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Halo CE General Discussion » Map review topic Jan 23, 2008 06:51 PM (Total replies: 71)

And now, here as a [[possible]] new member to ze reviewing team, you may call this one Doggy. :D Now, for you peoples, Doggy has a lovely map known as Siege.

Now, Siege is a very.... Different map. It consists of a grassy, hill-covered area a good amount larger zan Blood Gulch, with two bases and a fairly random waterfall...
Now, for ze Red base, we has a large castle with an opening that is supposedly trying to fill Doggy's heart with terror... Well, little did it know that Doggy has no heart.
Anywho, Doggy's main problem with zis base is the fact zat ze opening needs to be raised more...
Doggy got caught on one of ze teeth and was killed by ze Kiwi...
For blue base, we has a very... Orangeish color scheme... You can go atop it and below it into a cave with a pink rock and orange stalactites.
On one side, we has a random lake of unknown origin and on ze other, a large, high cliff with a waterfall. But, it should be raised so people will die even with overshields.
Anywho, for ze sky we has a Halo ring... Such a lovely sight. And, instead of blue skies, we has a pinkish, crimson sky with white clouds that gives the ring a false illusion of rotation.
Now, Doggy's main problems with zis map is probably it's spawn points... They are all too close together, and people can easily spawn camp. Doggy even wound up spawning next to the Oddball he just dropped. XD Much to Kiwi's dismay...
Overall, Doggy gives zis map a 8/10.
It be good, but needs some work.
Doggy DEFINITELY recommends you go download it.

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