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I did put it back after seeing that it didn't help. I just found it odd that my comp could give perfectly smooth performance to the regular Halo campaign, but slows down dramatically when I do the Halo CMT 2.0 beta, which at best offers 2 new graphic add-ons: shine and (i think) dynamic shadows. Of course, it could be that the models are more intricate, but it shouldn't cause that much difference.

I don't know what you mean by virtual PC, but under system settings it is possible to give running programs the option to convert actual memory on your hard drive into RAM. Under that option, it says I have over 160 101 MB of available space. Virtual memory is the amount of leeway MB you're giving your computer's RAM to expand upon. When I did what I said before, I increased the virtual memory from the default 4591 to 160000- this is only possible on a Windows Vista, as Windows XP caps the virtual memory off at 5000 (I don't know why, but I think I read an explanation for it when I researched it on Google).

Nope. When I re-installed it, I only had the original maps and it still happened. Plus, a month ago, I had dozens more and it worked then.

Just recently, I put Halo Custom Edition in Safe Mode and it worked. I quit, and started it up normally and it worked fine. However, the moment I pressed Quit, it froze. My game must have a problem with Loading and ?Unloading? maps, if that makes sense. Though keep in mind my normal Halo still works fine, so it shouldn't have anything to do with my comp.

-aside the point,
For the time it was working after the safe mode, I tried the Halo CMT 2.0 beta map and it was running slow with all the video and sound settings on. I then gave my comp 100 000 megabytes of virtual memory to see if the game would run any faster and it didn't... what the heck!? You'd think a game would run faster if it had 100 gigabytes of extra RAM to spare.

(I'm playing on a Windows Vista by the way. Also, about a month ago Custom Edition was working fine).

Uhm, where do I go for the GFX control panel? Is that under my Desktop's control panel?

I'm playing Halo Custom Edition, and every time I load a map, singleplayer and multilayer, it freezes and I have to do control alt delete to end the task (Halo Custom Edition is listed as Not Responding).

I uninstalled the game and re-installed it, but the same problem is still happening. Any help?

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