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What if you manage to kill the gold elite guarding the entrance to the cartographer before the door closes?

If you kill him, the covenant inside could be less organized, and for b40, they are less present due to not having gotten the information about the control room.

Furthermore, if you kill him, the gold elite in B40 (the one that comes out at the end of the bridge) doesn't show up (same elite)?
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Halo CE General Discussion » Jesse's Thread of Unamazing Things. Jan 8, 2017 04:15 AM (Total replies: 376)

I've made progress on the light blue section (truck yard)

I'll make a proper groundmap for all the areas once the buildings are finalized. I should also mention that the detail scenery is dark because it's all one giant conglomerate of stuff. The darkness won't be an issue once I break up all the sections later on.
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Halo CE General Discussion » No more RP? Jan 5, 2017 04:07 AM (Total replies: 31)

My urban themed map would probably be a good RP map. It's leaning that way anyway with what we have planned. Tell me what constitutes an RP map and I'll see if I can incorporate that into the map.

There is nothing I can do about the lack of players though.

Halo CE General Discussion » HELP! i cross my scenery i have made Jan 4, 2017 09:30 PM (Total replies: 3)

Quote: --- Original message by: ptowery
Make sure this isn't checked in the scenery tag:


That legit got a laugh out of me.

But we should seriously consider helping him.

To the poster:
Make sure your collision model is sealed and was compiled properly. Remember to link the models to the frame node and change the collision material to your desired state.

If you can't do it, upload the files and I will do it for you.

Halo CE General Discussion » Help and suggestions for my weapons. Jan 4, 2017 05:33 PM (Total replies: 32)

A lot of those features are actually used in the previous and current CMT tag sets. For example, I use the heat values on a typical ammo based weapon (like the assault rifle) for detecting when HUD elements should move or change state.

Halo CE General Discussion » Jesse's Thread of Unamazing Things. Dec 28, 2016 09:11 PM (Total replies: 376)

So I'm nearly done with the layout of the map. I just have a few filler buildings to create for the purpose of covering up the map.

Here is the player boundary limit:

This image outlines the individual sectors of the map (not counting the streets themselves)

Pink and cyan areas are the main blocks where the players would be playing.

Yellow, lightblue, red, blue, and orange blocks are the areas that are partially explorable, but you won't be able to pass through them. These are the outer areas of the playable map.

The orange sectors are not finished yet, and actually I need to come up with ideas for what to place there.

Yellow sector will be a small train yard, yet to be complete.

light green is the river area, which will be accessible from various points in the map.

darker green (the small area on the middle-right) will be a smaller park with the design layout based on COD4's Shipment, along with containers of course.


I did a little more work on the Shipment area of the map (think of it as the neighborhood storage place)


high FOV version:

view in context:

Edited by Jesse on Dec 29, 2016 at 12:04 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » [RELEASE]: New Mombasa Beta Dec 25, 2016 02:58 PM (Total replies: 30)

Looks good, I'll check it out when the fixed build gets uploaded.

Halo CE General Discussion » Jesse's Thread of Unamazing Things. Dec 24, 2016 10:05 PM (Total replies: 376)

I made the signs and some other stuff:

Edited by Jesse on Dec 25, 2016 at 05:22 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » Jesse's Thread of Unamazing Things. Dec 23, 2016 01:58 AM (Total replies: 376)

I created the Stockbusters (blockbuster) building, I'll add more detail to it later.

I plan to add a public park and some train stuff behind the buildings in the inaccessible areas, just for looks.

Halo CE General Discussion » Semi-Official Gallery [WIPS] Dec 9, 2016 07:55 PM (Total replies: 10963)


Halo CE General Discussion » Semi-Official Gallery [WIPS] Dec 8, 2016 01:21 PM (Total replies: 10963)

See, I thought it was just my cellphone connection. I'm usually on mobile most of the time, but even at home the site takes a while to load sometimes and it makes me wonder if I actually hit the ENTER key.

Quote: --- Original message by: Masters1337
At first I thought someone hacked my account based on the thread title.... lol.

I believe this is also hosted on Halomaps.org as well.

I thought you were going to announce something crazy.

Also, I swear I remember Malolo coming back recently...

Only post side/top and front/back views in orthographic mode. Anything else should ideally be perspective.

Halo CE General Discussion » Semi-Official Gallery [WIPS] Dec 2, 2016 03:22 PM (Total replies: 10963)

The shape looks good to me, and you even have the striations flowing nicely, though maybe a little more color variety would be good, unless it's the same type of rock (plutonic extrusion, exposed dike, ect)

The second version of the rims were better IMO.

These do look like wagon wheels because of these rims.

Also, the border between the tires and rims is weird. Too angled to be realistic. Look at the H3 Mongoose flanker posted.

Booty pic pls

1) Your tires treads have way too much detail modeled in.

2) Your modeling techniques clearly show that you don't optimize at all as you're going. Look at the center of the rim, those three pointy things don't need to be directly attached, and for that matter, neither do the tire treads. You should chamfer the edge of the tires more.

3) Your bumper bars are have too many sides, 6 and smoothing should be more than enough.

4) See the circle at the rear wheel? That's where I can tell you messed up with your modeling. There are three messed up parts on the wheels, probably because of the way you created the tires from the rims (the edges of which are not consistent)

5) Is the seat cushion modeled in yet? It looks like only the frame is there.

6) Add a winch.

Higher res image pls.

Looks better, though I think the tires themselves look too thin. If you're going electric, maybe you can have the engines integrated in the rims (like oversized brake discs).

A booty render would be good too.

I like the Mongoose, but it definitely has issues. Your other vehicles are too wide-looking, but the Mongoose is slightly too narrow, I think.

Where is the engine? And I'm certain those wheel struts would break quickly, and the axles too. Also, terrible tire treads. I can tell you just extrude blocks that you feel like.

Make some realistic tire treads, add an engine and strengthen the struts.

I look forward to a lot of the incomplete goals. Zipping a tag and it's dependencies (folder locations preserved?) would be great.

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