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Okay. Thanks for the scenario files. One problem, that I remember always happening when I first was playing CE ad trying to mod. Whenever I open the scenario file with Sapien it just crashes. I have Sapien running as admin, in compatibility settings I have disable desktop composition, and its running in XP mode. Any ways to fix the crashing?

If you read the post, I said I want to mod Bloodgulch.
Edited by Life_Long_Noob_Killer on Apr 13, 2012 at 06:20 PM

After well over 4 years, I've come back to playing Halo Custom Edition. I haven't played this game ever since Sophomore year in high school. It's good to see people are still playing CE, so I know I'll have fun again, just not in a computer lab LAN party, freaking kids out with a player profile with the name of the principal. As I logged on today, I've see some posts and profile settings, that made me go, "Whhhaatt? Was I really like that?" Also, I didn't know my user name was Life_Long_Noob_Killer. I guess I was very egotistical back then. Also, I found a topic that I posted about creating a Map. Yeah, I won't be able to do that. But now after all these years my question now is, How do I edit or mod a Halo CE map. I heard that the Halo CE equivalent to Sparkedit is Sapien, I looked all over the internet on how to use Sapien to edit maps, but the tutorials are just the process to fully create a map, with 3ds max for modeling and a bunch of other stuff for well other stuff. I don't want to create a map anymore, I just want to mod a map, just like for Halo Trial people used Sparkedit to mod Bloodgulch. That's what I want to do. So, How do I go about doing it? Please post a full tutorial on modding, and if you're wondering, Yes I've already read the sticky saying Read before asking questions about modding. That sticky is so f-ing confusing.

Can anybody help me make a halo CE map. I need to know what utilities to use and how to use them. So if you can help me I really appreciate it.

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