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Halo CE General Discussion » Yoyorast Island V3 for Halo 4 ? Apr 11, 2012 05:50 PM (Total replies: 60)

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Halo CE General Discussion » Yoyorast Island V3 for Halo 4 ? Apr 11, 2012 04:26 PM (Total replies: 60)

Quote: --- Original message by: The Cereal Killer

Before my opinion is stated, I'll just make it clear that I've little to no interest in H1 multiplayer, and my interest in modern Halo multiplayer (or any game, for that matter) is still limited.

I understand that you're talented at what you've done. That must be true due to the popularity of the map; that said, please understand my opinion without being insulted: it should not be incorporated into (or even associated with) Halo 4; furthermore, I would be disappointed in the developers if they did include it. This is because it was a Halo 1 map, designed for the Halo 1 engine, and it simply does not meet the standards of a 2012-2013 Halo (and never will without major editing, at which point it ceases to be the same map you created) in the area of graphics or mechanics.

It is a nice map. It's just not exactly professional quality. And professional quality will never be achieved by any single person on a map, for the simple reason that professional quality maps aren't created by individuals, but rather with very large teams (such as Bungie).

This is only a side note, but your original post seethes vanity; I'm sure it's unintentional. May wish to tone that down a bit. I know I'm often guilty of the same and worse, however it is not advised for a public appeal; that is, I only do it to create a persona, not when serious business hits the fan.
Edited by The Cereal Killer on Apr 11, 2012 at 10:51 AM

I respect your point of view, but can't desagree more. Yes, the map was made for Halo1 and of course it doesn't meet the 2012/13 standards. Now look at what they made with Custom Anniversary : new graphics, new engine but same map shape, same gameplay etc... Tell why wouldn't this woulnd't be possible for Yoyorast Island ?
But maybe you think Halo 4 will be very different from Halo 1 ? Well, we'll see, but if there's a CTF and Salyer mode in Halo 4, that's enough to think the map will as enjoyable as it is today.

About the "professional quality", well most of time what you say is true, but look at the map around here, there are plenty of them as good and sometimes even better than Halo 1 default's. Don't you think.

And Jay, yeh, the thread at waypoint as great success but would need a little "bump" since yesterday :) if anyone wanna help. Thks

Halo CE General Discussion » Yoyorast Island V3 for Halo 4 ? Apr 11, 2012 08:58 AM (Total replies: 60)

Well, thanks for the comments, I gree with you guys when you basically say that a "fan" map has one chance over a million to make it in the final game... but anyway, as Jim Carrey said one day with a big hope on his smiling face : "So, I got a chance !"

Also I'm ready to sign anything to make clear I woud leave my work and all the rights to them for free... But the main problem for now is to reach someone at 343...

I fixed the links of the 1st post.

Also you can follow the thread I made at waypoint :
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Halo CE General Discussion » Yoyorast Island V3 for Halo 4 ? Apr 4, 2012 08:33 PM (Total replies: 60)

Quote: --- Original message by: Jaz
Quote: --- Original message by: TM_updates
Your map is wacky in the good sense, but I didn't find it to have much in the area of competitive gameplay. That said it's a great race map, and I wish you the best of luck on your quest to getting into Halo 4 :)

Yoyorast's prowess is merely hard to get used to. If you play it continuously for a few days, you'll soon discover it has the most extravagant gameplay ever implemented in any game throughout the game industry's history. Yoyorast Island's gameplay is like a foreign food. It's hard to get used to it, but when you do get used to it, it's oh.. so so beautiful. ;)

Hey guys, thank you for your support and comments.. And for the congrats for my english lol. (no google translate!)

Today I was reading some people here and on other forums where I made the same thread. Well, most of these people didn't knew the map, some tried the map rapidly or dowloaded it after reading the thread and then say things like : "well it seems fun but nothing special..."
I understand them and that is the problem... The problem is that people that only see videos of the map or try it alone (making one warthog lap for example) have great chance to see it as a big them Park, a wired piece of design or a good place to have stunt time...
If they don't play with it for a bit in a full server, they won't be able to experience the deep gameplay it has to offer... And not only in race. They won't be able to feel the even better gamplay when you team work with friends.
I mean I thought the entire gamedesign for weeks before starting to model anything... Anyway, there already very few chance 343 reads the thread, very few chance they say : let's implement Yoyorast Island, and even less chances when you consider the problem I just described.
So when I saw your comment JAZ, I was like wow, at last someone that feels what I wanted people to feel abd that say it ! I could have explained things better. Thanks again man.

Halo CE General Discussion » Yoyorast Island V3 for Halo 4 ? Apr 1, 2012 01:46 PM (Total replies: 60)

Hi guys, it's been a long time I didn't post here, I was away lol.. here is a copy of a post I wrote in 343 industries forum Here

Just to see what you guys think about the idea.

This post is destinated to 343 INDUSTRIES or to Microsft if someone's reading.

Hi, my name is Yohan, I'm a 37 years old french halo fan. Sorry, my  english is far from being perfect, I just hope you understand what i'm writing.
I am known in the Halo CE community as "Yoyorast", creator of the famous maps Yoyorast Island and Yoyorast Island V2 for Halo Custom edition.

These past month, I've been reworking the map model once again to improve even more the gameplay experience and to correct some mistakes I made with YoyoV2 (V2 was too complex in the end). 
But there are too few players in Custom Edition now sadly, so I've decided to stop the development of YoyoV3. Too much effort and time for a too small audience. I've been playing with forge a little bit but it's too limited.

So my last chance is to come to you guys at 343 INDUSTRIES and ask you what you'd think about integrating my map in Halo4.
I know It may be a little bit late now cause Halo4 must be in its final stage of development I guess. But there may be a chance for a map pack or something.
I also know there are very few chances that you guys may accept to integrate any work coming from outside. But who knows. It is worth a try.

First important thing, I am ready to give you my work for free. I'm doing that by passion... and for the glory of course :)
The only thing I'd like would be to be credited and also be allowed to explain to your team how things should work in the map (population, spawning points, gates, teleporters, vehicles, gametypes etc...) to garanty the best gameplay experience.
Of course, the model I would send you should be retouched by your team to be adapted to Halo4 engine.

If you don't know Yoyorast Island, I have to say it is one of the rare last custom maps still played in Custom Edition, even after 7 years.

Today it is the 4th most downloaded map of all time at halomaps.org with 180799 downloads. Also, you can ask around in the community, the top 3 maps are not bad but mostly downloaded for their impressive custom vehicles and for stunt games. 
My opinion is that Yoyorast Island is the 1st downloaded map (over 2106 custom maps) for its gamedesign quality, for the fun, strategical and unique gameplay it has to offer. The map is perfectly balanced and was created for Race and CTF mostly, but also very fun in Slayer or KOTH.

V1 had some spawn killing issues and other little problems, I've been fixing all these problems in V2, thanks to years and years of testing, myself and the community. V2 is not out of issues but there too, I've tested the map for so long time that I know exactly what to modify and simplify for an eventual V3 (most of the work is already done on the max model).

The map is very famous and liked (sometimes loved) inside the community and on the web. There have been tons of threads on tons of forums about the map with very good comments. I can't say how many times I've been reading in forums : "this is the best map ever, bungie should include it as default map in their next Halo."
Just type Yoyorast in google, you'll find 21500 results, 1500 videos on youtube, 380 on xfire...
Also, there's like 40 different "non official" moded version of the map made by "fans". If you look for it on the web, you'll find a version of the map for HaloMac, for Halo Combat Evolved PC, for XBOX, for Halo2Vista... 
I mean, it's a pretty big phenomen I guess given the small world Custom Edition has always been.

Anyway, the best way to see the map's quality is to play with it, you'll find YoyoV1 here :
and YoyoV2 there : http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=4957

Pictures of YoyoV2 : http://www.gamebanana.com/haloce/maps/117365

YoyoV2 videos : 
Yoyorast Island V2 Promo
YoyoV2 Right here Right now
Yoyorast Island V2 Bigger, Singular, Evolved
Yoyorast Island V2 Trailer
Yoyorast's Island V2

YoyoV1 videos : 
What is Yoyorast Island
Yoyorast Final
Tirbute to Yoyorast

Ok, now that you know a bit more about the map, please consider my proposition, it's a very serious one. Once again, I'm not interested in money there,  my passion is driving me.

If you need anymore information or you want to talk, here is my email : yolevy@me.com

With all my consideration.

Yohan LEVY
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Hey guys, the title says it all :



Thanks dwood!
K guys, just a quick post to remind you there's like 10 days left before the submissions are closed, you still have the time to enter the competition ;) good luck!

Hey guys, I've been a little off lastly cause I had to send my macpro and have no comp left til i get my new imac i7 mid november... Also remind everybody involved or those not yet in the contest that there's still time til the 29th to make your movie and post on youtube...
I m still thinking if there'll be like a jury voting for the best movie or if i stick with the public poll..

Get to work and good luck!

Come one guys let's not talk bout money lol.. just make some state of the art Trailer..

If you have a paypal account , you'll have the equivalent of 200$ in your money..

K guys, now comes the time to promote da map... May all the movie makers get their cam ready ! Just remember, there will be ONE winner only... and I'll personally send him 250$ (Paypal only).

To participate to the contest, you'll have to send/host you movies/trailers on youtube before the 29th of NOVEMBER (22:00 GMT) (tag it with the word "yoyorast" + the words "yoyorast contest" to make sure people can find them)... Then, the 29th of NOVEMBER at 22:00 GMT, One poll will be held at modacity (listing all the links to the youtube vids) so everybody in the community can vote for their prefered vid... the poll will end the 6th of DECEMBER at 22:00 GMT... of course the one who will have most votes will win da money... and the glory lol :woop:

K now, what's supposed to be inside your vid ? Well you are completly free guys, as long as it shows the map to it's best.
Just try to come close to some or all of these points :
- Off course, you can show the map empty but you also have to show some fight/action.
- Try to show the way it's meant to be played with the specificities of the gameplay (shileds, doors, strategic places, cutom vehicles, random teleporters...)
- Off course Music is welcome, you can also use voice or anything... Free your imagination !
- Try to show the map is meant to be played in lot of diferent gametypes.
- there's no minimum resolution required but you may have more chances if you have some good def image...
- There no limit of lengh but try to make your vid no shorter than 4 min plz.

Now spread the word bout this contest, if you think you can make the best promo trailer out there, let as many people as possible see your work and vote for you :neckbeard:

K guys, may the best out there win... the Contest just started now, what are you waiting ?!
And again, you can post your vids on youtube from now to the 29th of NOVEMBER at 22:00 GMT, after that, it will be too late.
Edited by yoyorast on Oct 15, 2009 at 01:33 PM

What? Stay calm guys, it's just an idea i'm dropping here..
First, let me thank you guys again for your great comments, i'm so happy lots of you are enjoying enjoy da map..
Ok, since the day we released, i cant help myself thinking the baby is not born that perfect..
Let me give you my little list of little improvable stuff that could turn da very good map ;) into the ultimate one :
- remove the "beta" word at welcome page.
- add one more "panic" teleporter at beach (near the the scorpion place) to give this side of the beach (less frequented) one more little interest + add even more posibility to reach the panic room.. (never usefull enough).
- when taking the panic tele to atv base, you land on the roof of it and almost fall in water all the time... You should better land inside the arv base..
- fix the atv problem (when getting out of it) someone was talking about if there's actually one (i didnt experienced it).
- 2 things i want to remodel : 1st wouldbe to make the middle garage wall longer, to prevent from too much interaction and fragging when trying to get a hog.. 2nd thing is I noted the way by walking to the flags in ctf is less used than the vehicle way, i think this is because the walk way is a bit too long, i have a simple idea to make it a little shorter : remove the vertical base's glass cages and ladders ( i would add a clean design to replace this but u wouldnt be able to climb anymor to the top tele witch would be removed also.. So in the end, the way by walk would end where the final corrodors before the flags cruz eachother (where there are the blue and red littles) there would be 2 teles there that bring u direct to the base's roofs.. In the end, thos also would mean a bit less polys..
- i also want to make some little modofs the the model at 2 other places.. Surprise ;)
- someone told me that the musics where a bit too compressed witch result in a bad quality sound.. Maybe improvable..

K, these are the modifs i'd like to make.. If you guys think of some other little things, just let me know, i'll consider your thoughts.. But dont ask big stuff.. Remember its a little update..

Last thing i wanna add is, im ready to do that but i need to know if inferno and firescythe would be with me on this cause there's some hek work + lightmaps etc...

What do you think guys? Is it worth it to have this second version around?

Would be glad to see a Mac version man..

O thanks Dennis :)

red bars?

My joy is Soooooooo big ! Guys, it's here afterall, my 4 years map dream finally came to reality. Hope you will enjoy it and make it a big success. it's not a whole new map for those who're used to V1 but it's a big update that keeps the good V1 sides, correct many problems, adds tons of new paths and shape changes, new strategic sturctures + new "panic" Doors and shileds that will spice up the game. And off course I tried to improve the design as much as possible. Also strategic places are now named to help you find your way and become like meeting places. There's so many new stuff... you'll see by yourself what changed since V1.

4 years since I started this update... Dam, I never thought it would have taken so much time...
What took so long? Here is the list :
- Modeling / remodeling in an innovative way in terms of gameplay and design (like 1 and a half year) + lots of remodelings as shortcuts were found, til some month ago, so remodeling never really stoped + I couldn't help myself adding new ideas and stuff all along the process.

- I spent like 4 month + plenty of time after that to remodel the stuff to turn the poly number down and simplificate the design to help removing the big clipping problem, nightmare work !
- Don't remember how much time I spent on texturing and deal with UVW stuff.. it has been another nightmare.
- As I don't use HEK stuff, it took much more time to get any final result cause I had to make tons of schemes for my partners to do the work... doing this way makes the development process like 2 or 3 times more important.
- Dealing with my partners disponiblity, also sometimes I was with no partners anymore lol, this resulted in big looses of time... this way the project have been sleeping for several month... without speaking of the time we lost almost all the tags... this slowed everything for some time also.
- Some big works on my partners side have taken time too, some times things have been done the wrong way and others been redoing and redoing things : ATV, Custom hog Skinning, pinup implementations, musics, Portals (so many guys made and remade them), biped anims, Lights, Scripting off course, etc...
- Also, I think the map is so complex that making everything work together have been a real challenge and took time to be made. It has been a special work for a special map... I got like 150 builds from my diferent partners since the start of the project. I let you imagine all the test and fix it requiered...

Anyway, I want to deeply thank my last and biggest partner Inferno, he made a wonderfull Job, without his skills and work, the map would still be in "work in progress state" today, that's for sure. Thank you so much man for all you did (see the credits) and most of all for making these dam doors and shileds work with your magic scripts (with some =CE= Chris help sometimes, thanks to you too man); also for making the random teleporters work so fine... these were real challenges and you made them work.
Also Deep thank to TheFieryscythe for his work on portals that fixed the clipping problem. It seemed impossible... he never gave up. Also for his work on so many lightmap versions.
Special thanks to Polarbear for yoyorast.com creation and Freelancer for his wonderfull moderator job, for having made the 1st yoyoV2 trailer and for hosting the betatest on his server; to all the supporters at yoyorast.com & all over the net; to Masterz1337 for his help on choosing my partners, tech advice, vehicle horn; deep thank to all the betatesters (sorry guys, can’t list everyone); to ShadowSpartan for his support, for recovering the lost tags and protecting the map.
Thanks to my beloved Emma for her support during these past 3 years.
Thanks to my Family & friends.

There's so much in this map, it's really pushing halo to the limits ;)

Yoyorast : Creator / Modeler
Gamedesigner / Artistic direction
Team Management / Pinups textures
Populations & gametypes planning
Musics choice / Final ground textures
Custom hog creation / Polygon reductions
Normal maps making / “jump’in samples”
Texture applying & UVW works
Ground texture v2 (final)

TheGhost, Skyline, E3po, Inferno
Max error correcting / HEK works
map. building / Tags making

Baturkin : yoyo v1.5 1st build
Custom hog in game v1 + radar fix (final)
Haloguru : Custom hog fixes and lights
TheGhost : Ground texture v1
yoyo V2 1st build / Portals v1
Skyline : Gametypes v1 / Portals v2
Weapons & vehicles population v1
E3po : Horns in game v1 / Shaders v1
Musics v1 & pinup ingame / Portals v3
CtrlAltDestroy : Doors & shields
scripts v1
D4NO : Custom hog & door textures
ShadowSpartan : Lost protected tags
recovering (he deserves a dinner
with Elisha Cuthbert) / Big support
Fixed Custom hog (final), Map protection
Inferno : “jump’in samples” integration
Random tele scripts / Gametypes v2 (final)
Weapons & vehicles population v2 (final)
Gold sniper / Musics ingame v2 (final)
Doors & shields scripts v2 (final)
Portals v4 / Shaders v2 (final)
=CE= Chris : Scripting help and fixes
Matooba : H3 Mongoose creation
Driver anim.
TheFieryscythe : Final lightmaps
Portals v5 (final) / Smoothing groups
Last remodeled parts integration
Lights settings / Clipping removing
Last minute lights adding
Disaster : Ground texture retouch
Teh Lag : ATV 3p anim. v3 (final)
FlaminGrain : ATV 3p anim. v2
DEEhunter : 1st lightmap test
HDoan : ATV 3p anim. v1
CMT : H3 Spartan Laser
Pyong : ATV physics fix
Sinow : Menu work
Sgt. Botley : ATV textures & skinning

Musics :
Barcarolle / J. Offenbach
Ave Maria / F. Shubert
Dance of the hours / Ponchielli
Zarathustra / R. Strauss
The Blue Danube / R.Strauss

“jump’in samples” :
Matrix Theme / Crystal Method
Billie Jean / Michael Jackson
Parisien du Nord / Cheb Mami
Baby did Bad Bad Thing / Chris Isaak

Thanks to Bungie / Gearbox
for creating Halo (yoyoV2 model
is still to sell, I’ll make a good price
for you guys;) for Halo4 maybe.

Thanks to René & Nicole
for creating me.

Note that Yoyorast Island V2 model is
right protected, Yohan Lévy 2009

PS : Thanks to all of you guys
there’s a piece of everyone
in the rock of this island,
it woulnd’t exist without you.
Next project is to build it for real,
who’s with me?

Have fun !


Visit www.yoyorast.com
Visit www.modacity.net
Visit www.halomaps.org
View and add video of the map at www.youtube.com ...just type : "yoyorast"

Word From Inferno and link :

It's been a long time in the making and THOUSANDS of failed betas and builds but it's finally here! I'm proud of the work we accomplished and I hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as we did making it.

And don't forget the download link! And don't forget our light green bars! Rep fire scythe to for helping out so much!


Baturkin just did it, thks very much

It's about some Menu work...
We need someone to take the regular UI and remove the restart game button.
Guys, we really need someone to fix this menu.. this is the only thing left to do before test/release... Plz ask around if you know someone who can do that.

Thks guys

Message me here or add me at AIM : yoyorast

Edited by yoyorast on Oct 11, 2009 at 02:17 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Yoyorast Island V2 first trailers Jul 15, 2009 03:36 PM (Total replies: 55)

5 + 1 one he roof of the blue danube tower

Halo CE General Discussion » Yoyorast Island V2 first trailers Jul 13, 2009 07:31 PM (Total replies: 55)

Hey guys, things have been very quiet since the beta, the biggest things to rework are the scripting system around random teles , shields and doors... and inferno is the man... but he went to see his familly for a few days.. he might be back tomrow and things might move forward again...
In the mean time I got the anims for backseat biped ATV from Doan, so we'll be testing this soon...
And last thing is I'm looking for some program to tweak the gametypes, apprently such a program exists but ShadowSpartan who I asked to tweak one of the gametype, can't find it... any idea?
The idea whould be to tweak the Crazy KOTH mode in order to have each hill staying longer at each place.

Thks guys

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