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Halo CE General Discussion » Money Yesterday @ 12:26 PM (Total replies: 30)

If you don't understand why I will lose respect for you then you aren't thinking about it hard enough. I have my reasons, but nothing I say is going to change the mind of someone ready to spew an essay to try and prove their point. I'm not going to waste my breath on that.

Halo CE General Discussion » Money Apr 22, 2017 02:56 PM (Total replies: 30)

If you actually try to charge for modding utilities you make, you will lose my respect as a modder, programmer, and researcher. That's the last I have to say about the subject.
Edited by MosesofEgypt on Apr 22, 2017 at 02:57 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Money Apr 22, 2017 12:46 PM (Total replies: 30)

I'll be honest and admit that i read about a two thirds, then skimmmed, but i don't believe you are correct about the reverse engineering aspect(re). Re is forbidden by the EULA, so any knowledge gained from it is considered by microsoft to be illegally obtained, as you broke your EULA that expressly forbids it. I'm not going to claim to be a lawyer, but neither should you by claiming that users WILL be able to make and sell HCE resources using your scratch built programs. It is still up to the court to decide, which can go either way from what i've read. It would be dangerous for users to start selling their halo assets without talking to a lawyer first, and even then microsoft may decide to enforce their eula anyway.

I've thought about this same thing with my programs, but i'm not brazen enough to make a post claiming that you can do it. RE is still highly debatable in court, especially when you did your own RE and thus did not employ clean room design. Again, i'm not going to claim that i am definitely correct, but you shouldnt lead users to believe that you are either.


Halo CE General Discussion » Maximum Halo Script File (.hsc) Size in bytes Apr 20, 2017 12:48 PM (Total replies: 16)

I'm not reverting the commit since I've already applied others after it, but I am overwriting the change it with a new commit. Also, I'm not sure it's worth it to tweak Korns Guerilla. I just don't really see a big benefit in doing so when Mozz exists and your editor will too. If you want to fix that stuff, go right ahead. I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Halo CE General Discussion » Maximum Halo Script File (.hsc) Size in bytes Apr 19, 2017 10:48 PM (Total replies: 16)

You should look at reclaimer for the max reflexive counts as well. I obtained all of my max sizes my either adding entries to guerilla till it capped, or if the limit was too high(around 128) I hex edited a reflexive count/rawdata size in a tag until it gave me an error about the size being too large. The nice thing is that if it decided the number was higher than the limit, it wouldnt even try to parse the rest of the file, so I could just keep tweaking the numbers without having to actually add to the tag. I even got the sbsp limits.

bsp = Struct("bsp",
reflexive("bsp3d nodes", bsp3d_node, 131072),
reflexive("planes", plane, 65535),
reflexive("leaves", leaf, 65535),
reflexive("bsp2d references", bsp2d_reference, 131072),
reflexive("bsp2d nodes", bsp2d_node, 65535),
reflexive("surfaces", surface, 131072),
reflexive("edges", edge, 262144),
reflexive("vertices", vertex, 131072),

material = Struct("material",
rawdata_ref("uncompressed vertices", max_size=4864000),
rawdata_ref("compressed vertices", max_size=2560000),

detail_object = Struct("detail object",
reflexive("cells", detail_object_cell, 262144),
reflexive("instances", detail_object_instance, 2097152),
reflexive("counts", detail_object_count, 8388608),
reflexive("z reference vectors", detail_object_z_reference_vector, 262144),

sbsp_body = Struct("tagdata",
reflexive("collision materials", collision_material, 512, DYN_NAME_PATH='.shader.filepath'),
reflexive("collision bsp", collision_bsp, 1),
reflexive("nodes", node, 131072),
reflexive("leaves", leaf, 65535),
reflexive("leaf surfaces", leaf_surface, 262144),
reflexive("surface", surface, 131072),
reflexive("lightmaps", lightmap, 128),

reflexive("lens flares", lens_flare, 256, DYN_NAME_PATH='.shader.filepath'),
reflexive("lens flare markers", lens_flare_marker, 65535),
reflexive("clusters", cluster, 8192),
rawdata_ref("cluster data", max_size=65536),
reflexive("cluster portals", cluster_portal, 512),

reflexive("breakable surfaces", breakable_surface, 256),
reflexive("fog planes", fog_plane, 32),
reflexive("fog regions", fog_region, 32),
reflexive("fog palettes", fog_palette, 32, DYN_NAME_PATH='.name'),

reflexive("weather palettes", weather_palette, 32, DYN_NAME_PATH='.name'),
reflexive("weather polyhedras", weather_polyhedra, 32),

reflexive("pathfinding surfaces", pathfinding_surface, 131072),
reflexive("pathfinding edges", pathfinding_edge, 262144),
reflexive("background sounds palette", background_sound_palette, 64, DYN_NAME_PATH='.name'),
reflexive("sound environments palette", sound_environment_palette, 64, DYN_NAME_PATH='.name'),
rawdata_ref("sound pas data", max_size=131072),

reflexive("markers", marker, 1024, DYN_NAME_PATH='.name'),
reflexive("detail objects", detail_object, 1),
reflexive("runtime decals", runtime_decal, 6144),

reflexive("leaf map leaves", leaf_map_leaf, 256),
reflexive("leaf map portals", leaf_map_portal, 524288),

Halo CE General Discussion » Maximum Halo Script File (.hsc) Size in bytes Apr 18, 2017 12:37 AM (Total replies: 16)

You should check the Reclaimer library that mozz relies on. I've put all the hard limits in for all rawdata structs for both regular halo and open sauce(though I admit I somehow typed the max_size for the comment data as 2x larger).

recorded_animation = Struct("recorded animation",
SInt8("raw animation data"),
SInt8("unit control data version"),
BSInt16("length of animation", SIDETIP="ticks"), # ticks
rawdata_ref("recorded animation event stream", max_size=2097152),

source_file = Struct("source_file",
ascii_str32("source name"),
rawdata_ref("source", max_size=262144, widget=HaloScriptSourceFrame),

rawdata_ref("scenario editor data", max_size=65536)
rawdata_ref("script syntax data", max_size=380076)
rawdata_ref("script string data", max_size=262144)

for open sauce the script syntax and string data is increased

rawdata_ref("script syntax data", max_size=570076)
rawdata_ref("script string data", max_size=393216)

Edited by MosesofEgypt on Apr 18, 2017 at 12:40 AM

Just updated it again. Some of the images weren't extracting because some of the bitmaps have a different size for some of their structs. Turns out this structure I've been trying to figure out its meaning is almost certainly a versioning structure. It specifies the version of the struct, the number of them, and their byte size. This is sorta bad news for me since it means that I've gotta account for a bunch of different versions of - ya know what, I'll just paste that part of the skype chat in here:

so looks like the carbine cant be extracted
couldn't decompress it

turns out the tag was missing the extra 4 bytes in the body that were added when
they went from halo1 to halo2.
the tags structure is actually different than it should be!
this is interesting. this means that they had different versions for the tags and
something in the tag said which version it was.
that's what that tbfd is.
it really is a tag_block_field_definition.
the last 4 bytes are the size of the block. that carbine has it set to 108(the
number of bytes in halo 1 bitmaps) and most of the other halo 2 tags have it at 112.
it IS a versioning structure!

curiously.. the carbine reticule was the last one to be added to the sprite sheet.
maybe the carbine was the second to last weapon added?
hence the discrepancy?

this is gonna be kinda annoying.
i did a scan of the tags you sent me and logged all the unknown bytes in the tbfd
structures to try and figure out what they mean.
i'm thinking they're either an enumerator or flags.
and that they might specify which structure version the reflexive is for.
the thing is though, if they had a bunch of different structures, then i'd need to
know how to read each one and set up a switch to be able to properly read all tags.
i really hope they all got converted to the same final version when compiled into
a map, or else extracting tags would be a god damn pain.
i think it would though, since opening that carbine tag and resaving it upgraded it
to the new version.
but yeah, i was originally really scratching my head at what the hell the purpose
of those tbfd structures could be. now I know. This way they could work with any
version of tags without having to constantly upgrade them to incorporate any
changes to the engine.
a variant of this is probably still used in the current engine. that's prolly why
the new versions of their editors can make and work with all these old tags.

Edited by MosesofEgypt on Apr 7, 2017 at 01:37 PM

Just upgraded TeXource to be able to extract from H2Vista bitmaps as well.

Have fun.

Oh crap, it ISNT extra header information, they've changed the way their reflexives are stored. hmmmm. I can work with this.

So turns out that incorporating halo 2 into mozz is much more of a possibility in the past month than it ever has been.


The source code for prometheus was released a month ago, which includes mostly complete definitions for all the halo 2 tags. The definitions are missing a small chunk of field names though, and I'll still have to figure out the extra data in the tag header since proms dev team designed their own tag header that's completely different than h2vista's. But yeah, This is much more possible now. Give credit to the prometheus team for all that work and kornman for opening this possibility up to me.
Edited by MosesofEgypt on Apr 6, 2017 at 12:22 AM

I've written my own triangle strip generator in python that generates a single, contiguous strip of any mesh given to it using degen triangles to link the strips:
I've used it to write my own model compiler for Gauntlet Dark Legacy. It allows me to create new models from obj files. I could probably write a model compiler that parses jms files and creates render models, but only once I understand the structure of the model files.

I could honestly probably also write a converter that converts sounds from HCE into H2V tags since I'm gonna take a wild guess that they didn't change the encodings or bitrates since they still had to play on xbox.

Animations are another story. They could have changed god knows how many things when upgrading that crap. They might have even decided to go with some kinda interpolated frame data rather than explicit frame by frame data.

First off, everyone should run the upgrade function of the installer since I've fixed a chunk of significant bugs, some of which I introduced a while ago because I was in a rush when committing changes and didnt have time to properly check them.

Anyway, about the H2EK, I intend to at some point in the future, but it'll basically require me to do what I did with Halo 1 and map out every tag's structures, find out which ones are shared among all of them, put those ones in the shared commons, and figure out how things are different. As an example the header is 80 bytes rather than 64 and the non-filepath strings are now unlimited length rather than 31 char max.

I actually included an empty file in the h2ek folder, but I don't think it got uploaded with the pypi distribution. It's filename was "the stuff in here is a placeholder until i start on the h2 tag set". If enough people actually care about using Mozz for H2 then it'll give me more incentive to do it. As of right now it's one of those "It'd be really cool to do this, but I dont have the time so it's going near the bottom of my mental todo list". It'll be a lot easier if someone is able to provide me with the most recent version of kornman's h2 guerilla and any dll's required to run it. The version I've got is a beta and is pretty unstable, but I've been able to use it for some stuff.
Edited by MosesofEgypt on Apr 5, 2017 at 01:05 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Semi-Official Gallery [WIPS] Apr 5, 2017 12:19 PM (Total replies: 11276)

Quote: --- Original message by: OrangeJuice

I got 3dsmax5 working on 64-bit windows10. . . Natively.

It has no bridge tool. Or pelt-unwrapper. Or seam-unwrapper.

I did get DX9-renderer(max5 is from win95 era), Blitzkrieg 5, and Render To Texture working though :)

lol. Time for a self-imposed mapmaking challenge ! ! ! !

Edited by OrangeJuice on Apr 5, 2017 at 09:10 AM

Pfft, 5. I had to use 4.2 to make models and animations for warcraft 3. Here's an inverse kinematics test I did before I started animating in it.

I was running it on XP though.

Halo CE General Discussion » [RELEASE] Mo's Editing Kit (MEK) Apr 4, 2017 01:47 PM (Total replies: 39)

I just checked the cyborg.biped that comes with the hek from a fresh install. The values are in little endian. I guess these were getting extracted incorrectly by whoever did the rest of the tag collection. I guess i can remove that part from my comment in the next update.

Also, about the spherical coordinates stuff, that's something i learned in calc 3. They could be spherical coordinates, but I'll leave it to you with your live memory editing expertise to discern their purpose. I think the last 2 might be 2 sint16's for a few reasons: the previous values seemed to come in pairs, the default value of both would be -1, -1, they dont make sense as a float or int32 because of how large they'd be.

About the crc again, i don't believe i'll change it unless i see a compelling reason to. For me it's almost the same as if the checksum is a set of null bytes because i dont see its effect. If it serves some important purpose(like speeding up verifying the integrity of a tag before it is compiled or something) then i'll implement it. I've got a feeling though, that it was probably only used by bungie's dev tools to make sure they werent working with corrupt tags since they couldnt afford to let data corruption slide.
Edited by MosesofEgypt on Apr 4, 2017 at 10:50 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » [RELEASE] Mo's Editing Kit (MEK) Apr 4, 2017 01:54 AM (Total replies: 39)

Try downloading it again. I had to fix some issues with the installer that didnt occur for me, but I realize why they would have for others...

Halo CE General Discussion » [RELEASE] Mo's Editing Kit (MEK) Apr 3, 2017 09:12 PM (Total replies: 39)

Thanks for the heads up about the actor tag. Bugs happen though, so it's not like I don't always check my work. I have gone over my own code many MANY times, but it is constantly changing and always has the potential for bugs to be introduced. I don't have the time to do a comprehensive scan of all my libraries though. I've fixed the bug with the actor tag, and I've pushed the change. I also wrote some functions just now that recalculate the version number, blam fourCC, and the tag class fourCC when the tag is saved. This is so anyone who made an actor tag with mozz(or any other tag that I'll need to fix in the future) just has to open it in mozz again and save it to fix it.

Also, all of my work is(intended to be) open source. I forgot to include a license file with the MEK repository, but there is an MIT license in each of the libraries that the mek runs on; binilla, arbytmap, supyr_struct, reclaimer, and mozzarilla. I will be including a license with the mek from now on.

I'm well aware that all 64 bytes of the header are completely overwritten when a tag is saved with guerilla. However, I do not see the harm in overwriting the checksum. I have not seen it affect the tag being used in tool, sapien, or guerilla(nor has anyone reported it as an issue), so unless it serves some important purpose that I don't know about, I'm going to keep it like it is. It's just my way to know who made a tag with mozz.

About the biped struct, I remember us talking about it, but I never decided to research what they are. The reason there are 9 values in there is that I decided the last 2 might be SInt16's rather than a 4 byte value. I'm changing the struct definition to reflect what is in your code and putting credit to you for it in the source file. I'm also putting credit in the mozz comment, though I am also including my thoughts on the values. Let me know if I'm wrong, since I haven't tested my theory.

Thanks for taking a look at my project, and good luck with yours.

EDIT: I thought I'd show you something I discovered since I'm using some of your code; the correct algorithms needed to calculate the masses, densities, and the inertial matrices in the physics tag. I believe you should be able to figure it out from the python code here:

I initially started using calculus to try and solve for the inertia of a point mass of radius r about an axis, but the integral was not solvable in elementary terms. Instead I decided to use dimensional reduction with experimental values typed into guerilla. Eventually I got it, and the values the algorithm spits out are the same as what guerilla does. I tried any edge and corner cases I could think of, but if you find something wrong with them I will be happy to fix it.
Edited by MosesofEgypt on Apr 4, 2017 at 12:46 AM

As easy as it is to make these sorts of comments, please refrain from that here guys. You're all better than that.

Exactly what the title says. I'm also wondering how it's affected your workflow and how you feel about it in general. If you have something to say about the other programs in the MEK I'd love to hear it. I feel Mozzarilla and the MEK have been out long enough for most of you guys to have tried it/them.

I'm trying to get a programming job, so I might use some of your responses as kind of a way to show that I can make useful things that people prefer to use over other options. To be honest, it's probably also(depending on the responses I get) gonna be something that I can look at when I need a little cheering up. Thanks.

EDIT: Please guys, as easy as it is to rip on people being trolls or idiots in general, please refrain from that in this thread. You're all better than that.
Edited by MosesofEgypt on Apr 4, 2017 at 07:26 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » [RELEASE] Mo's Editing Kit (MEK) Apr 1, 2017 03:58 PM (Total replies: 39)

Everyone should run the upgrade script, as I've found and fixed a decent number of bugs.

[2:58:19 PM] Moses: hotkeys not being unbound when changing them, the recent tags list
being overwritten when you close the config window, divider pane now saves its position
when closing mozz, added the ability to choose whether or not you can scroll through a
widget you aren't selecting, fixed the bug where your tags directories are shuffled when
you save the config, removed that crap where it always adds its own tags directory, etc
[2:59:52 PM] Moses: oh and i fixed some bugs with incorrect unit scales on some ijk
rotations and some struct definitions
[3:00:24 PM] Moses: like, all the object orientations in the scenario tags were in
radians, as well as the max bending angle in the antenna tag
[3:07:10 PM] Michelle: oke
[3:07:31 PM] Moses: o shi, found another bug relating to unit scales and max field values
[3:08:25 PM] Moses: if you have a field that has a max or min value(like when it's bounded
from 0 to 1) and you type something in that's outside that bounds, it's supposed to clip
to the largest or smallest allowed value
[3:08:52 PM] Moses: well it does, but what it actually puts in the box is the unscaled max
or min
[3:09:33 PM] Moses: max respawn time is 300 seconds in a gametype, but it's actually
stored in ticks. if i type 301 in it replaces it with 9000, which is the max value in
ticks >_>
[3:09:38 PM] Moses: should replace it with 300
[3:33:18 PM] Moses: okay, turns out that it's a bigger bug that just that. luckily, i
just finished fixing it
[3:33:35 PM] Moses: an exception was getting raised that i never saw....

Edited by MosesofEgypt on Apr 1, 2017 at 03:59 PM

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Halonimator's modified CMT tagset [Q&A] Apr 1, 2017 02:49 PM (Total replies: 17)

You DO realize that you set yourself up for even more ridicule by making this thread the day before April Fools, right? If not, then fate has a sense of humor.

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