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Okay, here is my revised list...

Frame Gun
Frame Magazine
frame ophandle
#left hand cyborg
#left hand marine
#primary ejection
#primary trigger
#ground point

I still get the no get warning... What am I doing wrong? lol -TJH

Well, I have made some progress... Now that my gun is labeled correctly instead of no geometry to export, now i receive the famous "no-get" function.... And i need my main frame to be called frame gun because the other markers are labeled as frame <corrosponding name>. So I guess my question is... what are my options now? -TJH
Edited by Igottabeme on Jan 19, 2008 at 01:35 AM

um hello, H4Z4RD? I know how to link... thank you very much... I stated that in the FIRST message I posted.

Bobbysoon and Killer Kiwi: Thank you so much for your help... Although, in your last list, there is a editable mesh label... I don't have that... Is that something I should be concerned about? Or is it just a modifier?

Napalm: You bring up an interesting point that I need clarification on... I shouldn't link the other nodes to the frame, just link the frame to the model and thats it? Okay, I thought they all should be linked to it... I will try that and post later... :) Thank you! -TJH

btw here is an image of the heiarchy and track... If it helps... In this form, it says I have no geometry to export, and the the model of the rifle is called #gun.
Edited by Igottabeme on Jan 17, 2008 at 01:32 AM

I dont have a #smoke node... I just stole the nodes from the original sniper rifle in halo... here is what I have under frame gun...

frame magazine
frame ophandle
#left hand cyborg
#left hand marine
#primary ejection
#primary trigger
#ground point

I also did not convert frames or markers

I linked the gun to the frame, and got the gun model under the frame... But it still says there is no geometry to export...

I tried that... and for your information napalm, YES i did link... however... am concerned rather with the order they were linked...

I used the track view, (linking the gun to the frame before...) )and the model (#gun) was UNDER the #frame. Still I receive the "No geometry to export" warning. (Mind you I am using G-MAX...) The model of my gun is a child of the frame, yet i am still having trouble... is it a nodes thing, or is there something i missed? -TJH

Hey... I am trying to export a weapon with the JMS exporter... I know this topic has been brought up several times... but I cant find any that apply to my situation very well... I guess I out to go through my list of proccess...

1. I created my sniper rifle... very basic... no magazine...

2. I imported the original sniper rifle from halo and removed the enveloped models, and placed the nodes of it to my weapon (which hopefully are probably correct).

3. To link them I FIRST clicked on the #frame and dragged it to my model... which I stand corrected if I have them reversed... but here is where the trouble starts...

If I connect the frame to the gun, and then export, I get a "No geometry to export" error...

but then...

If I unlink that and connect the gun to the frame... I recieve a "Too many Actors" report...

I know I am doing something wrong... But can anyone tell me what it is? Also, The frame is linked to the rest of the nodes right? Thanks! -TJH

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