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Halo CE General Discussion » Any good ODST singleplayer maps? Mar 1, 2017 08:07 PM (Total replies: 11)

The Covert Ops campaign is one of my favorites. Adds a bit of an RPG element that you don't see a lot, here. There are six parts: E10 - E60.

Halo CE General Discussion » Weapons - Works in Process thread [WIP] Mar 1, 2017 08:04 PM (Total replies: 14953)

Quote: --- Original message by: greg079
i still feel the gun should at least be ambidextrous, you wouldn't want to make the gun ineffective for 90% of the population

As a bullpup, the only thing preventing it from being ambidextrous is the fact that it ejects to the right in its standard configuration (which would spit brass into your face if you were left-handed). Most right-handed rifles have the charging handle on the right side of weapon.

Quote: --- Original message by: greg079
i agree that the 37 torch was bad, but that doesn't mean that referencing a bad is somehow less bad

It's not a component that's critical to the weapon's operation, and it's not a bayonet. It's better-protected than most other gun-mounted flashlights, and you're not going to be smacking people in the face with that end of the gun.

Quote: --- Original message by: greg079
5b safety was also bad

"I prefer Y" =/= "X is bad"
Edited by Echo77 on Mar 1, 2017 at 08:08 PM

Always good to hear from Hardy.


Halo CE General Discussion » BigassV3 Weapon Skins Contest! Feb 7, 2017 02:30 PM (Total replies: 109)

I like it. It'll probably look right when the skin is actually on the gun.

Halo CE General Discussion » Jesse's Thread of Unamazing Things. Jan 25, 2017 12:13 PM (Total replies: 400)

This project makes me happy. I look forward to playing the finished product.

Halo CE General Discussion » Project Warhawk Announcement! Jan 14, 2017 07:16 PM (Total replies: 43)

A suggestion: Drop the "Project" prefix. There have been so many "Project [x]" projects that they all start to blur together.

Halo CE General Discussion » BigassV3 Weapon Skins Contest! Jan 6, 2017 12:12 PM (Total replies: 109)

Quote: --- Original message by: altis94
Shotgun skin from PcDivision(Zach)

I approve of the wood stock, but the gold parts are too gold (should at least have some sort of distinction between the materials of the metal receiver and the panels of the pistol grip), and the blood is just over-the-top. It's like someone stuck the muzzle into a bucket of red paint before they started blasting.

Halo CE General Discussion » Help and suggestions for my weapons. Jan 1, 2017 11:05 AM (Total replies: 32)

Quote: --- Original message by: theshadow0222
I also got to thinking, what if I included flood pure forms as weapons, like in this image I found. http://img03.deviantart.net/b8a9/i/2014/172/c/2/halo___flood_weapons_1_by_ninboy01-d7ne3se.png

The guy who made those has several interesting weapon concepts that could be worth looking into, and the Flood weapons are definitely unique, but they're kind of a contradiction: Why would a Flood Pure Form carry a standalone rifle, as opposed to having their weapon integrated into their physiology? A rifle can be scavenged and used against you. The innate ability to project spikes from your abdomen cannot.

Quote: --- Original message by: theshadow0222
I'm also considering adding a shotgun to the gungoose version of this, instead of the MGs. Thoughts?

Pintle-mounted automatic grenade launcher loaded with 40mm flechette shells for shotgun functionality.

Quote: --- Original message by: theshadow0222
BTW, any idea what role the stealth tank was to serve in Halo before it was cut?

It seems like it was intended to serve as an MBT, with the "stealth" aspect coming from the angular design of the hull (probably intended to interfere with radar signature). The apparent backblast shown in some images of the stealth tank firing its main weapon leads me to believe that it's equipped with some sort of anti-tank missile launcher, as opposed to a conventional cannon.

In terms of in-game performance/functionality, one possible approach could be to treat it as a heavier-hitting counterpart to the Scorpion: firing a slower projectile with a larger explosive payload, and sporting additional armor at the cost of speed. I believe it would also be possible to reduce the motion tracker blip to the size of a Spartan's, although it's been a while since I've looked.

You could also take the opposite route and try to emphasize the "stealth" aspect. Make it lighter and faster than the Scorpion. Reduced armor to provide an incentive to slip into position, fire, and displace before you can be located. Swap the slow-moving, high-explosive missile with a quicker, guided projectile with a reduced blast radius. Ditch the coaxial MG and force the driver to rely on support from teammates or a passenger down in the hull.

Quote: --- Original message by: theshadow0222
I think having multiple turrets is just awesome. And thus it leeks into my designs. (My favourite WW2 tank was the Russian T-35, after all, followed by the KV-2)

SMK stronk
Edited by Echo77 on Nov 28, 2016 at 05:40 PM

Quote: --- Original message by: theshadow0222

@Echo77 Well, the disproportionate size of a 25cm cannon to a 7.62mm MG is to be expected, the original deviantart page has more information, but essentially, the concept is the scorpion needed to be heavily upgraded to fight the covenant, such as adding an EMP device to the shell and since I'm planning on adding shields to wraiths (assuming that's possible in engine,) that device is necessary. Hence why a I nicknamed it the Jumbo.

If it was just a single 250mm cannon, it'd be doable. You'd have yourself a nice SPG or something. But a 250, 140, and dual 76mm autocannons isn't a practical upgrade. There have been tanks that attemped multiple turrets and/or cannons in the past, and they died off relatively quickly when people realized it wasn't as beneficial as they expected (which is why you pretty much stop seeing them by mid-WWII).

Quote: --- Original message by: BKTiel

I thought it was just the perspective haha

Although you gotta admit it wouldn't look half bad if he added treads and unfugged the bottom hull.

e: And removed some of that dakka, or at least standardized it. More isn't always better lol, having barrels of varying size and length jacking out doesn't do the model any services.
Edited by BKTiel on Nov 28, 2016 at 11:49 AM

Yeah, if it was slimmed down, the hull was modified, and the little cupola up front was moved to the roof, it probably wouldn't look half bad. I'm not sure how Halo-ish it would be, though. The 90-degree face of the turret calls back to things like the German Tiger.

Your current tank sends mixed signals in regards to scale: it's lulzily wide, but the vertical profile appears almost smushed. Given the size of the cannons compared to the commander's MG on the roof, it's on-par with WWI-era landships in terms of excess.

That being said, I do like that you've attempted a UNSC tank with a conventional configuration as opposed to the quad tread bogeys typical of the mainline Scorpions. I would suggest looking at the pre-Xbox Halo "stealth tank" as a reference; it's similar to what you seem to have been aiming for, but with proportions and an armament better-suited to an MBT (although it could stand the addition of a coaxial MG).

Additional images:

Halo CE General Discussion » What's that block on the scorpion? Nov 27, 2016 11:20 PM (Total replies: 15)

Quote: --- Original message by: BKTiel
Quote: --- Original message by: Echo77
I found this pic that seems to have an armored vehicle's smoke grenade launchers situated similarly.

Those are mounted on both sides of the turret; having a launcher and thus the smokescreen on just one side isn't all that beneficial haha.

It would definitely be useful to have them on both sides, but the turret does rotate. That would allow you to throw up a screen directly ahead of the vehicle.

Halo CE General Discussion » What's that block on the scorpion? Nov 27, 2016 11:59 AM (Total replies: 15)

I found this pic that seems to have an armored vehicle's smoke grenade launchers situated similarly.

Halo CE General Discussion » Bipeds - Work in Process thread [WIP] Oct 22, 2016 07:19 PM (Total replies: 8449)

Quote: --- Original message by: killzone64
if you want them to look even better edit the base diffuse map of the armor parts to be white instead of standard marine grey. that way the colors will pop out more

I think they look pretty good as they are. If the colors are too bright, they'll look like toys.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Release] Worldtanks Oct 10, 2016 08:35 PM (Total replies: 10)

Quote: --- Original message by: lolslayer
Quote: --- Original message by: Echo77
I like the concept here, and I especially like the tank in the first screenshot. Perhaps with some refinement, we'll have a viable armored warfare map for CE.

Weren't you offline for like, years?

I don't post a ton, and my presence in-game is a bit on again/off again, but I'm always around.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Release] Worldtanks Oct 9, 2016 09:57 PM (Total replies: 10)

I like the concept here, and I especially like the tank in the first screenshot. Perhaps with some refinement, we'll have a viable armored warfare map for CE.

Halo CE General Discussion » SPV3.0.1 Released, first update to SPV3. Sep 23, 2016 09:47 PM (Total replies: 96)

Quote: --- Original message by: Spartan314
Sure, because expression of thought is such a crime.

"I don't like X because of A, B, and C" is one thing. It expresses a thought and supports that thought with reasoning. "X is the worst/I hate X" has no substance and makes no effort to justify itself, let alone convince or persuade anyone.

Halo CE General Discussion » Jesse's Thread of Unamazing Things. Sep 8, 2016 02:57 PM (Total replies: 400)

Quote: --- Original message by: Jesse
Kirby and I have a list of stuff we want to achieve with this map:

This basically sounds like magic, and if you can pull it off I will be super excite.

Needs an SKS, though.

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