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Halo CE General Discussion » CMT isn't really CMT anymore Today @ 07:02 AM (Total replies: 3)

CMT isn't really CMT anymore, it's just Masterz with a few people doing his bidding. Only Masterz will gain from it.

It's just masters and a bunch of kids and nobodies and weeabos working for him and it's trash. This is a tribute for the real members of cmt and teh lag appreciation thread.

The goofiness of Bungie games made Halo fun rather than making it too serious and boring and corny. Which is wny the old fanbase and community was awesome and how hardcore people were and were actually attracted by real fun gameplay rather than getting attracted for visuals and stories (Which is why the current Halo community is overrun by dorks like almost every Halo related youtube channels and pretty much the newer people in this community and former COD fans)

Realism and making a game challenging doesn't make a game fun and it would probably bore people since It's too difficult to play and continue and most people who can finish it with ease are low life dorks (The current Halo fans) anyway who spends too much time playing games.

And here is more rants about 343i, 343 is a CHEAP ASS CORPORATELY CREATED JOHN CENA BOOTLEG. Masterz views for Halo is terrible making his thoughts unreliable for a good Halo game which is why SPV3 sucks ass and trying to be hipster maintaining Halo 1 gameplay and that is just awful and boring which is most real Halo fans prefer Halo 3 mods than SPV3 and the current fanbase is composed of kids and dorks anyway and the real ones stayed with me like ptowery and nick cause I'm the god of halo.

I'm gonna message Masterz's mom and blackmail him to get me steam games and get him grounded that naughty little Masterz is gonna get his.

Do you additional installs for the graphics that made them render well for you? Let me know and also the screenshot is broken I'm going to repost it

How they render.

How I want them to render. (Old 2014 picture as example)

The thing is that it can run plasma bitmaps properly in Halo 2 and Halo Online but not in CE unless they were using different plasma bitmaps in those games. Is there any program that can force my GPU to run those or editing in the config or video card settings to make it work?

It's really aggravating how the shields doesn't render right though I can run Halo with Open Sauce with full graphic enhancement well but It still can't render the energy shields well and this the example of the energy shields not rendering well. My graphics is Intel HD Graphics 4000 and I also tried to make halo support it like editing halo's config and all that and the thing is that Halo 2 Vista and Halo Online can render plasma right with my graphics card but Halo CE can't and I'm really hoping anyone could help me out with this, It's one of my reasons why I don't finish my projects, seeing those broken rendered plasma makes me depressed and prevents me from continuing.

Halo CE General Discussion » Release! Halo 3 Pillar Of Autumn Oct 15, 2018 07:35 PM (Total replies: 8)

The teaser for the new project, you're gonna play as an elite and that's all I'm gonna say. Here's the teaser : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGjpumBMknw

Also join my discord!
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Halo CE General Discussion » [Release] Containment Segment Oct 14, 2018 04:46 AM (Total replies: 14)

Nice map friend

Halo CE General Discussion » Release! Halo 3 Pillar Of Autumn Oct 13, 2018 10:24 PM (Total replies: 8)

Takes screenies for me and tell If it doesn't crash and It's god.
Join my discord
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Halo CE General Discussion » Release! Halo 3 Pillar Of Autumn Oct 13, 2018 09:34 AM (Total replies: 8)

Name : H3CM A10
Author : Altheros\God Of Modding\Thros
Description :

I'm too lazy to continue H3CM so might as well release the ones I've already done. This is the final build and I won't be working on it anymore. There were tons of stuff I planned for this but nah I'm too lazy It's still in a crappy state but It's still playable so yeah enjoy.

Credits :
Bungie - Haloes
Gravemind - Adjudant
CMT - Scenery, Devices, Effects, Extended Level and Tag reference
ZTeam - Tag reference
Rodildo - Effects
Giraffe - Nothing but I like him

Link :

Halo CE General Discussion » Are the HaloMaps downloads going to update? Oct 11, 2018 06:47 AM (Total replies: 20)

Why have realism on an sci-fi game that has aliens on it man 343 sucks and everything is so corny 343 sucks azz. Bungie is a bunch of fun and funny guys that are actually making fun things cos they nice guy haha oh god i love bungie but 343 is a collection nerds and dorks trying to act cool and professional with all this corny and dramatic shihtzu damn that so nerd ew its like that retarded guy from my ethics class trying to act all proffessional and dramatic wew i like kick his ear for being so dumb haha ye 343 sucks and warthog the warthog sucks no one wants to ride warthogs haha.

i am not halo 3 right now i will make halo 2 university.

Do not worry friend I am god. I'm gonna release a10 and a30 which was the only ones done anyway lmao and feel free to test out my tags tho It's protected because why not just kidding they ain't but first anyone wanna help me promote the release of the betas lmao cos I am a whore of attention and I want to get appreciated more cos I am a sad boy.

Check out rcg's stream of H3H1CM A10 and A30!

H3H1CM is cancelled and I'm reverting back to the Alsthetic style and I'm gonna revisit and enhance the old NP projects and gonna do a more visual and gameplay enhanced purgepoint.

No one did a good Halo 3 mod like really no one did anything right including those overrated Halo 3 mods like Foundry and Sierra 117 which is just all cinematic and It wasn't really that good. This is just a small project to show off that I am a god of halo 3 then after this gig I'll continue doing godly work and shut up you are a redneck.

Sorry for the late reply life is busy and It's not fun anymore. I love your suggestions and I'll consider it and about the pilot I did port the Halo 3 pilot model and replace the female pilot but the dialog will be the same, the pilot has an helmet so It could be either male or female and I don't plan on adding female marines because the dialogs takes so much tagspace and It's not necessary to add them anyway.

Here's an old glimpse of the pilot, It's T-posed cause it the original H1 pilot doesn't have anyway idle animations or anything only cinematic animations.

And for updates, new sky for a10. I'm using Reach's bitmaps cause I really can't find any space stuff from Halo 3.

I'm also uploading a new playthrough of the updated version of a10 so stay tuned and someone bump this thread for me so I could post the link.

Here's the footage of the updated version of the mod.
Edited by the concerned thros on Oct 4, 2018 at 06:01 PM

If you read my gameplay notes the health packs had been removed and replaced with auto health regen. Health pack system sucks sucks It's like you always feel like needing health packs and It's kinda preventing you to keep going further to each encounter to another knowing you only have a single bar left in your health, with health regen you can screw all of those and keep going knowing your health will get always restored and not worry about anything.

And an additional screenshot.

The gauss warthog will appear but I'm still deciding where to put the troop hog but I'll just slap in anywhere between TSC or AOTC.

The CMT vehicles are placeholders I've started working on the Halo 3 vehicles last week ago I haven't taken pictures yet but the CMT vehicles are replaced tho I'm still keeping their doors and other scenery since I can't find anything from H2 or H3 to replace the stock ones and here is footage of the new interior shaders of POA.


I'm reworking on A10's shaders, still not finished as you can see with the small messed up UVs in the walls and bloom is on that's why it's very bright but It's not when it's off.

Here's a screenshot without bloom on and other stuff, I'm using CMT stuff on scenery and doors because why not.

Elite Ultra's can draw energy swords when pissed off.

Time: Sun October 21, 2018 3:53 PM 235 ms.
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