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Halo CE General Discussion » Which are your favorite Halo CE maps? Jul 9, 2018 02:25 PM (Total replies: 9)

IMO, some of the earliest (2004-2005) multiplayer maps were also the best, in terms of being fun and balanced to play:

- Claustrophobia
- Fissure Falls
- Cliffhanger
- Church
- New Mombasa Classic (H2 Updated was good too)
- Quagmire
- Frost
- Gallows Pole
- Yoyroast Island 1 & 2
- Nightcamp CE (IMO one of the most underrated)
- Needleosity (anyone remember this one?)
- Wartorn Cove (3 and 4 were best)

Single Player:
- Area 53/54 (not exactly impressive by today's standards, but worth a play if you haven't or its been a while)
- The Silent Cartographer Evolved
- Firefight Descent
- Halo Covert Ops

Halo CE General Discussion » Stopping in Jul 6, 2018 07:48 PM (Total replies: 7)

Thanks for the links. I was aware of most of the map pack maps, but not of bigass, somehow. Is it basically another hugeass/cold snap/extinction?

I had also heard a lot about the Takedown / Project Lawson series. I think I played an early beta or the first episode? What's the latest version of that?

Halo CE General Discussion » Stopping in Jul 3, 2018 02:52 PM (Total replies: 7)

Just dawned on me that Halo CE came out 14 years ago this past May... I was 14 when it came out. Crazy how time flies.

A few days ago I just reinstalled CE on my laptop, imported all my old maps, and installed OS and SPV3 (glad to see that came out!)

I haven't really been active or playing CE since about 2012. I have managed to glean that Halomaps no longer updates (something about too big of a backlog) so everything is on CE3 now. I am running v.1.10 now, but it looks like custom map servers are somewhat scarce still?

Besides CE3, the last things I downloaded were Lumoria and Firefight Descent. What other single player goodies are out there? Are any new multiplayer maps worth a download?

Half life:

> Scary aliens
> Scared scientists
> Marines are here, yay!
> lol nvm they are killing scientists too

I think Half Life was the first FPS to introduce NPC allies (the worthless Nali from Unreal notwithstanding).

Half life 2 also had the 3 faction war, but it was less fun since the "third" faction was just head crabs, barnacles, and antlions.

Halo CE General Discussion » which are the best custom sp maps May 31, 2016 10:21 AM (Total replies: 25)

The Area 50 series is a neat diversion, although admittedly not a true "singleplayer" game.

51 - Just a bad multiplayer map. Avoid.
52 - Another multilayer map with bots. Avoid
53 - Actually kinda fun
54 - Also pretty good, except for the boss
55 - Meh.

I'll echo that Lumoria and Covert Ops are awesome. Ditto with TSC:E and the parts of CMT SPV2 that were actually finished.

Firefight: Descent is awesome, but it isn't a campaign.

Halo CE General Discussion » best maps May 9, 2016 04:27 PM (Total replies: 21)

All of the serious players left when Halo 2 came out. The people who hung around were the modders.

Modders want gimmicks.

Gimmicks =/= good game play

I'm struggling to think of a fun, balanced, popular map with the vanilla tagset (or at least no unbalanced crap) that was released after 2005.

As far as maps designed and intended for competitive play and not exploration, finding easter eggs, role playing, and ducking around with overpowered weapons and vehicles:

- Night camp CE
- New Mombasa Classic
- Fissurefalls
- Claustrophobia
- Cliffhanger
- Quagmire
- Wartorn Cove
- Frost
- Gallows Pole

Good luck getting anyone to join you on those maps though.

Halo CE General Discussion » 12 years May 5, 2016 03:37 PM (Total replies: 49)

Halo CE turns 12 today.

Also, general nostalgia thread.

It would be interesting to have a comprehensive list of all known easter eggs in CE maps. I would hazard a guess that 10-20% of all maps have some sort of egg; maybe 1/4 of those have Youtube tutorials. I used to know dozens, but I honestly couldn't find most of those today. Gearbox forums are gone to the wind, where is where most of that sort of discussion took place.

There were scores of very solid maps from the first couple years. My top list:

Nightcamp CE
Wartorn cove (whichever one fixed the "parking a warthog to disable the enemy's teleporters" issue... maybe v3?)

Quote: --- Original message by: Echo77
Quote: --- Original message by: sirbobbington

I actually would have loved to have seen the engineer on the final build. From what I remember, they were supposed to be a chaotic neutral character, assisting whichever side got to them first and leaving you with the tactical decision to either kill them or use them for yourself until they defect and betray you.

According to Halopedia, they were just supposed to be passive, puppy-like entities that you didn't have to kill and would make you feel guilty if you did.

Huh. You're right. I must have been thinking of the notes from the canned First Strike mod that would have been based off of the book. Like in the book, they were supposed to be "mechanic" characters that couldn't distinguish between friend and foe whatsoever.

Quote: --- Original message by: Echo77

Quote: --- Original message by: yampysoze


WHY DID BUNGIE HAD TO CUT THESE OUT! Really I hate when these company do that!

As I understand it, they realized they had a deadline to meet and it was a matter of cutting some things or never releasing the game. It's a shame that some of it was lost, but it also gave us Combat Evolved as we know it today. Some things might have been nice, like ambient wildlife and a wider array of weapons and vehicles, but depending on how far back you went with the "never cut anything," mindset, we might still be driving Humvees instead of Warthogs.
Edited by Echo77 on May 4, 2015 at 03:21 AM

I actually would have loved to have seen the engineer on the final build. From what I remember, they were supposed to be a chaotic neutral character, assisting whichever side got to them first and leaving you with the tactical decision to either kill them or use them for yourself until they defect and betray you.

Much cooler than bomb/shield generator like in ODST/Reach.

Halo CE General Discussion » 11 years May 6, 2015 09:52 PM (Total replies: 12)

So I'm a little late, but yesterday marked Halo CE's 11th birthday. It's hard to believe we've all made it this far.

Also, general nostalgia thread.

Halo CE General Discussion » How many years halo ce will live? Mar 16, 2015 03:57 PM (Total replies: 55)

I could easily see CE lasting another decade. I've been around since before CE was released, and it's always been like this. The fan base survived Gearbox dropping support for the game, as well as the release of Halo 2. Once the game made it to 2005, it was clear that it would be a cult game for the foreseeable future.

Also, I haven't played in well over a year... is the player count up now on v.1.10? Last I played (1.9) there were about 200 players on vanilla maps, and a couple 24/7 servers on Immure. Is it still like that?

Halo CE General Discussion » What if the Covenant came to our world today? Mar 13, 2015 09:25 AM (Total replies: 42)

Quote: --- Original message by: RabbitFood
More than likely I'd say that with our small size, they'd try to assimilate us into the Covenant.


I only read a summary of the book, but I think I recall that the Covenant only started the war because they were looking for a "reclaimer" artifact on Harvest, and then discovered that humans were the chosen successors of the Forerunners. If we were found before the prophets figured that out, we would most likely be admitted at the lowest ranks. Think a Half Life 2 scenario. With a brief resistance followed by the ultimatum of submission or subjugation.

Halo CE General Discussion » What makes a Halo CE server fun to you? Dec 15, 2014 12:48 PM (Total replies: 44)

I miss the circa-2004 servers that were divided between competitive play on classic maps, competitive play on custom maps, and stunting/RPG. Everyone knew where they belonged, and kicking/banning was done by an actual player on the server, not an automated script.

I never played on Hive much, but I have fond memories of the EPG custom servers.

Halo CE General Discussion » what is the strangest maps you have ever seen? Aug 20, 2014 02:46 PM (Total replies: 21)

A few early ones whose names I've forgotten and am too lazy to look up:

1. All the early maps that turned out to be the tutorial map with random scenery objects cluttering to the point of unplayability.

2. Baldactor's test of level size limits--"Warthog Explore" maybe? It was a black box map with warthogs and some random scenery--it was about as big or bigger than Hugeass, but had vanilla warthogs and zero visibility so it was literally unplayable.

3. That box map with a H2 screenshot on the floor to trick people into downloading it

4. Streets Of Earth City-- it was awful and I'm ashamed of how much time I spent playing it

5. Pretty much everything made by Icetiger

Halo CE General Discussion » Maps for MLGs/MLG style gameplay Jun 26, 2014 04:46 PM (Total replies: 39)

- Nightcamp CE
- Claustrophobia
- Frost
- Quickest
- Gallowspole
- Fissurefall

There's probably a few others I've forgotten about, and I can't remember playing an actual competitive game on a map made after 2006.

And I love WTC and all its iterations, but it's too quick to turn into a 4+ hour campfest.

Halo CE General Discussion » CE turns 10 today (+ general nostalgia) May 6, 2014 10:58 AM (Total replies: 26)

Wow I forgot how much of the community stumbled on CE after the golden days.

I first heard about CE in 2003 when I read on halo.bungie.org that Gearbox confirmed the patch to allow custom content. I lurked around the Gearbox forums for a while and watched all of the optimistic projects that were dashed when Gearbox dropped the "no custom single player" bomb. I installed CE overnight about 10 years ago, and started downloading all of the maps I could find (there were about 15 at the time, so it wasn't hard). I spent a while tooling around in the maps by myself, and finally went online around the time that Blood Islands had 24/7 dedicated servers. I played nonstop through the summer on various custom servers until I was back in school and Halo 2 came out. I came back a few months later to a community half the size and completely obsessed with Halo 2 mods and various other gimmicks.

I stopped by every few months throughout high school and college and saw the player count dip from 350 to 200 to 120 down to 10-50 and then back up to about 100 when the last custom map servers died.

Some of my favorite memories from CE:

- Wartorn Cove CTF dedicated servers with 255 capture limit and no time limit... you'd sign on and there would be people who had been online for 12+ hours and amassed 500+ kills

- Streets of Earth City and all of its glitchy, trips-to-the-moon horribleness.

- All the drama when New Mombasa was leaked as whenhootersfly

- The EP clan custom servers with like 30+ maps on rotation

- Jumping onto another custom server with 12-15 players when you didn't have the map on the EP server.

- When Gearbox gave us a chance to save CE if we got 1,000 players online at the same time. We only made it to about 700, but it was the best game night CE ever saw.

Halo CE General Discussion » CE turns 10 today (+ general nostalgia) May 5, 2014 01:57 PM (Total replies: 26)

So this is it. Halo Custom Edition was released on 5/5/2004, ten years ago today.

Ten years ago I was in the 8th grade, working feverishly on a final report while the HEK/CE install ran overnight on my computer. Today I'm a working professional with a wife and daugher who turns 3 months old tomorrow. Needless to say, it's been a hell of a ride, and I'm glad that CE has been a part of it.

So, a big happy birthday to Halo CE, and a big round of applause to the community that has kept it running all this time!

(Commence general nostalgia thread)

Am I the only one who was blown away by that list?

There's some 15-20 year old games on there. And I was impressed HCE is still kicking at almost 10.

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