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Portal Game Play Discussion » MTN Portal Story Bug Feb 2, 2011 05:53 AM (Total replies: 0)

Hi there

Was not allowed to add this to my other post -accused me of bumping!!

The version of MTN Portal Story on this site definitely has a bug that prevents you getting past the chamber described in my previous post.

Got advice from the people on the Steam Portal forum and found a bug free version at:-


Anyone looking to play or having found problems in the past should go for this version.

Have been unsuccessful in alerting the site admin people to this problem - error message appears when you try to post a comment to them!!

Portal Game Play Discussion » MTN Portal Story - Glitch or just my error? Jan 27, 2011 02:25 PM (Total replies: 0)

Hi Guys

Have been downloading and playing additional maps from the site over the past couple of months.

Most recent was "MTN Portal Story" - have worked my way through several of the chambers but have got stuck on one where I don't know if I'm just missing something or if there is a glitch in the map.

I've reached the chamber where you enter and there is a trigger button on a ledge near the door that you enter. You then have to work your way to an area with a mortar cannon which you use to break 2 glass screen to eventually access 3 companion cubes. Working back to the entrance I've used one cube to activate the button. Thereafter you have to go back to the area with the cannon to shoot a portal through a "window" in a wall which allows you to acces the exit area where the door has been activated by the button. When you pass through that door, the floor gives way and you drop into a pit.

There appears to be no exit from this pit other than shooting a portal into the ceiling and jumping through onto the floor near the opening to the pit. There is another closed door through a "fizzer" screen which does not open when you approach it.

I have gone back and replayed this chamber several times but cannot work out where I am going wrong. Is there another escape route from the pit? Have I missed some other feature that needs to be activated because 3 companion cubes are provided but in effect only one appears to be needed to active the door button?

Any help would be welcome.

I did find a speed run video on YouTube which seemed to show that the door button was protected by a glass screen and the player used the cannon to blast it before activating the door. However on my download version there is no screen - the door button can be accessed OK.

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