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Quote: --- Original message by: Headhunter09
because you cannot do anything while devmode is on.

So can I use devmode and still play in servers (I won't cheat - I need it for the machinima video)

Quote: --- Original message by: Gamma927
The HUD that you see ingame is consisted of three main parts. The weapon ammo meters, the grenade icons, and the rest of the HUD (Shield, radar, damage indicators, etc.)

To remove the weapon and grenade parts of the HUD, don't specify a weapon_hud_interface inside the weapon, and remove the grenade_hud_interface from the globals.globals. To change the rest, modify unit_hud_interface. Damage indicators, and HUD text can be deleted from the hud_globals.

I found a way to remove the HUD with DEVMODE so I only need a link to the map I talked about in the previous posts (The one that was in the screens of the weapon i gave link to)

P.S.: Why when I make modifications to the shortcut so I can use Devmode all the multiplayer options exept Create a LAN game are disabled?

OK. But can you give me a link to the map from the screens of the weapon in the "P.S.:" so I can only mod the Banshhes However for the second map I'll need help - it'll be a huge map that looks like a city. I tryed and can't do it alone. After making the map you can upload them to the site so it can help other people when they make their Machinima videos.

P.S.: I found a map with no HUD http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=2951 ("Note: I disabled the HUD since it is for mostly machimania purposes") How it's this done?
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Hi! I'm Kiril from Bulgaria! I'm a big Halo fan but my computer is old and I can't run Halo 2. After finishing the campaign several times I decided to make a Machinima video. I'm very good with Photoshop and other 2D programs but I'm a total noob at 3DS MAX and so I can't make any map. For my video I need 2 maps:

The first one is very simple: it's large, there is only transperent floor, a space background (Earth and Moon are seen in it; I have seen it somewhere in the site but I don't remember where) and two Banshees (one purple and one gray)
P.S.: I forgot - and no HUD.

I don't still know what the second one should look like but I want to ask you something. Can 3 people play in a server: the one with a Spartan skin, the second with ODST skin and the third with an Elite skin at the same time?

btw Sorry for my bad English.
P.S.:I found just the map I was looking for in the screens of that weapon http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=844. Can someone give a link when he adds the Banshhes?

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