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Indeed, Halo Custom Edition (and to a lesser extent with Halo: Combat Evolved Map Mods etc.) WAS designed for playing User Created (Custom) Maps, and automatic "In-Game" Map installation is without doubt THE best innovation since the game's release. This single ability alone, has not only opened up the ease which many players now enjoy playing new maps, but also helped ensure that players remain on a server cycle without having to first exit and then obtain a map, install, and then try and rejoin the game.

An In-Game Auto-Map install feature does not effect the need of having and maintaining superb Map Sites (such as Halo Maps here etc.) in any way, since map creators must have somewhere to "Showcase" their work and for players too, who still require the ability to initially review and then go test out new maps. In fact the requirement to first review and then test out a new map is of paramount importance for most server host operators before then committing a new map to their server cycle, and perhaps even more importantly, also to discover the game types which really work best with a map. I view both these two separate functions; of maintaining Map Sites, and "on the fly" In-game map installation as entirely complimentary to ensuring the longevity of this game.

However or from wherever maps are resourced in game, it's actually playing these maps that keeps the game alive. The work of Btcc22 (and others alike in this respect) can only and must only be commended, and their effort should be entirely supported in every way possible.
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This is good news, and which hopefully lessons will be learnt by all.

Is it possible for some kind of "Official (fail-safe backup) Website" fall-over protection in case anything like this ever occurs again? In which case, Realworld Guild (RWG Hosting EU), and I'm sure that msalerno (Kilowatt Computers USA) will be pleased to assist.

Perhaps even Dennis might consider some official support in this venture, if both trust and security concerns can be iron out?

Realworld Guild acts as an Official HAC 2 Map Download Mirror... and although the Map Download process is automated, it's a one-way process. There's no possibility of any "trojan" activity on the download end, and it's true, it is a question of trust.

My concerns were that if haloanticheat.com disappears, then under the current methodology HAC 2 functionality ceases. It's never has been concerning distrusting Btcc22 or his efforts, but it still doesn't solve the problem of the game now having so much reliance on just Btcc22.

The design of HAC 2 was such that it could be easily updated by "Phoning Home", something which Dennis (here) wasn't happy about (and as it appears, quite rightly so) since it depends on a single privately registered domain: haloanticheat.com being available 24/7, and which now it seems that this domain registration has now expired, leaving literally 100's of HAC 2 users potentially up the Creek and without a Paddle.

In order for HAC 2 to work, a loader.dll (placed in the controls folder) is responsible for initiating the process, with the most recently updated hac.dll downloaded to the temp directory to get around Administrative Rights issues on Limited User Accounts. However it's entirely possible to override the update check by simply placing the hac.dll in the game root directory. Doing so prevents further updates occurring, but allows HAC 2 basic functionality to operate independently of haloanticheat.com and more importantly, without crashing the game upon launch. This fix alone though, wont permit any In-game Map Downloading, since this precess currently depends on haloanticheat.com being operational.

For those users who have a functional hac.dll located in their temp folder, then the process of copying it over to the game root directory is fairly painless, but not every player (or new user) will have hac.dll downloaded.

Fortunately you can download the most recent version of hac.dll (courtesy of Realworld Guild) here: http://realworldce.com/apps/Hac2/hac.zip

loader.dll is available (again, courtesy of Realworld Guild) here: http://realworldce.com/apps/Hac2/loader.zip

The Full Original Topic and ALL associated HAC 2 files are available here: http://www.realworldce.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=4481

Admin Core: Realworld Guild
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The design approach we take with the UHMSOŽ Project Files is Modular, where Server Operators choose to add which specific Module(s) their particular server "Type" requires, and this method basically entails whether they host either a SAPP Server or a Non SAPP Server "Type".

Consequentially a SAPP Server would not benefit from (or require) the UHMSOŽ Efficiency Improvement Module (which also provides common SAPP functionality (like Game Time, Lead Status etc.) after all, there's no need to go re-invent the wheel (SAPP does what SAPP does perfectly well enough), but all Server Types could use the UHMSOŽ Extended Communications Module etc.

Also (similar to the ZEUS approach) there are far more ways then just one to skin a Cat, but just don't expect Schrodinger to help, because he doesn't care if the Cat is Dead or Alive (or simultaneously both Dead and Alive) until the lid is off the box!
Edited by Harbinger on Aug 2, 2015 at 04:48 AM

There are specific aspects to these new features which are still being developed and that remain as yet not finalised, so it would be unfair to describe such functionality in any fine detail. However yes, there is also a small percentage factor included about not wishing to reveal full functionality beforehand due to risks of cloning, and it's also certainly correct that much functionality can be programmed using lua scripts, but there are other aspects to this besides which rely on far more than just lua scripting alone.

Basically one of Halo's strongest features is by today's standards completely lagging behind possibilities which current technology permits and this one area alone concerns extended communication, and that it can be expanded to do other things. In fact the list is huge and almost endless.

So we could just say that it's about providing a framework for inter-server communication and leave it at that. Which is true, actually but in fact it's far more than simply that, it's about building upon Halo's own native communication to kick the game back into the 21st centuary.

Sure sehe, np (and glad to be of service) check out this SAPP feature request (on your own SAPP Forum) here: http://xhalo.tk/forum/thread-342.html

Your reply posted on 2015. May. 27 was, "RE: checking how much time is left
It is now the part of the info command."

After we showed you it implemented in one of Realworld Guild's Servers.

BTW, I am aware that SAPP features can be disabled.

Myself having been a member of various "Halo Communities" etc. for well over a decade now, and no doubt many are aware, or have heard of my involvement with "Realworld Guild", which I have been fortunate for the past 6+ years to Administer, coupled with Hosting Dedicated Halo Servers, and other associated Halo related projects. Consequentially over the years, it's not been uncommon for Realworld Guild to have regularly taken hits regarding Halo being a "dead game", with "dead servers" etc. all of which is still very far from being true and least of all being accurate, and certainly in terms of continual player numbers and popularity alone, Halo is a not just a good game, it's a superb game. Yet despite such assertions, Realworld Guild has been honoured to lead the way where others have later followed, such as Hosting high quality Halo Custom Edition: Stock Map Servers (featuring every Stock Map), Hybrid Map (mixed Stock and Custom Map) Servers, dedicated Race Servers and above all providing very large Fixed Map Cycle Custom Map Servers. Realworld Guild also pioneered features that are now considered "standard" to the way many Halo Custom Edition Servers are operated, such as hosting regular "Sessions" for Players, introducing longer "default" game times of 60 minutes, and necessitating 5 Caps to win etc. Today Realworld Guild is still pleased to pave the way forward for more new and exciting developments that continue to manifest for playing Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo Custom Edition on the PC.

One reason why Realworld Guild primarily chooses to host Gandanur enabled Servers is simply because Gandanur was designed to be a Server Administration "Tool" (rather than a Server "Application") with the main objective to keep the game hosted as faithfully to the original concept as possible. However Realworld Guild has, and continues to Host SAPP enabled Servers as well.

Realworld Guild is not anti-SAPP, but prefers instead to host servers with as minimal changes to the way a server operates as possible. However with the continual development of SAPP and the (apparent) abandonment of Gandanur (if only the source code could be released) meant that in terms of basic server performance the disparity between any non SAPP server type and a SAPP enabled server has become quite distinct, mostly due simply to efficiency improvements in the main timing loop, coupled with a some other code optimisations and tweaks.

msalerno is an experienced (and professional) software applications developer, having himself previously worked for the Gaming Industry (in another incarnation) some time ago, consequentially he very much is the "right person" for understanding how best to implement efficiency changes to an existing game's software code base.

When I initially approached msalerno, my initial "Goal" for UHMSOŽ, "Universal Halo (Server) Milli-Second Optimisor" was to provide a "common playing field" in terms of performance across all servers regardless of the underlying server "Type" (be it, plain Vanilla, Gandanur, Phasor or SAPP server) but as UHMSOŽ development continued it became obvious that far more than such basic "optimisation" can be achieved. So I just kept on asking questions like, "so would it now then be possible to achieve stuff like 'XYZ'" to which msalerno replied, "uh hmm, I believe that would be possible given a bit of thought..."

In fact one of the very first little "extra" things achieved early on in UHMSOŽ development was ".gt", a simple command that anyone can use to display how much Game Time remains. sehe saw this and despite the "feature request" being on the SAPP Forum wish list for a very long time, was suddenly implemented in SAPP. It's cool that SAPP Servers now have this implemented. Next came Multi-Team Vehicle detection related stuff, all of which msalerno had identified and implemented correctly, long before SAPP fixed the issue. Again good that it's now fixed and working properly in SAPP. The UHMSOŽ project is never intended to compete with SAPP, only to provide ways to improve and increase server performance for all Server Operators and improve the overall game playing experience for players, regardless of the server "Type".

As they say though, the shows not over until the "Fat Lady Sings". All that can be revealed at this stage, is that one of the new ideas I suggested to msalerno as, "so could we implement "XXXX" then...", with the usual curt reply of, "I believe so..." , is still yet to be publicly announced. And it's a real show stopper. This new and exciting feature does not change the underlying game code itself, but can radically change the way any game can be played. It provides a new and unique logical "layer" on top of existing game play. Furthermore, this logical "layer" is completely up to players themselves to define. In short, this new feature completely revolutionises the way any game can be played, which especially includes the way game play can be structured but only (and purely) from a "logical" perspective and entirely according to players own control. As already stated, this exciting and revolutionary new feature does not change any actual game type what-so-ever, such as for example in the way an existing Server "App" could, such as in playing a new Zombie Game Type does etc.

This new "feature" is currently in beta testing, works and will be 100% compatible with all server types, including of course SAPP enabled servers. However since my original concept for this possibility, msalerno has originated much greater advancements even beyond my wildest imagination. Together we are improving things on a daily basis, and the best though really is yet to come. Additionally, as with all UHMSOŽ project objectives, everything is entirely optional and directly under Server Operators (and where applicable) Players full control. This new Server Extension is a collaborate project between Ž Realworld Guild & Kilowatt Computers.

Real Freedom with Real Competition breeds Real Choice, and that's the guiding principle behind all projects of Realworld Guild. msalserno is also one of those rare visionaries who believes in making possibilities real.
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Halo CE General Discussion » [Release] HAC 2 alpha/preview Jan 2, 2013 07:40 PM (Total replies: 256)

HAC 2 Represents the Dawn of a New Era for Halo Custom Edition Gaming

From now onwards your whole Halo Custom Edition Gaming experience has been Turbo Charged, Updated and Improved beyond Expectation. 2012 didn't bring the End of The World, but instead Ushered In a Whole New World for 2013:

Amongst Many Long Awaited Features:

  • Super Fast Halo CE Load-up Time, (Regardless How Many Custom Maps in the Map Folder).
  • See All Halo CE Servers.
  • Join Any Server and Play Any Map.
  • Map Auto Downloaded and Installed (On a Map as Needed Basis).
  • No Need to Restart Halo CE to Play a New Map.
  • No Need to Download a Server Map Pack.

Halo Custom Edition Just Got Better and the Days of Empty Custom Map Servers and Players Not having Custom Maps are History. No more Wondering if Players will Have or Not Get the Custom Map to play on a Server. Just join a Custom Map Server and you'll know someone else will get the Map.

OK yes this New Halo Custom Edition Extension "Phones Home" to check for Updates and Map Lists, but so does Halo Phone Home too for Updates, (one that will no longer ever happen) at least HAC 2 is using the totally transparent Port 80, and this necessary behaviour really is the very least of your worries. Instead think of the enormous benefits HAC 2 is bringing to the Community by ensuring Custom Maps really do get played. It's only through playing Custom Maps that Halo Custom Edition truly comes to life, and is what inspires Players to realise it's full potential and want to go on to create Custom Maps. Long Live Halo Custom Edition and HAC 2 is the way forward.

Halo CE General Discussion » HaloCE Dedicated Server Gametypes May 16, 2009 06:24 AM (Total replies: 0)

I'm an Admin of the RealWorld Dedicated Server.

Map: hmf_marecage is in our map cycle.

To date we have been unable to get the Dedicated Server to reproduce the default weapons set for this map that is identical to the default weapons set for this map that appear when it is hosted only on a Client PC.

Can any one say why this happens?

I have tried saving custom game types etc. on the Dedicated Server for this map, but always the weapons set that appear on the Dedicated Server are lacking the weapons, that are otherwise default on a PC Client Hosted game.

It is very frustrating and I am at a loss to the answer.

If anyone knows a solution to fix this problem I will be very thankful.

Time: Fri May 29, 2020 7:01 PM 235 ms.
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