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Halo 2 Vista General Discussion » [RELEASE] Dam Defense May 17, 2020 02:44 PM (Total replies: 0)


(secondary download)


Special thanks to everyone at Project Cartographer for helping with the creation of this map.

There are those who said this day would never come. What are they to say now?

Halo 2 Vista General Discussion » Dam Defense Beta Release 1 Jun 2, 2016 08:15 PM (Total replies: 4)

Quote: --- Original message by: tarikja
there are now some texture glitches

Yep, I have temporarily stitched the UV maps since this release, but I am planning to completely redo the terrain texture and UV maps once the geometry is near set-in-stone.

Quote: --- Original message by: tarikja
Also, that out-of-map teleporter to the banshee could break gameplay. :/
I would remove it in a next update or at the latest in the final release.


Halo 2 Vista General Discussion » Dam Defense Beta Release 1 Apr 29, 2016 11:35 PM (Total replies: 4)


I've been meaning to complete this and make it user friendly, but I am deciding to put it out there as it is.

This script will export the .ass file compatible with Halo 2 Tool. You can now export your models directly from Blender without having to go through any other 3d software. It supports all shader syntax, instanced geometry, and UV mapping.

This script was created out of necessity, so be prepared for troubleshooting.

Big thanks to zekilk (cyboryxmen on here) for creating the original HCE exporter script for Blender! I referenced it many times while writing this!


Halo CE General Discussion » WIP Killzones First Custom BSP Yet to be named Apr 24, 2015 06:38 PM (Total replies: 77)

Might this interest you?


Just make sure to get rid of all those coplanar faces!
Edited by The Spartan on Apr 24, 2015 at 06:38 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Twitch plays Halo. Feb 27, 2015 08:15 PM (Total replies: 6)

-Marine "Does the master chief usually do this?"
-Sarge "Don't worry, it's just his morning stretching routine."
-Marine "For 10 hours straight?"
Edited by The Spartan on Feb 27, 2015 at 08:38 PM

I created a script to export from Blender (which spead up the troubleshooting), and finally got the lightmaps to look decent.

I uploaded the map on halomaps and was going to send you the files once Dennis published it. But after one month, 3 PMs to Dennis with no response, and 2 attempts to upload it, I assume he no longer publishes H2V maps :(

And sometimes this happens after adjusting the lm:x option for the materials on larger geometry:

Looks like I'm going to have to upload the map in it's non-glorified state. :(
Edited by The Spartan on Jan 14, 2015 at 12:37 AM

Could you send me the default coagulation.sky tag (or any other working sky)? Also, do you have this missing lens flare?:

I've tried test levels with only the metal_light_scratchy material, and the same spotty effect is happening, so it can't be the bitmaps.

Other than the sky tags, what other tags deal with the ray tracing process?

Well that's not the problem either, I ve tried it with only sealed world geometry, same stuff. After I watched the whole thing compile, I did spot these errors:

So, my only guess is that the BSP is too big? This is so frustrating, I even tried a fresh install of the H2 map editor.

Edit: fixed image link
Edited by The Spartan on Dec 20, 2014 at 02:44 PM

Could intersecting geometry with the terrain cause this? Most of the level is polygon stitched with the terrain - but some of the rocks are supposed to be instanced geometry. Could this be the cause of this? And how do you properly set up instanced geometry in 3ds Max?


Halo CE General Discussion » IGN's Daily MCC Blowout Nov 1, 2014 10:45 PM (Total replies: 98)

Quote: --- Original message by: Invader Veex
There's a documentary on Xbox Video guys, should be on YouTube in a few days.

Edited by The Spartan on Nov 1, 2014 at 10:45 PM

Halo 2 Vista General Discussion » Your favorite h2 map Nov 1, 2014 10:42 PM (Total replies: 86)

1. Coagulation (even though I've played it to death)
2. Relic
3. Turf

Sky materials are set to +sky, and I recompiled the bitmaps I changed attributes. Some bitmaps I could not change the format, because I don't have the original TIFF to recompile.

To further the troubleshooting, this test BSP has only the flat_light_scratchy material applied:

I then changed every material in my BSP to flat_light_scratchy (except the sky obviously).

Before lightmaps with everything flat_light_scratchy:

Ater lightmaps with everything flat_light_scratchy (this time I did not get the "warn: can't determine sky index for surface XXXX" error):

The bitmap used in that shader material worked in the test bsp, but not this one. Therefore, it can't be the bitmap format causing the spotty lightmap, correct?

Here are some images of the BSP you asked for:

As you can see, the scenery geometry outside the BSP is quite large (and the material is set to lm:0.05 so it uses a smaller lightmap resolution), so my only guess is the sky would be too great of a distance to raytrace to the surfaces? But that doesn't explain the random spots of lights occurring.
Edited by The Spartan on Oct 25, 2014 at 12:46 PM

Quote: --- Original message by: Twinreaper

Depending on the usage of the bitmap, you want to compile bitmaps in DXT3, 5 or 32 bit true color. DXT 3 is explicit alpha, DXT 5 is Interpolated and 32 bit true is the highest quality texture. I use 32 bit for all my map work except for when I need a good dingy plasma shader or other type of illum shader. Sometimes depending on the bitmap, you want to use DXt 3 o 5. Here's an example of real quick...

To me it looks as if the alpha channel is what is causing you issues with the lighting. The alpha channel depending on the usage, can occlude light.
Edited by Twinreaper on Oct 24, 2014 at 02:15 AM

Since the lighting is direct only, wouldn't it only occlude the shaders with odd alpha channels in the bitmaps? It even occludes the most basic flat_light_scratchyl bitmap, which has some larger surfaces in direct sunlight. I made another very simple test BSP with only a sky material and the flat_light_scratchy bitmap, and the lighting worked.

Nevertheless, I tried finding nearly every bitmap to every shader I used on this BSP and changed them to 32bit, and recompiled them. I got the same black BSP with light spots on every surface. I didn't change some water shaders, because I don't have to TIFFs to recompile them.

It has been a while since I have tried to get this to work, so I forgot about this error I get in tool while running the lightmap:
warn: can't determine sky index for surface XXXX

The values of XXXX seem to range from 5000 to 6999 and are in random order, so I'm not sure how many surfaces they really are. It shows that error for different surfaces as far as I can scroll up in command prompt.

If the problem is the bitmap format, what formats usually occlude lighting?

Thanks for the help though, it is just really difficult troubleshooting because lighting takes so long to generate. Also, are the www.halo2vista.com forums more active than these? Should I post it there to get more input?

Edited by The Spartan on Oct 24, 2014 at 06:26 PM

Quote: --- Original message by: Twinreaper
At first glance my initial response would be, that something is occluding the lighting. More information would be great if you can provide it. Such as a quick pic of the actual environment in 3ds max, and what method you are using to run lighting. EX: Using tool command or the Map launcher shortcut.

Personally, I never get this type of lighting generation on anything myself. It could also be the bitmaps you are using. What usage are your bitmaps? DXT1, 2, 5?

I'm sure that there is nothing in the BSP occluding the lighting. I tried removing the player clipping bounderies, and tried a different BSP, with the same results. Also I am using the Map Editor launcher to start, which launches the tool command.

And what are DXT1, 2, and 5 bitmaps? I haven't touched the lightmap bitmap that Tool creates, unless you are talking about bitmaps for BSP shaders.

I remember seeing some lightmap generation options somewhere while using Guerrilla. I thought it was either the sky tag, BSP, or lightmap tag, but I can't find it now. It had options like minimum brightness for the lightmap, which could be relevant.

I appreciate any help.

Halo CE General Discussion » IGN's Daily MCC Blowout Oct 18, 2014 09:22 PM (Total replies: 98)

Quote: --- Original message by: Infinite Guardian

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sa40ygtBdA If anyone's watched this...
Edited by Infinite Guardian on Oct 18, 2014 at 09:09 PM

Skip to 1:00 for Hornet flipping gameplay.

I'm having trouble generating a lightmap with the Halo 2 Map editor - I'll just post some screenshots of the problem:

The lighting quality is set to Direct Only in these, and any higher setting has similar results. Checkerboard quality does work correctly.

I've tried another BSP, and it has the same results. I know I can just recompile the level without lighting to make it playable, but I obviously want to have a decent lightmap in the map eventually.

If anyone has any idea what the problem is, that'd be great.

Halo CE General Discussion » I've been gone for a while Jun 5, 2010 01:02 PM (Total replies: 7)

Quote: --- Original message by: Megaguirus
Quote: --- Original message by: The Spartan
Same Here.

I meant Same Here I've been gone a while, not Same Here I hate Coldsnap.
Edited by The Spartan on Jun 5, 2010 at 01:03 PM

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