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Awe man,.... not again:(
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if by that do u mean import the .wrl, then yes. i fixed the errors it pointed out but now when i go to compile the .ASS all the cmd comes up with is: Press any key to continue...

Edited by Grif on Jun 26, 2011 at 08:55 PM

don't u think i know, i have lit this map before and still corrupt, i just want no errors before sapien and light

this is just a compilation without light, i was going to light it after all the errors were smoothed out

hey, every single map i have created has ended up corrupt when i open them in H2 sapien, my lates test map compilation came up with this in the batch file...

--- covanent pike.ass
processing environment geometry...
### WARNING: Found duplicate shader collection name "shared" in:
c:\program files (x86)\microsoft games\halo 2 map editor\tags\scenarios\
Looking for shaders in collection 'f_im' (scenarios\shaders\forerunner\industria
### WARNING found an override for shader 'scenarios\shaders\forerunner\industria
l\metals\panel_e' from collection 'f_im' (scenarios\shaders\forerunner\industria
### WARNING found an override for shader 'scenarios\shaders\forerunner\industria
l\metals\forerunner_blue_bottom' from collection 'f_im' (scenarios\shaders\forer
### WARNING found an override for shader 'scenarios\shaders\forerunner\industria
l\metals\grate_diamond_dif' from collection 'f_im' (scenarios\shaders\forerunner
### WARNING found an override for shader 'scenarios\shaders\forerunner\industria
l\metals\panel_c' from collection 'f_im' (scenarios\shaders\forerunner\industria
### ERROR there are 24 open or degenerate edges
6 edges: f_im panel_e
8 edges: f_im forerunner_blue_bottom
10 edges: f_im grate_diamond_dif
### WARNING triangle outside bsp
### WARNING triangle outside bsp
### WARNING triangle outside bsp
### WARNING triangle outside bsp
### WARNING triangle outside bsp
### WARNING triangle outside bsp
### ERROR open edge: reported 24 errors

=== writing out structure 'scenarios\multi\covanent pike\covanent pike':
6 materials and 0 markers,
2471 vertices, 1222 points and 2554 triangles.
collision bsp:
1096 planes, 2496 nodes and 1316 leaves,
1838 surfaces, 3059 edges and 1222 vertices.
0 portals, 1 clusters and 455 subclusters.
0 environment objects of 0 distinct types.

=== imported structure 'scenarios\multi\covanent pike\covanent pike' in 1m 00.70
average cluster distance error: 0.00
maximum cluster distance error: 0.00
=== built visibility for structure 'scenarios\multi\covanent pike\covanent pike'

=== saving imported structure scenarios\multi\covanent pike\covanent pike
Press any key to continue . . .

frustrating...., i don't know where the errors are!!!

need help here iz my map plz help.


btw, i know there are lots of posts about this but they do not help at all...

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