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Now what if there was a campaign fighting different types of Lek'golo and different troops to tame/barter with the Master Hunter or the Hunters' leader. I mean the Taming of the Lek'golo was a thing, right? It could work having an Elite lead the campaign too or maybe even be a Brute and THAT is how you secretly gain favor of the Prophet of Truth.

Halo 2 Vista General Discussion » Is Project Cartographer Down? Feb 11, 2017 07:47 AM (Total replies: 3)

So as I just found out, apparently it just wasn't working at the current time. Not sure if it was down for maintenance or something, I couldn't find any thread for it but I waited half an hour and now it's ok. Sorry for the waste of a thread.
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Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Custom Campaign Ideas Feb 3, 2017 09:01 PM (Total replies: 20)

Alright back on topic shall we? Here's another. From the view of an Elite.

Elite: Before The Fall
You play as a blue Covenant Elite and go on a couple of human execution excursions until you are promoted to Spec Ops. You're sent out on one mission that almost compromises your database of the identities of your team. Due to the circumstances, your team of 2 elites with plasma rifles and another elite with a carbine (like you) and 2 fuel rod grunts and 2 plasma pistol grunts were killed and you were badly wounded. The Heretics/Covenant pirates ambush your squad to take your equipment for themselves.

"So easy are the Prophet's pawns." The leader who calls himself Hierarch smugly approaches you with a Plasma Rifle to your head.
"Any last requests? Make it quick and you will die honorably."
You think for a moment and then retort with "...yes I do. Answer me this. Why? I've always wondered but never been told a straight answer. They just say you betrayed us and that's it."
"Hmm. You seek to learn, brother?" He responds with an eyebrow raised. "Hmm." He ponders then sits on a nearby bench. "Come, sit." He motions you over and you step to your feet and sit beside him.
With their guns still raised at you, one of them stammers "U-uh... Hierarch? He could easily backstab you that close."
"That's enough!" He shouted. "He's outnumbered. I sense the concern within his voice. I sense a connection. A common interest."
They look at each other with confused looks then slowly put their guns on their backs and patrol the entrance ways.

"Now, brother." Hierarch begins. "Have you heard of Sesa?"
"I have. But what does he have to do with this?"
"Now... don't tell the troops this but... He's the Heretic Leader, not me. I am the "bait" you see. So he can continue his preaching."
"So that's why you look so like him." You responded. "But why risk yourself on the field of battle, brother? Why not politics?"
"It boosts our morale. To have those who can proclaim salvation and have the strength to back it up. A strong Leader. Sesa 'Refumee is not weak himself but... it's not worth risking unnecessarily. The Prophets have spies watching everywhere. Luckily, we know all the hiding places. But we cannot hide forever." He bows his head, facing the ground.
"The Great Journey is a lie, brother." He began. You felt so strongly about shouting him down but he let you live so the least you could do is listen.
"I know you may feel like killing me or shutting me down. We have been brainwashed since birth. The Prophets seek to activate these rings. That Control Room they speak of? That's not to the Great Journey. That's to wipe out all sentient life. Not even they know that. They think its some kind of spaceship leading to better opportunities. You're brave enough to question. I have a proposition for you."
You look to the corpses of your comrades and sigh deeply. What choice is there? You think to yourself. My family's dead and now, so are my friends. The Prophets will pay.
"... I'm listening."
Cut to the Prophets and you returning to tell them of the Heretics and their deeply seeded connections but you don't specify where.
"Hmm." Truth begins but Mercy cuts him off. "Did you capture them?"
"I was unable to. They took the ships and escaped while I remained gravely wounded."
"A shame..." Truth chimed in.
"Well, due to your success of obtaining information, you are now an Ultra."
"A-an Ultra?" You stammer over your words. "Shouldn't I be a Major?"
"Your skills are required elsewhere." Regret says with a wave of his hand.
"You will have 4 Grunts below you. 2 Heavy and 2 Light.
You will also have command over a specialist with a Carbine and another with a Plasma Rifle."
"M-my own Squad? I... I am honored. I will serve you to the best of my abilities." You bow with respect.
"We know you will." Mercy smiled at you. "You are dismissed and debriefed with the Covenant Weapons Cache defense."
You run out the room to inform your squad but as the door closes, Regret turns to Mercy.
"Do you really think so highly of him, brother?"
"He is competent at what he does... and efficient." He responds.
"Soon, we will find mankind's home planet and butcher its kind. By any means necessary. All who oppose our will shall be made an example of." Truth concluded.

Cut to the Covenant weapons cache with your squad in a set of locked doors behind and in front of you.
"Bah! I am tired of waiting." The carbine-wielding elite bellows.
"Yeah, hell with this. Lets bring the fight to them!" One of the grunts chimes in and the other grunts cheer.
"Silence!" You yell. "You do as I say. What I say is the will of the Prophets. You will not disobey or face public deprecation or even death. Is that clear?" Your finger points at one of the grunts.
"AH! Y-yes sir, boss elite sir." He stammers and his friends fall in line and wait.
You rest your hand on the impatient Elite.
"Be patient, Sese." You whisper calmly. "You will have blood soon enough. I can feel it."
He turns to his weapon and nods at you with approval.
Suddenly, plasma fire is heard outside. Comms start going crazy.
"That's our queue!" You break the silence in the room and nod at Sese to open the door.
Gunfire starts blazing and soon the Covenant pirate faction are dealt with with all your squad dying except for Sese.
"Target destroyed. The Pirates are history." You report back to the Prophets comms.
"Excellent work. You are quick and precise. From this moment forward. Consider yourself a Zealot." Truth spoke with confidence.
"A-already?!" Sese retorted with anger. "I've been Spec Ops for years and I haven't gotten a single promotion and he gets 2 within a couple of days?!"
"Silence, Sese. Lest your family be informed of your failings." Regret chimed in.
"I... I am overwhelmed. Wh-what would you have of me? What is the will of the Prophets?"

Cut to the Prophets in their personal quarters discussing amonst themselves the fate of the player.
"At this rate-" Truth continues. "-once he folds under the pressure and screws up. The council will answer to him and so will the public. We will be none the wiser."
"I like it." Regret chimes in. "Quick and precise. Heh."
"Soon... humanity will regret their folly." Mercy concludes.

You are soon granted a command ship and 4 banshees. The command ship named Merciless Stride. A battallion of forces are under your command and you send them off to scout sectors in the galaxy looking for any remaining insurgents and pirates and purposely route their positions to avoid the spots that the Hierarch had noted to you.
Suddenly your personal communicator chimes and you answer it around the corner and out of sight.
"What is it, Hierarch? I am busy."
"There's trouble. Back where we met. It's the Brutes. They rescanned the area unbeknownst to public comms. We've been spotted and are being ratted out. We need you!"
"I'm on my way!" You respond and jump through to their location.

Immediately the surface around you when you leave the ship feels quiet... too quiet.
Sese follows closely behind you. "I don't like this, sir."
"I don't either... this feels like a trap."
After an hour of exploration, all seemed to be in order at the weapons cache and as soon as you turned to leave, you find yourself surrounded by Drones, Brutes and Jackals.
Tartarus emerges from the fold of Brutes blocking your way and laughs heartily with a resounding snort.

"So. Thinking of betraying the Prophets, are we?" He barks at you. "Well then. How should I deal with this one then, Zealot?" He remarks with sarcasm with a Plasma Rifle to the Hierarch's throat.
"I am not affiliated with him." The Hierarch pleas and you look at Tartarus with a feigned eyebrow raised in confusion.
"What does this have to do with me?" You question.
"Don't play dumb with me. The Prophets saw you scouring around this area. We've kept tabs on these Heretics for a while now. We only waited to strike and hopefully lure out any potential traitors to cull the weak minded from the strong. Looks like you fit the bill."

Stunned, you stand there, motionless and staring at the Hierarch.
"He..." The Hierarch starts as the Plasma Rifle is pulled against him harder, choking him.
"He is... not worth dying for." Tartarus grunts and 2 Brutes alongside him pummel the Hierarch to death before you.
"You see..." Tartarus starts. "There's one thing that the Prophets don't like and that's being betrayed. Do you know what happens to traitors, Zealot? To Heretics?"
You look to the floor and smiled. "I don't know..." you begin. "You tell me!" You dive behind a pillar and shoot drones down from the sky and a few Brutes around Tartarus.

"Don't let him get away!" Tartarus proclaims. "The Prophets want him alive!"
Another level with a gun fight ensues and you are worn down to a few troops left which flee in their ships.
"Cowards..." Sese mumbles under his breath.
"They had no choice." You retort. Tartarus grabs a Brute Shot and blows Sese's chest open, instantly killing him.
"N-No..." You fall to your knees. "NO... NOOOO!" You grip your gun tighter than ever and execute more brutes with headshots and others come alongside you and bind you to your spot.
"Soon, we will take over your pathetic society. We will take your leadership, your positions and your overall role in the Covenant. The Great Journey itself will be ours to walk and not you. First, however, loose ends must be tied up... Starting with you." He swings and kills you with his Gravity Hammer, therefore ending the campaign. Lucky for you, a small squad of Heretics report to Sesa 'Refumee of the news and the ambush and they soon move to that structure found in Halo 2 and that's where it ends.
Phew, cleaned this up a bit and unfortunately having to retype this about 5 times because the browser decides not to post it due to errors from the site and being left on this page for too long. Anyway, hope yall enjoyed and again, feel free to use as long as credit's given. :)
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Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Custom Campaign Ideas Jan 29, 2017 07:22 AM (Total replies: 20)

You can always add extra tidbits on concepts like that you know. What if that Pelican never crashed? What if the pilot survived and tried to contact the Chief but blew up along with Halo? So many different ways you can finish or elaborate on a story like that. Maybe she battles the Covenant. Maybe she sees the Prometheans even before we did!

Anyway, another Custom Campaign Idea being thrown your way. Feel free to take it as long as credit is given.

The Flood: Neverending Cycle
Play as a Flood Infection Form (or a squad of Infection Forms, a battalion of them if you will. A swarm.) You are released from isolation from a different planet by the Covenant yet again (this would be around the time that the Covenant would be releasing the Flood on Installation 04 as well. they were doing multiple locations at the same time with the same amount of information... in other words, none.) They slowly take over the Covenant crew,
widdling down your forces of Carriers and old Human Flood forms. You anger the Golden Elite in charge enough to him bursting his own ship's door down and screaming "I won't let you take my ship, fiends! I will kill you or die killing you! EITHER WAY YOU'LL LOSE!"
Orders from a Gravemind whisper in your ear. "Show our food to never play with the Predator... it will always be our Prey!" After a hard and intense battle, you overload the ship's 2nd engine and knock the Golden Elite unconscious. This allows you to infect him.

Upon finding many of the Covenant's ship drop off points, you swarm and infect them, leading a moderate sized army filled to the brim with many Covenant dropships and even a small contingent of human technology. But it's not enough. That same Gravemind (for the sake of the explanation, we'll call him Gravemind B) has received a distant transmission from a military official. "Captain Keyes". Requesting assistance on an installlation of some sort. A Halo. Something that Gravemind B has been searching for. Your very own ring.

You scan for the Pillar of Autumn's ship and see that it has crashed and is already being invaded by Flood forces. You link up and communicate with them and they join your forces, sending coordinates, enemy positions, data and even the Engine Core location, which, according to Captain Keyes' memory, could overload and blow up the Halo. "Good riddance!" you thought to yourself. "Never speak out of line!" Gravemind B invades your mind with ferocity. "You seek to destroy our food?! How will we be sustained? We will starve! Get on that ring, take over that Human ship! We need that technology!"

And so, begrudgingly, you swarm the ship only to find out that... Spartan is there. What they call "Master Chief". It has an AI with it. Maybe with that Spartan on your side you could find a way to not only properly control that ship but infect whole planets with ease.
But alas, your forces are pushed back by 343 Guilty Spark. A now aggrivating thorn in your side. After an intense battle, the ring is blown up. You use a Pelican found on the Pillar of Autumn to escape and relay the information as soon as possible, out of sight of the Master Chief. As disappointed as the Gravemind B is for your failure, he soon sees an advantage.
A Covenant ship through comms has been boasting about finding a Planet called "Earth". Rich with human technology and a huge populace. You can't pass it up so you gather enough mass to form another Gravemind (The Gravemind now known in the canon that I will call Gravemind A) as Gravemind B can no longer reach that far and is slowly dying. Gravemind A then takes over and absorbs all the knowledge you accumulated and you soon discover a small containment facility where your brethren reside. You also see 2 Covenant factions battling each other. You hope that in time, they will release you again, like they did on that ring. But this time, there'd be no survivors. You send a small contingent of Flood spores through this odd structure that these "Heretics" seem to be bound on. The Covenant faction of Spec Ops that battle them then, unwillingly and unknowingly, release the Flood, hoping to track and kill the Heretics when they went underground. Unfortunately, this now links you to the isolated population of Flood. You lead them out and decimate the Elite forces from both sides but one of their commanders escapes. One they call "Arbiter". A Special Ops elite squad is sent in for cleanup and data retrieval. 4 of them are swarmed and only 2 remained. One Grunt tries to escape for help and then dies due to a poor decision in choosing its exit. The now left alone Spec Ops Elite is infuriated. it drives itself into a frenzy, forcing you to dispatch another swarm of Flood. Your forces are sent in with your swarm of Infection Forms at the tail of the group. You slowly exhaust the elite and corner him. The order is given from Gravemind A and you take over that Spec Ops Elite's body. A squad filled with Elites and now Brutes are amongst them. They decimate your forces, but not touching any Flood corpses. Gravemind A comes up with the plan of hiding in one of the corpses' chest, making you undetectable. the two Brutes walk past the Elite corpse you inhabit and assume it dead. After the coast is clear you ten burrow out of the chest and scurry out up the walls and up to the surface. You overwhelm both Brutes by surprise and seperate an Elite and Brute from another Elite and Brute. The first team of two, were bickering amongst themselves. You then find out through the newly assimilated Brute that the Elites and Brutes do not get along well and so you use that moment to surprise them. The second team of the Elite and Brute duo then agree to split up so as to cover more ground. As little faith as the Brute has in the Elite's job, he thinks that if the Elite does end up doing his job for him, then he will just take credit.
This proves to be futile as the surface is overwhelmed with Flood and your squad of Humans and Covenant flood overwhelm the Brute. The last Elite is left and making sure he cannot call reinforcements, you cut off all power and slowly close in on all doors to where the Elite waits. You burst the door open to find it to be another Golden Elite. Like one you previously encountered. With the new knowledge of the other Golden Elite that you assimilated, you outmaneuver the Elite, overwhelming 3 out of 4 doorways. A long chase begins where he seeks to escape in one of the left behind Heretic Banshees. You cut off the wings of the Banshee that he leaps into and he barely gets off the ground, causing it to explode and knocking him into the wall with his back facing it. He then awakens to see your Flood Infection Form jumping down his throat and at last, assimilating him. You take over the Dropships that the Covenant brought and regroup your forces in space. You then to that famed Planet "Earth."

Okay, it was long, I know, but hot damn! Think of the potential! Perhaps using a UI like the "Forgotten Exile" campaign except showing your health as a bar with 5 sections cut into it. If both your arms are blown off then you have an option to blow up the current Combat form that you are using to escape. As an Infection Form, you'd have one shot before you die. Maybe in terms of mechanics that'd be a bit difficult but if you join your Infection form up with a swarm of other Infection Forms, you all act as one single unit, boosting your health up to 5 times the amount you had before until you take over another body. Once your last Infection Form dies, it's game over. Once you die from being in a Combat Form then exiting it then being shot or blown up, it's game over. Just some ideas.

I know it sounds weird and complicated in terms of mechanics and gameplay but as I said, I aint an expert in execution of gameplay and level structure and ideas, but I can tell you on how the story can play out. Basically this will be one of those stories that plays along in the background of the canon.
I do have another story if it is wanted. Tell me what you guys think.

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Custom Campaign Ideas Jan 26, 2017 07:46 PM (Total replies: 20)

Oh well in terms of canonical stuff or not, that's up to you. I don't mind following the lore to the latter, but I also don't mind spinning off to create an alternate scenario. Any of these, I think would make some really neat map/campaign creations.

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo Custom Campaign Ideas Jan 26, 2017 08:07 AM (Total replies: 20)

Greetings to all.
It's been.... many months since returning to this forum and I am grinning with pride to see this game still going.

Anyway, As I have little to no patience and/or little to no skill as to how to actually mod maps/add ai/create custom maps/create custom campaign maps/create ai and so on, I thought I would contribute to the community the only way I know how... By chucking 'round some ideas that you guys can take and use for your own maps. I am deeply passionate about this game in terms of ideas/alternate scenarios to existing Halo content/Map layouts etc.

A few ideas I want to give, free of charge, the rest, if you want, I can just pm you appropriate suggestions and/or layouts to help. I know that I have no experience in the field so why should I bother, right? Because, like you, I wish to see the community keep thriving and creating as a whole. I keep coming back to these forums for a reason and I think I finally figured out why.

Here are some examples off the top of my head that you may feel free to take/profit off of/make history with. Some of them might sound great in theory but terrible in practice in terms of mechanics so I apologize if it simply "cannot work".

Here's one from the list:
Fire Team Charlie
You can star as Wallace Jenkins and follow the story of finding a Covenant weapons cache nearby as your team has been non stop fighting the Covenant and you want to disarm them. You find a ship or a station that contains the schematics for what the Covenant call an "Unknown Forerunner Facility containing a Holy relic".
One thing that stuck out to you was the "Holy Relic". You think it best to seek out the Holy Relic and take it for the UNSC or destroy it.

You then go through a more extensive fight and/or build up or exploration of what happened in Jenkins' recorder chip, up to where you are infected and start the final level. Your escape.
You run out to see a group of Marines and a Spartan on a pillar seemingly disappearing with "343 Guilty Spark". You jump after the Spartan just as it disappears. You are then instructed to massacre all the Marines left behind and there ends the level. You go and find Master Chief and get deployed to where Chief is and the campaign would end there.
This is just one of several I have in mind. How they are executed mechanically is up to you. How you want the story to go? I can help with that.

Have a good day, people. I'll be here tomorrow and as much as I can this week and hopefully the next.
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Excellent, Tnnaas! I'll check it out!

So it looks like only RTS games are the only ones doing this at the moment.

By multiple factions I'm talking about games that feature ai battles kind of like Halo when the Covenant vs The Flood even though they are also after you.

Games like:

Aliens vs Predators (Xenomorphs, Yautja and Humans)

Crysis (US Army Delta Force, Korean People's Army and the Ceph) (Not sure if the ai of the KPA and the Ceph actually fight each other though. I wanna make AI versus from different games too as well as Halo).

Crysis 2 (USA Delta Force, C.E.L.L and Ceph)

So basically, games like that. I tried Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 and I thought the Separatists were their own faction and you could have Rebels, Empire and Separatists but the Separatists were with the Empire :(.

So yeah if any of you could suggest games like what I mentioned above in that style (Please no RTS's) then I would be greatful).
Edited by Tenebre on Jul 11, 2016 at 11:36 PM

So many suggestions! Thanks guys.

But I will remind you... not looking for an RTS at the moment. Thank you :)

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo 2 textures to Halo CE Jun 23, 2016 02:18 AM (Total replies: 13)


Halo CE General Discussion » Modern Halo UI.map [WIP] Jun 23, 2016 02:08 AM (Total replies: 110)

If this IS still alive, you need to put up new images. No one can see what it looks like.

Hey guys,

You know how there are games like good ole Halo that have factions that not only you fight but they fight each other? Well I've been obsessed with Halo so much that I've kinda forgotten the other games that would work the same way in terms of having multiple sides.
By this, I mean where you stay as one character or just 1 other (like the Arbiter) (Not like an RTS where you can play all the factions but can still see fighting of factions between each other) and I just... I seem to struggle to think of any.

Do you guys have any game suggestions that are like that? Very into it at the moment.
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Quote: --- Original message by: Super Flanker
Quote: --- Original message by: tanju77
Quote: --- Original message by: EmmanuelCD
You can have a máximum of 6 factions, using the "unused" fields in the team sectión. But as Flanker said, im not sure if that works in mp maps.
It definitely works, I had tried it. Maybe you can even have a maximum of 8 factions.

Imgs speak louder than txt.

True point but in looking to sapien it looks like there is a slot for:

Red Team
Blue Team

Those 4 unused slots you can create into more teams apparently which I didn't know but now I do so it seems like it CAN happen. Whether the map, software or hardware can handle it, that's a different story obviously. I appreciate the discussion and thank you all for your input :D.

Halo CE General Discussion » [REQUEST] An AI Battle that never came up Jun 14, 2016 07:51 AM (Total replies: 9)

Ah finally get a minute to relax and...
Tenebar? Good lord, it's Tenebre xD nah I kid.

I should have mentioned it at first but I was a bit shy to say it...
My plan initially is to have all possible combinations of ai battle (fair or not) and just have it uploaded for people to enjoy if they wanna see ai battles because I know I enjoy them. This includes ones like:

Humans vs Flood (which I know are scarcely even in the campaign (it only comes up like... once? and even then you have sentinel assistance).

Covenant vs Sentinels (and only once does that come up, when you leave the control room)

I was even planning for:

Humans vs Covenant vs Sentinels
Humans vs Covenant vs Flood

as well as

Humans vs Covenant vs Flood vs Sentinels.

(I have footage for everything else)

I even have plans for a mini series in the Halo games called FEE (Friendly Enemy Escort) where I see how far I can escort a certain enemy before he runs into another faction army and seeing how many kills he/she can get before he dies. (In this version I have deathless player on because it isn't about me dying in this one)
Alternate of that would be FEEHM (Friendly Enemy Escort Hard Mode) where deathless player is off for me and I see how long I can survive for as well.

The idea of what I had in mind is to have all the flood types included, at least 2 of each to get an idea of how strong they are and stuff like that in the AI Battles.
Now I would also like to add, I have tried adding AI in maps myself but due to time, hardware and software troubles, I cannot do it as the OS I am running at the moment just refuses to open sapien without closing even with all the fixes I've tried so I've had to give up.

What I kinda wished to see (if yall would let me) is I used to have a video up on my channel that was a Brute vs Flood Elite form (I have deleted that since) and that was just my camera pointed at a screen and me in the campaign moving around the battle taking place. Now I have Halo 2 on PC working and recording software but getting battles going for that is gonna be an endeavor in itself, but my main goal right now is to get the Halo 1 content on my channel and give credit where it's due like eyebrow765 said, link people to the download and boom, that's it. Just creating content that I enjoy and hope that others enjoy too.

I'm sorry for being initially dishonest, I do still work and have kids to take care of but I didn't fully explain why I requested these things and I hope yall can forgive me.
I understand if you reject.
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Halo CE General Discussion » [SP]The Flood: Forgotten Exile Jun 12, 2016 01:38 AM (Total replies: 249)

Oooh I like that.

Maybe start as just an average Minor Elite (or so everyone says) or maybe a grizzled war veteran golden elite zealot that gets overwhelmed into the ranks of the Flood and getting used to your "newfound" abilities. Maybe even being so strong willed that the Infection Form can't control him but he willingly takes over the Flood army. Ooh dayam! Too many ideas! HOT DAMN!

Interesting... maybe I'll have to look up some tutorials and slowly but surely look into this.

I would like to ask then if only 3 factions, how come there have been maps called The Great War in which 4 factions verse each other? Is that the maximum?

Halo CE General Discussion » [SP]The Flood: Forgotten Exile Jun 11, 2016 12:16 PM (Total replies: 249)

B-b-but Bloodgulch....

Nah I kid. I do agree definitely. It is a fair bit overused isn't it?

On topic, this one idea alone skyrocketed into popularity on YouTube and got me interested.
(Obviously I'm not saying that I only go for popular stuff but usually when something like this is as popular as it is, it obviously means it has interest and quality control of some kind to which I respect and want to involve myself into in some way)

I thought another idea would be to have some sort of evolution process like the Alien did in the AVP2 game.

Start off as a Flood spore, infiltrate a Covenant ship's ventilation system after they had just recently crashed. Floating gently into an Elite's lungs, which you become in the campaign!
Start off as a Flood Infection Form where a Flood Containment facility just had its electricity EMP'ed out by the Humans in order to draw out the Covenant from its assumed "weapons cache", they release the Flood unintentionally upon the Covenant and themselves, on either a separate installation that hasn't been covered in the game yet or even on the other side of the current 04 Halo ring that the main campaign took place in. Maybe even casually get bits of information that you could send to the Flood on the other side of the ring since it would take too long to travel there on foot type deal. (Obviously an extensive idea in itself but with a few cinematics, voice acting and scripting, it's amazing what you can achieve!)(Maybe YOU become the Gravemind in Halo 2? Way too broad I know but hot damn that would be awesome!)

I hope this becomes active again. It's an amazing idea. I love it. If this topic isn't meant to be posted into then I apologize and accept any punishment dealt.

Greetings and salutations good people of Haloland... Ha-halond... Ha-haland... Halol... Haloland!

I was thinking during my break at work of a possible clash of insanity...

Like Warhammer, there are a lot of sides within Halo in terms of who people wanna be with.
Now as far as I know, there are:

UNSC (Crewmen, Marines, Humans, w/e)

Swords of Sanghelios (Before they meet and ally with the Humans obviously, therefore being on their own)

Covenant Empire (At the time of Halo 2/3 being Brutes, Jackals, Drones, Grunts, Hunters)

The Flood (From Halo 3 basically like the Pure forms, Flood Combat Forms, Infection Forms and Carrier Forms)

The Forerunners/Forerunner ecumene (This includes Sentinels, Prometheans and what we know of so far in the Forerunner "army")(Maybe even the "Heretics" faction? or you could play off the fact that the "Heretics" still wanted to defend themselves despite 343 guilty spark telling them the purpose of the Ark and the Rings)

The Heretics (See above brackets)

The Triad (Armed and fashioning different human weapons themselves)

The UEF (One of the other armed rebel influential armies that contain humans, the first being the Triad)

So before I go way overboard in terms of what factions could go at it in a brawl, I wonder...
If there ever were a setup where these 8 factions collided in a massive brawl over Ice Fields or Blood Gulch or something, is there a way to have these 8 sides clash in the middle without allying with each other?
Like is there a way in the HEK or the Halo map maker of your choice to even create 8 seperate factions that all act in hostility to each other?

Thanks for reading!
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Halo CE General Discussion » [REQUEST] An AI Battle that never came up Jun 8, 2016 02:20 AM (Total replies: 9)

Hello everyone,
Got 5 minutes to squeeze in and have a look.

Holy mac you guys are extremely kind, awesome and/or friendly! I appreciate the many replies! Thank you so much!
If you could do a crewmen vs flood map or even a Marines + Crewmen vs flood map, that would be awesome, nullen!
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