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I just figured out the whole map editor thing except for one small thing. I don't know how to change the shape of the example map into a ship on a sandbar. Please help me and if you have any other helpful information please share it with me thanks. Btw who ever gives me the info I need will be given credits once this map is up on the site and it's about the size of coag in the design to give you the epic feel of it.
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It's a normal present day aircraft carrier that got beached on a sand bar and is worn down after a few centuries. Its story is that it going to be taken to the ocean and dropped to form a coral reef, but hit a sand bar on the way and was just left there. Again it is a normal aircraft carrier. If you need a reference type in USS kittyhawk.

it could be a banshee or wasp. I really don't care wasp/banshee. either one will do. Oh! and if you use this map idea please give credits to watchedspore on concept design. You get the rest and TELL us if you want to do it.

My idea was that the land mass is a sandbar and this map was a base. I know it would look better with human flying vehicles like the apache, blackhawk, S-3, Ect., but I do not think you can edit a banshee to look like that. Another point I need to make is that this could have been used as a makeshift base by the covenant. That would explain the vehicles there.

cool so will you make it? If you do please use my name in design artist. This is rather an impressive feat for me since my mind is 70% left brained. The only way I get creative ideas is through an inspiration. This one was because I was working on a model ship.

here are the pic url since i haven't been a member long enough someone else can copy and paste them.
Edited by watchedspore on May 10, 2009 at 08:46 PM

ok thanks. Woah! Um. The instructions are inadequite and I don't even know if I could make my map if they where specific enough.
Edited by watchedspore on May 10, 2009 at 09:28 AM

I have halo 2 for PC on Vista; I also have the editor. I do not know anything about how to program on of these maps and I am a computer geek... I have concept art for a map and I asked some people if they wanted to build it on another post. Please tell me how to do this and what I need.

Today I was looking at a model of an aircraft carrier in my room while playing halo 2 for PC. Then it came to me__What if I could build a map based on this design. So then I started the concept art. It's an aircraft carrier with the bow loged onto a "Y" shaped sandbar. On the ship top there are banshees and ghost plus there are runways and turrets to use. Also to get below deck into the hanger you park your vehicle on an elevator press X and then you go down into the hanger where there are vehicles and storage rooms. If you want to try this out then make a post and if you need the concept art I'll post it soon. (like 20 minutes from right this second) GL
Darn! I can't load it. Well I guess I gave you a good mental image. Dangit! I have to be a member for five days... I'll give someone else the url and see if they will post it.
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