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Hi there,
Yes! im 90% done, people can already visit the Map in VR

take a look at the recording of us exploring the map on an Oculus Quest:


Halo CE General Discussion » pyr rotation to lefthanded XYZ Nov 22, 2019 09:39 AM (Total replies: 1)

Hi, just a really short question - but i could not find an answer to this:

How does the YPR rotation values that are being used in Halo translate to Unity XYZ values?
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this has been frustrating me for weeks, I always manage to get the Map, but never the Scenery - Honestly, I'm at a point where I'm willing to manually place all Objects

So I figured ill use this thread to also ask for help regarding more upcoming questions I'm going to have. And here is the first one:

I preceded manually placing the Scenery Objects. And now, while trying to create a shader emulating the tree_leafy_leaves shader, i noticed something. The leave textures of different trees are being recolored in one of 4 ways (A, B, C, D) - see screenshot:

But where can i find the associated color values for each letter?
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okay, gotcha!
Thanks a lot for your help Moses, the Texture part is very useful!
This means I can start working on a Unity Shader that emulates Halo CE.

About the Scenery Objects, I found the Array listing them all. For B30 those are over 700 Items. Does "placing separately" mean that I'd have to place them all manually according to the coordinates, rotation and scale data I find in the array?

thanks a lot again Moses!

Quote: --- Original message by: MosesofEgypt
Several months ago I added to Mozzarilla the ability to convert every bit of geometry and markers in sbsp tags to gbxmodel tags. Since we have gbxmodel importers for 3ds Max, this will let you import those converted bsps. Download the MEKE, open Mozzarilla, go to Tools->Tag conveters->structure_scenario_bsp to gbxmodel and use that to convert the model. You can choose what to include, but for just navigating it in another engine you'll want Renderable, Lightmaps, and Collidable.

You can get the MEKE here(includes gbxmodel importer scripts for 3DS Max):


this sounds very Promising! Thanks, ill give it a try right away!

Quote: --- Original message by: Nickster5000

When your endeavor is successful, you should upload panoramic video so I can see how it looks please & thank you.

If you own a VR Headset you can always see my progress and how far i managed to get here:


I'm sorry if I ask noobish questions, but I honestly have no idea what I'm doing here.
So, I followed your steps and managed to get something into Max.

But what I got was just a Gray Mesh with no textures (which I can fix) but I still can't see any trees, Rocks, Plants or other scene objects. And arent Lightmaps black and white illumination images? I can't find them either.

again, excuse me for my uninformed questions :/
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just had to google what Asset Flipping is.

I have a VR Headset, and I would love to explore the classic Halo Maps in VR.

Hi there :)
I'm looking for someone who can help me exporting Halo CE Campaign Maps so I can open them in 3Ds Max. I have been trying to get this to work for a while now, but most tools seem to be very outdated or won't work anymore. Some tools just crash, others export models with bad UVs or broken Textures. Eventually, I managed to get a Map into 3Ds Max looking fine, but with no Trees, Rocks or other Scenery and I'm unable to find any way to export them alongside the Map. So anyone here who can help me? :C

Halo CE General Discussion » Adjutant News and Info! Nov 17, 2018 08:39 AM (Total replies: 998)

so no chance of maybe just exporting their XYZ Coordinates and Scale, Rotation parameters - so i can just place them accordingly in 3DsMax

Are the images visible now?
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Halo CE General Discussion » Adjutant News and Info! Nov 16, 2018 01:02 PM (Total replies: 998)

Hi :)

Im trying to get some of my favorite Halo Maps into 3Ds Max. Using adjutant i keep getting messed up textures tho, am i doing something wrong?

Hope people in here are still active - and maybe someone would even be able to give me some help. Planing to port some of the Maps to VR as accurately as possible, to get the feeling of being inside my most fav maps and hang there with virtual friends. :)

okay, i managed to fix it by replacing the corrupted Textures by some i fond in a Texture Pack onilne.

But now i have another Question. How can i get all the Rocks, Trees and Equipment with their relative Position to the map?

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yeah, im still in here some times, hoping for Metropolis.

can you guys upload the Halo2 Metropolis Map for 3DsMax?
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