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Halo CE Technical / Map Design » RPG Beta 6 Commands Feb 20, 2010 09:50 PM (Total replies: 7)


I am not experienced as far as commands and things, so bear with me...

Anyway, on RPG Beta 6, I see people in servers use many commands. Examples are teleporting people to places (Which are the wall, the prowler, the crashed ship (Owned), and the AI Hockey Court (secret). I can't think of the command, but it is like /tele Player 1 secret, etc.

The thing is, they don't actually type the command into dev, but rather into the chat. One time, I was even able to do a speed increase on myself without dev. I think I typed in /spd Jun (My ingame name) 10. That made me a lot faster, and I didn't have to be a server admin or use dev.

Other commands I saw were /kill (A random player is killed and the **SERVER** says "X has been killed by Lethal Injection" or something like that. There was also Suspend, which forced a player to be frozen as punishment, and of course there was unsuspend which let the frozen player move.

So I would like to know...
A) Whether or not you have to have Devmode to use these or if you just type them in
B) All the possible commands

Thank you guys for your help.


Well, the title pretty much explains it all...

-What is the dev code for spawning ai on a map (For instance, how would I spawn a marine on coldsnap)

-What is the dev code for making them ride in a vehicle (So I want to make that marine ride in my warthog) or to make them drive a vehicle (I want the marine to drive it)


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