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Joined: Sep 9, 2010 04:34 AM
Last Post: Mar 29, 2015 02:59 AM
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Location: New Holland
Your Age: 17
What Games do you play: Halo PC, Halo CE, Halo 2 Vista, Team Fortress 2, Mass Effect 1/2/3
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Waited a loooooong time for this, FINALLY get to play it :D
Did not disappoint. The weapons and environment designs and transitions are completely seamless, you'd fool me if you said it was an official work by Bungie, but the highlight was probably the gold elite at the end. I was thinking of running across the bridge and turning it off while he was on it... suffice to say that backfired hilariously.

So so far only A50 is out, but my first visit to these forums in about a year just happens to be within 10 days of B30 releasing? I'm happy with that. Great to hear it's still going!

Title. Have any other SPV3 maps been released apart from A50?

Halo CE General Discussion » Do you remember when you were a noob here? May 2, 2013 04:11 AM (Total replies: 105)

I remember when I didn't know anything about modding... I still don't :(
Although I did manage to mess around with plasma grenade fuses and created the "Delete Gun" (pistol with 9001 force/damage). I'm proud of that.

Halo CE General Discussion » O.D.S.T. Series; Official Thread Mar 23, 2013 05:05 AM (Total replies: 162)

Looks interesting. Although I find it a bit wierd for the squad to have 2 snipers and 2 rocket launchers. Maybe replace one of the snipers with a BR.

Halo CE General Discussion » Quick question about devmode Mar 22, 2013 11:01 PM (Total replies: 1)

Is it possible to make enemies/allies invincible using just -console -devmode? Trying to solve a case of unintelligent ally standing in poor tactical positions.

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Effect Mar 17, 2013 07:45 AM (Total replies: 15)

Harrier is op :P

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo CEA Discussion Nov 16, 2011 08:02 PM (Total replies: 61)

So even the new company makes Halo exclusive to Xbox...

Halo CE General Discussion » halo 4 Aug 22, 2011 09:08 AM (Total replies: 73)

Wasn't onyx destroyed?

Halo CE General Discussion » Campaign Ideas Aug 12, 2011 06:50 AM (Total replies: 32)

Quote: --- Original message by: Private Caboose
Quote: --- Original message by: LegionofShadows
Hiii, I'm new to the forums, but I am just gonna put some Campaign ideas out there. So, y'know, people could try and make them. Or I could get crit.


Anyway, those are my ideas. Now, are they good?

I think so, at least for the first one.

cool story bro

like you can talk.

Halo CE General Discussion » Is Halo 3 Brute Power Armor Possible? Aug 10, 2011 04:51 AM (Total replies: 19)

I think ALL brute power armour recharges, as long as it still has some power. In other words, if you shoot a brute a bit, he'll regenerate. If you shoot him to the point that his armour falls off, THEN it doesn't regenerate.

Too bad reach brutes were easy to kill.

Halo CE General Discussion » Weapons - Works in Process thread [WIP] Aug 6, 2011 09:40 PM (Total replies: 15003)

Quote: --- Original message by: Sergeant 1337
Top one looks the best. The rest are ugly.

2nd one is ugly, others are fine.

Halo CE General Discussion » Model inside out? Aug 6, 2011 03:55 AM (Total replies: 13)

I don't see anything wrong... is the DMR inside out and I'm not noticing it?

Halo CE General Discussion » The Great Battle of Asis v2 (Remake) Aug 4, 2011 06:41 AM (Total replies: 110)

well, you get the idea...

Halo CE General Discussion » The Great Battle of Asis v2 (Remake) Aug 3, 2011 06:53 AM (Total replies: 110)

Here's a way of thinking about projects on this website.
If it's not released, it never will be released.

Obviously, can be untrue, but think like this and never be disappointed.

Halo CE General Discussion » Crazy Impossible Ideas Aug 3, 2011 06:50 AM (Total replies: 82)

Quote: --- Original message by: Jaz
A giant space base... It should also have pelican bays, lifepod bays, warthog(with parachutes) bays...

I lol'd

Halo CE General Discussion » [Release] Tactical\Impractical Shotgun. Aug 3, 2011 06:41 AM (Total replies: 14)

Quote: --- Original message by: UnevenElefant5
Impractitactical shotgun :D

Impratactical should be an official term, or at least widely used, to describe most of the weapons in the new CoD games.

Halo CE General Discussion » FRMT (Flooded Reach Mapping Team) Aug 3, 2011 06:33 AM (Total replies: 278)

Quote: --- Original message by: anonymous_2009
So, to put it briefly it looks like something that came out of your ass.

Right on!

Halo CE General Discussion » [WIP][MOD] Flood Campaign Aug 1, 2011 08:52 AM (Total replies: 3202)

Quote: --- Original message by: goldkilla88
I mean like horror wise. But that WAS pretty eye hurting. XD

Yeah, I kinda meant eye-hurting-wise too. Horror wise, something with proper red blood would be.

Halo CE General Discussion » CMT RETURNS! New project and team details inside! Aug 1, 2011 08:40 AM (Total replies: 12124)

Quote: --- Original message by: Co1t3r
Hunters don't rush at you in Halo 1. They sit there like rocks until you get in their face.

THEN they rush you.

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