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Halo CE General Discussion » Map packs for Halo Custom Edition? Mar 7, 2020 09:21 AM (Total replies: 2)

Just search how to install halo ce 2020. The vid on youtube will show you. Once installed you can just join a server in-game and it'll automatically download/install/recognize any map in the server list for you when you try to join a game!

The manual/regular/old way of installing maps is to put it into the Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\maps folder. Once you put the map file in that folder restart halo for it to recognize. You shouldn't need to do this anymore, but that's the manual way to install maps to Halo PC/CE.

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Halo CE General Discussion » Is CE abandonware? Mar 7, 2020 08:26 AM (Total replies: 55)

Since this was already "necro-bumped"

Yes. imo it might as well be abandoned officially right? There are one or two people, one of who is from Bungie from what I can gather from here and other sources, that made the last 1.10 update.

Let's look at this practically:

So we have a master server, that used to be the Gamespy server, hosting the current server list as of this post.

If that host shut down tomorrow, the only way to click "get list" or "refresh" in game and getting a list of servers would be in LAN only....... There would be no more Internet>Join game>Get List/Refresh

That host is running whatever program(s) Gamespy used to run as the Halo master server. We would need this Halo Master Server to ensure HCE/PC can function past the current host, who must be running it right now.

It would also require a client update to 1.11 to change the master server IP if the current master has to change.

I"m literally willing to pay to host the master server myself (and some in-game servers if needed). It's just a server query list, much like a DNS server. But requires very little resources whatsoever. But would require a client update as mentioned.

Either way, the code for the master server hasn't been made public. I'd bet it's similar to haloceded.exe or haloded.exe whatever.
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