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Joined: Oct 30, 2010 08:42 AM
Last Post: Feb 20, 2017 07:34 AM
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Location: FKland
Your Age: cryEngin
What Games do you play: Halo, League of Legends, Dota, Starcraft, HoN, Hearthstone, Call of Duty
Dennis ban me, please,

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Halo CE General Discussion » been a while Feb 20, 2017 07:34 AM (Total replies: 23)

I've always wondered why I keep on coming...

Quote: --- Original message by: Masters1337
You can thank yours truely for making this happen

Who are you?

Halo CE General Discussion » Post your Top 10 HCE mappers/modders Feb 20, 2017 07:28 AM (Total replies: 89)

10- jesse
09- waffles
08- aLTis
07- Higuy
06- iHalo
05- I Duce Primo
04- Gamma927
03- Mythril
02- Moooseguy
01- Sphinxbio

Halo CE General Discussion » A more appropriate thread. Oct 29, 2016 10:35 AM (Total replies: 26)

Hope everything goes well, my prayers are with you and your family.

BTW just ignore the random heartless youngster.

Halo CE General Discussion » attn: Unikraken Oct 9, 2016 03:49 PM (Total replies: 19)

Quote: --- Original message by: Unikraken

Quote: --- Original message by: PRPatxi
Republican or Democrat?

Eridanus Nationalist Party.
Edited by Unikraken on Oct 9, 2016 at 03:46 PM

No propaganda?

Halo CE General Discussion » attn: Unikraken Oct 9, 2016 03:41 PM (Total replies: 19)

Quote: --- Original message by: Unikraken
I appreciate the support, citizen!


Republican or Democrat?

Halo CE General Discussion » attn: Unikraken Oct 9, 2016 03:29 PM (Total replies: 19)

Life itself is only a vision, a dream...nothing exists save empty space and you...and you are but a thought.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Vehicle Tags] Sophia-J5 Sep 26, 2016 06:00 AM (Total replies: 14)

Quote: --- Original message by: MosesofEgypt
Is anyone actually planning to use this? I'd love to hear what its being used in(if it even gets used).

I had it in my old Lazarus Valley map as fun/exclusive vehicle for race and I'll use this ver. in my final LV build!

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo CE Montage 2 lol Sep 24, 2016 10:41 AM (Total replies: 7)

Didn't like the song.

Guess the vampire slayer is gonna slay covenant forces now.

Halo CE General Discussion » Tengo un problema con los sapiens . Sep 18, 2016 07:36 AM (Total replies: 15)

Quote: --- Original message by: Dennis
Quote: --- Original message by: BKTiel
Quote: --- Original message by: EmmanuelCD
What the hell does spanish in the has to do with this?

conclusive proof any mexican will click on a spanish thread
I didn't realize that North Dakota was in Mexico?

What does North Dakota has to do with this thread?

OS or non OS?

Halo CE General Discussion » halo 5 ripz Sep 13, 2016 08:53 PM (Total replies: 42)

Well done Till! =D

I will summit something ^.^

Thanks for the map BipolarAurora.

Quote: --- Original message by: Masters1337
annnnnd it turned out everything I was told about h5 in advance was right.

Sure. Change the topic.

Quote: --- Original message by: BipolarAurora
Since we're here, anyone want to sit at the campfire and talk about some good old Halo Custom Edition metalore?

Pfff too easy.

How Halomaps was in 2005-2008:

New thread post: Dennis, please can you remove my map from Halomaps? It was leaked.

Dennis answers: Not my problem. I will not remove any files.

How Halomaps was in 2009-2011:

100 threads every second:
Stupid Sphinxbio and other mexicans ripping out our work and not give any credits.

How Halomaps is now 'a days:

New thread: Praise JHNLX2

The end,

Halomaps timeline in a nutshell.

Quote: --- Original message by: BipolarAurora
Quote: --- Original message by: PRPatxi
Ez dut axola. Besterik ez duzu garrasi .

But I have no mouth and I must scream!

Ok :(

Ez dut axola. Besterik ez duzu garrasi .

Quote: --- Original message by: EtherSecAgent

Quote: --- Original message by: PRPatxi
Quote: --- Original message by: SorrySoldOuts

Quote: --- Original message by: Dennis
Quote: Now, nobody gets to play 'Halo Online.'

Source: https://www.engadget.com/2016/08/26/[...]cancelled/

Whine about it for a while but please let this be the end if it in this forum.

Is it because it looks the same as the others? And halo online if so, what makes that different from halo ce community that were mostly well liked but hating on eldorito? Wasn't hhalo ce community bitching about how halo online was basically same crap and bad netcode? I haven't followed halo custom edition since I stopped playing them after eldorito popped up, but that's the main thing I kept hearing/reading. Seems like halo custom edition just can't win. Dennis this doesn't change anything at all. Eldorito is still here. Halo ce community and halo online community will never going to get along each other unless if altis, criston, kinnec, DaLode decide to find peace instead of hacking ethersecagent servers.
Edited by SorrySoldOuts on Aug 27, 2016 at 03:57 AM
Edited by SorrySoldOuts on Aug 27, 2016 at 03:58 AM

Come back when your balls drop, you silly transvestite.

Also if you need to learn English there's a very popular platform called Open English that can help you sip the language like a cup of tea. Your horrific syntax and grammar are hard to look at, not to mention disgusting.

Behave bro. He was just saying these pple went in my servers and hacked it. I have banned them but they use VPN to come nack in sadly.

Dennis these are the people on this forum hacked my servers.







Wen i was in the server i saw them running around the map together and using jump hacks.
Edited by EtherSecAgent on Aug 27, 2016 at 07:57 AM

You have the same attitude as every single Halo Online player. Come to other forums to: spam, complain, display childish behavior and over all post with bad grammar and syntax.

I can't really help you there buddy. I wish you the best of luck and a have a beautiful evening.

Kind regards ~

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