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Halo CE Technical / Map Design » To Spartan DSMT Sniper Aug 10, 2009 01:47 PM (Total replies: 1)

Since Mr. Sniper seems not to have a forum account under the same name, I shall post a thread. If anyone may know him, please pass this message along, or feel free to respond to it yourselves. I concerns this map http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=4768 and some points I have observed for the improvement of it..

To Spartan DSMT Sniper, author of RPG open5 Assault V1

First off, THANK YOU. You're heading in the right direction I've been begging God to have someone go with this map. And if you would please be so kind sir, continue your work on this variant. But, if I may, I DO have a few suggestions I'd like for you to at least consider for furture versions of Beta 5.

1) The Covenant Carrier:
I've always wanted a carrier in this map. And I was very excited to see one below me as I flew down. However, it's some what of a "swing and a miss" if you will. For it to be perfect, you have to make it A) a solid piece of geometry and B) big. Downflow big. Big enough that you can drop men off in the forward and back hangers and they have enough room to move without falling. Maybe some more Elites in the hangers.

2) Player model:
I love you for going to the Mark V armor. The Mark VI that was in original was terrible. Again, a move in the right direction, but could still be taken further. If I may make the suggestion of using the ODST biped. This reason is for (again, two reason) A) Halo: ODST release, people will want some more ODST. And B) simply better for military Rp's.

3) Vehicles:
Well, I'm SURE you know. The pelican tags are utter crap. I myself am not a modder, and I'm not sure if you used different tags for them, or if you used the same tags and they're glitching right the F out for some reason, but that needs to be a major fix. All other vehicles seemed fine for me, the pelican just needs to work. One other thing was the placement of the Longsword and the helipad on top of the Quebec seemed... off. I mean, they wouldn't fly in space like that. It just doesn't seem right. Remove the Longswords, and maybe park them in town. Hell, even re-do some of the ground and add in a runway.

Now, this is NOT a "Do this and this and this or your map sucks and no will play it lololol" message. This is an advisory message. You've already done well by my standards. And those are somewhat high standards mind you. However, to move your map closer to the "perfection" bull's eye, I would fallow these few, I would estimate simple changes for version 2 of your variant. Please message me back with your opinions on my ideas.



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