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Halo 2 Vista Map Design / Technical » Tag Creation Nov 12, 2015 10:40 PM (Total replies: 3)

would someone explain to me, or pount me to an explatation, how I could make a simple four sided box using the (i guess partialy) unlocked H2VEK.

I want to eventualy biuld Tetris blocks using them.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, and you have successfully recruited a new minion ;)

Hey there! Thanks a ton for that link!

origanly i had been trying to find a way to export to .ass but after having to such luck i ended up working with .jsm (faintly hoping that they were somehow interchangeable once all was said and done). Thanks for clearing that up.

Although that script did not seem to work with gmax, maybe i was doing somthing wrong, but i gave me an error, somthing about class issues. But a little birdy brought me a copy of 3dsmax 2008 last night, and the script worked great with it.

But now i am trying to compile the .ass with the editor tool, and it claims it cannot find the sturcture data directory. The .ass file is indeed inside a folder named 'structure'.

Again, im blazing through any documentation i can find, but if you could help me that would be simply fantastic.

EDIT: I figured out the folder structure, so far so good!
Edited by tylerfb11 on Nov 11, 2015 at 03:31 PM

Ive been thinking about doing this recently as well, dug up my copy of H2V the other day and im fully dtermined to do some map biulding and moding. Right now im using Tunngle but man is it ever dead, and getting my friend s to sign up for Tunngle is sucha PITA. I am fully on board with this!

Okay, I might ramble a bit here, I also may be inncorect about several assumtions, feel free to correct me if so.

So I'm diving into the prospect of map-making for H2, and the recource material ive found on the glorious interwebz is sparodic and confusing at best.

Most of the (pretty much all) info ive found is relating to CE, and im staring to make the assumption that CE maps will work with H2V, so ive been taking all the info i find on both and pooling that data together in hopes to figure things out by trial-and-error.

ive gooten a pretty clear (foggy) idea about how the process works, but i am running into problems with Tool/H2tool.

seeing as Tool comes packaged with CE, and i do not have CE, ive deduced that H2tool (that comes with H2V) is more-or-less the same thing, maybe tweaked, or updated, or whatever - i've been trying to use it to no avail.

ive got my simple map, exported using Chimp 1.6, and am trying to use H2tool to complete the next step. At first it complained about missing the mss32.dll, so i tossed a copy of it into the directory. Now it complains about missing the proc entry point for set_sound (somthing like that, can remember exactly what it was called). Now, i do understand what a Proc is, as i have a background in c++, but im unsure what to do now.

maybe im missing some key info? Or maybe my assumption about H2tool is totaly wrong?

using 3ds max to get a .ass is totaly out of the question it seems, since they want 185 freaking dollars per month for the software, and the new version of 3ds max does not support mirosoft's plugin anyways.

Ive used gMax to do my 3D editing for this.

If it means anything to anyone, im using Tunngle to play H2 online, and thats where im heading for a bit to clear my head.

Any. Help. Is. Super. Appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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