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Halo CE General Discussion » New Halo CE idea Apr 30, 2017 02:38 PM (Total replies: 8)

Quote: --- Original message by: sparky

I have described in different places the resources used by dedicated server software for Halo and how to set up multiple instances of a dedicated server which is what I do on my own dedicated server (rented for a lot of money).

If you want to discuss this, I will be able to do so in about a week at my Halo Discord chat server here: http://tinyurl.com/halochatserver.

Each player uses about 1000 bytes per second of bandwidth. Halo spams UDP packets and does not use TCP. Not every map will function properly with the dedicated server software. If there is anything substantially odd about the organization of data in the map file, the haloded.exe will eventually crash in the console window.

If you want to use SAPP, specify "auto_update 0" in SAPP's init.txt file to avoid occasional problems caused by its automatic updating feature and to set it so updates would require manually updating it yourself on occasion.

My YouTube channel has details; https://www.youtube.com/user/halomodtesters see the Halo Modding Tutorial Series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Brb2DicGsGY&index=76&list=PLOLhzsHlG3Qr8R5AgI67kKB9HisblIkZS is the dedicated server setup video tutorial.

I still plan to provide a single download, but you can use my archives via https://halo.galaxyverge.com/
Edited by sparky on Apr 30, 2017 at 09:52 AM

Hey Sparky! How have you been? Thanks for all those awesome links! I would love to sit down and BS with you. So I will take you up on the offer to chat on discord. As for the other links thank you for providing them. I will make sure to take a look and use your advice as you are the only user on the Internet with the skill and dedication to still provided answers on Halo Servers.

Also if you don't mind, once I get my server completed I would like to share with the world in more public places how its done. All with credits to you of course. But it took your replying for me to find what I needed, and thats after Google searching.

The problem isn't finding guides, its finding guides that work...

Edit: Your video guide worked great although xhalo is no longer a working website. Was still able to find the sapp downloads I needed. Took your video step by step and no error on anything. However I still have two small problems -

1.) Even though ports 2304,2305,2303,2302, and 5632 are open NO ONE including myself can connect to the servers. Nor do they show up in the Server List. I added each .exe to the firewall both inbound and outbound. It is a mystery to me.

2.) In the console there is two small errors, im not sure if they are normal or not but here they are:

ERROR: Failed to find signature for "Event Machine Leave"!
ERROR: Failed to find signature for "Team Balance Hook"!

Ill be joining your discord and waiting by here on the forums. Any advice you may have will be greatly appreciated.

Edited by x0Z3ro0x on May 1, 2017 at 04:24 AM

Edit 2:

Servers are up and running and this idea is well under way with three 24/7 servers. One for classic game-play where users can enjoy Original games unedited unmodded and all the standard rules.

Second server is edited game modes with no mods. So specialty games like pistols only covenant, snipers, only etc.

Our final server is for you users that love modded game play. Pretty much explains its self, the server has all modded maps and game modes.

All three of these servers can be found in the internet list under the following:

[DKG] Originals | USA | 24/7
[DKG] Specialties | USA | 24/7
[DKG] Modded | USA | 24/7

Please enjoy and feel free to continue your ideas! I will keep checking back on this post and looking at what everyone would like.
Edited by x0Z3ro0x on May 7, 2017 at 03:29 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » New Halo CE idea Apr 29, 2017 11:04 PM (Total replies: 8)

Are there any updated server guides here on halomaps? Everyone I see is outdated and Sparky edited all his posts to show nothing...

Halo CE General Discussion » New Halo CE idea Apr 29, 2017 09:50 PM (Total replies: 8)

Quote: --- Original message by: Banshee64
The "active" community has no interest in servers not based in Mexico,

That's just not true. A great deal of users are Spanish decent that much is true, but there are several USA based servers that reach 16/16 and stay that way. In fact I think it is safe to say a US based server with English only enforced will be a nice welcome.

Take BK for example, while they need to learn a lesson in chat spamming, they are US based as well as Mexico and several other locations.

Quote: --- Original message by: Banshee64
I don't think even running 16 servers simultaneously with 16 active players per server would come even close to utilizing business class internet.

Im not worried about the internet, im sure it is more than enough to handle the connection to users. My worry was the servers hardware being enough. Would you happen to know what each connected player uses in terms of system resources? Im sure either PC can get the job done.

Thanks for stopping in and sharing some opinions! I hope to see you online!

Halo CE General Discussion » New Halo CE idea Apr 28, 2017 01:15 PM (Total replies: 8)

Quote: --- Original message by: msalerno
It's a great idea!

Using SAPP, or my as-yet-unreleased HSEŽ, the CPU load on a single dedicated server is minimal. Even a plain-stock dedicated server isn't all that much of a CPU load on today's machines.

Where are you located?

Thanks for the positive feedback. Servers are located in the mid-west of USA. It would be ideal for US / Canada based players but I welcome everyone provided they can have reasonable ping. As for me I am farther north in the US!

Also if you have some free time I would love to pick your brain and find out some of your favorite game modes as well as other users favorite game modes. Let me know!

Halo CE General Discussion » New Halo CE idea Apr 27, 2017 05:28 AM (Total replies: 8)

Intro ~

Hello ladies and gents! Thanks for stopping in to read my post. I would like to start up a discussion and run a new idea past everyone today as well as just get some general opinions / insight on the best way to do things. First let me begin with a little background.

Background / Idea ~

I notice this game is still very active, and I myself have owned it for YEARS. I love the entire Halo Series, as I know so many other dedicated fans do too. So I wanted to take my spare computer (or possibly my gaming rig) and start a dedicated server for everyone.

But im bored with seeing modded everything. Yes it is nice sometimes, but that's all there seems to be anymore. The servers we do get to know and love seem to close down. The rare ones that do stay around don't really have much in the ways of changes, and I feel like I can help make that better.

I have run servers for over 7 years now. Some simple, some more complex, some very few know exist and that I can bet none of you have working (which is a custom Tribal Wars Server). So I want to offer my skills and my computer equipment, and make some dedicated game modes for everyone to enjoy again. A place where users can log in and know that when they leave it will still be there. A place to meet friends and hang out, but also a place that has RESPECTABLE admins making sure the server stay user friendly and abuse free.

Details ~

I have the option of two machines that can run this. The first is a Dual Core system ordered from Dell as a server. For specs look at the Dell Inspiron 660s. This computer would be 100% dedicated and would have no one or nothing using it.

The second option is a custom built quad core gaming rig with 16gb RAM. The downside is this is my computer and I have programs running on it 24/7. So while it would be better specs, it wouldn't be able to dedicated and that can be a BIG issue on certain servers. I don't know much about the requirements to run a Halo CE server, so I would need your insight there.

The general idea is to use one of these computers to release multiple servers. I would like one that is just Old School UnModded CTF or other game modes. Then a second server for the modded fun. These servers would be 24/7 on fiberoptic business internet of over 120mb/s download.

Feedback ~

Tell me what you think of the idea, also if anyone has updated guides on the best way to get a server going that would be helpful otherwise I will find something in my research. In addition please give me your thoughts on your fav. game-modes. Do you Old School fans still enjoy classic game-play from time to time? Or has modded game-play become the new normal?

Lastly tell me your thoughts on the computer options. Neither are top of the line, but they are solutions they can work lag free even if we had to choose just one game mode and dedicate that on the dual core.

I look forward to talking with the amazing people in this community and launching something awesome for everyone to enjoy. I hope that we all can continue to experience some great moments with this phenomenal old school game. Until then...

Best of Wishes,

Edited by x0Z3ro0x on Apr 28, 2017 at 01:13 PM

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Dedicated Server Question Jul 1, 2015 01:29 AM (Total replies: 5)

Quote: --- Original message by: sparky
Try getting the Halo PC and CE and Halo PC and CE dedicated servers individually here:

Would it be wise to install Halo CE (Custom edition). Right now only Halo CE PC is installed.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Dedicated Server Question Jun 30, 2015 03:50 PM (Total replies: 5)

I installed the game via CD, and used the newest patch. When in-game it says my game (On the dedicated server) is 1.0.10. I assume this means that my haloded.exe is the same version? If not how may I check / update the server files. Also where might those be stored, because at current I have three files inside that folder on the desktop.

I was under the idea, that the game files were actually the server files.

I double checked for you, I had disabled my firewall all together, when these problems occurred, but for the record, I have (just now) enabled the fire wall again and made sure the exception is created for both the incoming and outgoing to allow haloded.exe

I didn't think it needed the CD, as everything works when first started, and no errors occur after the server vanishes, but I wasn't sure if that was the case.

Thank you for the quick response, I will be looking forward to that tutorial. I am grateful to have found someone willing to pass their knowledge onto me.

Best of wishes,

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Dedicated Server Question Jun 30, 2015 02:32 PM (Total replies: 5)

No this is not another topic on how to create a Halo Dedicated Server, I have already done that, however, I have a few questions that are specific to my problem, and people do not enjoy when new members revive old topics, so I will start my own.

First off, please read this whole post before commenting, I am looking to keep halo alive, and want to contribute to this community with quality content, as such I need complete answers from competent users, who are willing to read and understand the question.

Let me explain to you how I got where I am now with my Halo Server, so that you may tell me if the server I created is in error, or I am on the right track but need some tweaking. I downloaded the haloded.exe file. Placed it on my server, downloaded a strings.dll (since it always seems to be missing), and also created an init.txt file.

All these files are placed on the Desktop of the dedicated server in a file called Halo Server. To give you more detail, here is my init.txt file coding on the inside;

sv_name "Zero is back! | 24/7 | Old School Players"
sv_public 1
sv_maxplayers 16
sv_mapcycle_timeout 15
sv_mapvote true
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch "TS Snipers"
sv_mapcycle_add beavercreek "TS Rockets"
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch "TS Pistols"
sv_mapcycle_add beavercreek "S Nade Wars"
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch "TS Nade Wars"
sv_mapcycle_add beavercreek "CTF Shotguns"
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch "TS Nade Wars INV"
sv_mapcycle_add beavercreek "TS Pistols"
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch "CTF Shotguns"
sv_mapcycle_add beavercreek "TS Snipers INV"

I have port forwarded 2302 for my correct Internal IP (which is the dedicated server), and I make sure the server is added as an exception in both incoming and outgoing connections in the firewall. This is as far as I have gotten, as you can see above I have created some custom game modes, but nothing special, I am working on more game modes now so I can incorporate more maps with those game modes and have it not be so repetitive.

Now that you know the EXACT state of my server and how / what steps I have taken in creating it, let me explain some of the issues I am running into.

1.) When I first start the server, everything works fine. I show up in the Lobby, Lan, and also can use Direct IP. However after about 30-60 minutes of the server not having anyone playing, it seems to "vanish" although the command prompt is still responsive and running.

Now what I mean by Vanish is no methods of connection work, it disappears from the lobby, and LAN screen, and Direct IP fails. I have checked filters to make sure nothing is blocking the server, but then why would Direct IP fail as it has no filters.

2.) The second issue I am running into is the server using the init.txt file to command a map-cycle file. Is there a way I can create a Map-Cycle file and have the server call on it like it does the init.txt file?

To finish off this topic, I would just like to know what I can change / add to improve the quality of the server. I do not mean mods / custom maps, but rather configuration changes, or perhaps server file structure knowledge. I am not new to running dedicated servers, I purchased an actual server station for running dedicated servers at my office. However I am new to Halo Dedicated servers, and I would like to release the best possible server for us Old School members and keep it going till the day I die...which will be the day halo pc dies....

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, I have done lots of Google / YouTube searching, but only have found outdated tutorials or Tutorials that don't work at all. I did use my CD of Halo PC to install it on my server, will this effect my server running when I am playing with the SAME CD key? Also, I need my CD to play halo, but should I buy another copy so I can use the CD when RUNNING the server? Or will it running fine without a CD in?

Thank you and best of wishes,

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