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Halo CE General Discussion » CMT SPV2 A10 Public Beta Aug 5, 2009 04:17 PM (Total replies: 786)

First of all, I want to thank the CMT group for an excellent job. Of all of the levels of the original Halo, The Pillar of Autumn was one of my least favorites. It (and the Library) are corridor levels at heart. However, this level had been given an impressive spin.

To begin, the new BSPs add a good twist to a level that I previously had memorized. The new areas are missing music, but give the level several new encounters, something the original version of this level very much needed. Many of them look too much alike, but complaining about repetitive level design in Halo 1 is a dead horse in itself. The navigation problem through these new areas could be solved by some well placed nav points.

The Hunters are a bit more resilient, which took me by surprise the first time I played through this map. However, it was worth it for the assault beam.

The Elites are much better looking. I didn't notice anything new in their behavior. The Stealth Elites did seem to take more damage than I remember.

The Grunts really do love to overcharge their plasma pistols. I'm guessing someone at CMT likes Halo: The Flood. Any chance of seeing Zuka in The Maw?

The Brutes are a controversial enemy, but extremely impressive for being custom built. I, for one, am glad that they do not dodge much. After all, if they fight just like Elites, why even have them in the game? They could afford to be a little more aggressive, though, if only to further distinguish them. I also believe that there should be a better way to show that their power armor is out. It's difficult to tell in the heat of battle, especially compared to the Elites, whose flickering static effect makes it abundantly clear. The Battle armor that falls off could fall off when the armor wears down. Them, if possible, not recharge.

The new weapons are what I expected from a CMT mod: outstanding. There's still some quirks here and there (picking up an Elite Plasma Rifle when I pick up pistol ammo). However, either the new enemies (particularly the Brutes) are too strong or most of the weapons are too weak. Like in Halo 2, the enemies' shields are so strong that carrying a plasma weapon around is almost essential, which detracts from the great variety that made Halo 1 stand out.

Overall, an excellent mod. Well, I'm through sucking up, now. I look forward to the upcoming releases.
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