition. So the two of us basically dove in to resurrect multiplayer. Michael made a set of tools for me so that I could create multiplayer maps that plug into the Halo toolset. It wasn't the full set of Halo tools and we didn't actually have a level artist, so a lot of the levels in Halo were me learning how to use 3D Studio Max.


• Designing for Carnage - Insight into Hang 'em High, Longest, and Chiron TL34

Named for a classic Clint Eastwood movie about justice and revenge, Hang 'em High was also voted the most popular non-vehicular Halo multiplayer map at Bungie.net and remains a player favorite at Game Spy Arcade.

My idea with Hang 'em High was to give players a fully functional wide open space. In college my roommate and I used to play the Marathon map "Thrud" for hours, just the two of us. It was a large, open map with lots of walkways connected by hallways around the outside, and a whole lot of vertical play. The result was that when the two of us played there was always either the sense that you were being relentlessly hounded or that you were about to drop the hammer on your unsuspecting opponent. It was this feeling of paranoid exuberance that I wanted to recapture.

My initial plan presented a hangar-like area with a deep canyon bisecting it and two areas raised to interesting heights in opposite corners. There was a small series of catwalks and a bunker at each end. The problem with this space was that it was too simple, too open. You were always exposed and always felt that way; there was no sense of, "ha! no one will find me now!" Further, most of the space in the map was not being used. There was floor surface area and open air; this was boring.


• Halo for PC - Gone Gold!

Quote: Scimitarex asks: "I read somewhere (please correct me if I’m wrong) that Halo 2 will have all the weapons of the original Halo. Since the Flamethrower and Fuel Rod Gun are new weapons in Halo PC, might Bungie use those in Halo 2? Is that Gearbox’s decision?"

Which weapons will appear in Halo 2 is Bungie’s sole decision. Keep in mind the Fuel Rod Gun was in the original Halo on the Xbox (you couldn’t pick it up but Spec-Ops Grunts sure as hell fired it at you!) and the Flamethrower was removed from Halo Xbox late in its development cycle.

Scimitarex asks: "If there are any official expansion packs for Halo PC, does Gearbox have to have Bungie’s permission to make campaign mission add-ons? Say all-new missions?"

Yes. Should there be any official expansion packs for Halo PC, Bungie’s permission is required and Bungie will be closely involved.


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Halo CE General Discussion » Lumoria - Refined? Jan 30, 2020 12:03 PM (Total replies: 9)

Are there any endeavors to re-release Lumoria with Halo CE Refined team's fixes?

Lumoria is such a cool location, extremely fun, replayable, serves as a fantastic reminder of what made Halo great, and deserves it.
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