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Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Topic finding Apr 5, 2010 05:32 AM (Total replies: 2)

try http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=30928

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Quick Question on Collision Apr 2, 2010 04:17 AM (Total replies: 2)

I have not done this with vehicles but it should work! You can make a model this is roughly the same shape as your model and use that as the collisaion BUT you have to have all the same markers ect.

try this script

(script dormant legendarywave
(if (= (game_difficulty_get_real) impossible)
(object_create_anew yghost1)
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 driver (ai_actors wave5/driver1))
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 passenger (ai_actors wave5/pas1))
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 passenger1 (ai_actors wave5/pas2))
(object_create_anew yghost2)
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 driver (ai_actors wave5/driver2))
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 passenger (ai_actors wave5/pas3))
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 passenger1 (ai_actors wave5/pas4))
(object_create_anew yghost3)
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 driver (ai_actors wave5/driver3))
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 passenger (ai_actors wave5/pas5))
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 passenger1 (ai_actors wave5/pas6))
(object_create_anew yghost4)
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 driver (ai_actors wave5/driver4))
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 passenger (ai_actors wave5/pas7))
(vehicle_load_magic ghost1 passenger1 (ai_actors wave5/pas8))

It should work

Edit just seen that you are loading all of the actors into the same ghost chang the script to put them in the correct ghosts

Edited by killer kiwi on Mar 22, 2010 at 04:40 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » I was bored... Mar 9, 2010 01:25 AM (Total replies: 34)

maybe you will but it will only be in blood gulch.
If she has a freind send her to me in coldsnap lol

ok I have had a similer problume and the way I fixed it was to get a new seto of scorpain tags and replace the ones in my tag directory hex+ has a problume with extracting the scorpain.

The way to find out if this is the problune is to open the sceniro in gurriler scroll down to the vehicles pallet and delete all of them using delete all the the same with the vehicles placed in the map.

try to open it in sapain.

if this dosnt work keep on deleting stuff till it works or all you have is a sinerio with a bsp and then well $%^& dont know.

Halo CE General Discussion » [WIP] ATV Arena Jan 30, 2010 12:48 AM (Total replies: 79)

Quote: --- Original message by: Dennis
Quote: --- Original message by: Vastanus neshtrog
Yah, but in games such as race, that would mean spawning in spawn tunnels without vehicles. This ensures people and vehicles are all spawned together.
It has been a while but I am pretty sure you can set different spawn points for different game types.

Yse you can dennis but with the way we wont this to work i fell the best way to go is to script it so the player can but spawned in a tunnel with a vehicle there. I could be worns but it would also have the same prob with all the other types of game with the randon way you get spawned.

It is also a way to try and stop spawn killing and with the scripts and the barriers should stop it happing.

Note just hit 70 hours at work thiis week and still got one day to go. Im to old for this !@#$

If you try to load a map in say ctf and it is not set up for ctf it will crash Try it in slayer.

Try to open the map in sapain and see if it will load the map up to see if there is a bad tag but if you are getting a clean build dont think this is the prob. I it also crashes post the last part of the debug.txt file here please.

Halo CE General Discussion » [WIP] ATV Arena Jan 27, 2010 01:58 PM (Total replies: 79)

Quote: --- Original message by: Prod1gyXtr3m

just been reading through some more of the replys and from the pics (beta dosnt seem to work on my computer) it seems like an alright map i mean yes more detail in the terain and stuff but it looks fine to me and what is wrong with it looking sorta like beaver creak?

oh and this is the sort of turret i reckon would be awesome underneath a platfrom


Edited by Prod1gyXtr3m on Jan 26, 2010 at 07:53 PM

I like the idea but dont think it will go to well in this version only because of the size of the map. But will look into it.

This is the ball turret from a b52 bomber in the second world war but in stead of having glass protecting the player I would have a type of sheild which would be destroyed after a certian amout of shots just to keep it in thwe same time frame. Also I think it was a 50 cal "think coldsnap sniper" which could be to powerfull for this type of map so would only make it the strenth of normal sniper.

It may make it into this verion but if it dosent will be in version two.

You said it wouldent run on your computer what is it doing so i can fix it. If you are stuck in a box with a light above you and a teleporter on one wall it is a problume with a script that i am using to get the players into the spawn tunnels. It also seems to heve trouble working on decated surver and you trye to join the game on the same computer.

This is why I put this one up to be tested so we could find these bugs a get them sorted out.

Halo CE General Discussion » [WIP] ATV Arena Jan 26, 2010 07:11 AM (Total replies: 79)

*post deleted by admin for rules violation

Bypassed profanity filter
Edited by Dennis on Jan 26, 2010 at 04:07 PM

Quote: --- Original message by: chrisk123999
Your scenario is referencing the same BSP twice. Open it up in guerilla and scroll down to the bottom and remove one of the references.

If it was that simple it would not of posted here but thanks anyway. It would happen every time I did a build and the I would have to run lightmaps after I hade taken out the second bsp.

I have got it fixed and the problume was withthe name of the jsm file I had it Using this file name Atv_arean_bate_1.jms But if I change the captial A to lowercase it works as it should. Just another case of tool being retared:(

Quote: --- Original message by: deslakle
Did you try running it in Sapien?

Yes and it just crashes it with the same problume

01.23.10 14:55:31 a hobo pc ----------------------------------------------
01.23.10 14:55:31 reference function: _write_to_error_file
01.23.10 14:55:31 reference address: 401b13
01.23.10 14:55:31 Couldn't read map file './a_hobobeta.map'
01.23.10 14:55:32 CreateDevice succeeded with refresh rate = 0
01.23.10 14:55:34 Sound card doesn't meet minimum hardware requirements. Disabling hardware option.
01.23.10 14:55:35 Increasing sound decompression buffer size to 1048576 bytes
01.23.10 14:55:36 the scenario 'levels\atv_arena_beta_1\atv_arena_beta_1' refers to the structure bsp 'levels\atv_arena_beta_1\atv_arena_beta_1' twice
01.23.10 14:55:37 WARNING: 1 clusters in structure_bsp levels\atv_arena_beta_1\atv_arena_beta_1 have no background sound or sound environment.
01.23.10 14:55:37 main_new_map() failed.

But if i just delet 1 of them its fine?

OK the problume that i have is that when i run structure on my map I get a error message when i run light maps saying there are two bsps the same.

tool.exe structure levels\Atv_arena_beta_1 Atv_arena_beta_1
01.23.10 07:45:01 tool pc ----------------------------------------------
01.23.10 07:45:01 reference function: _write_to_error_file
01.23.10 07:45:01 reference address: 42ca20
01.23.10 07:45:01 Couldn't read map file './toolbeta.map'

tool.exe lightmaps levels\Atv_arena_beta_1\Atv_arena_beta_1 Atv_arena_beta_1 0 0.8
01.23.10 07:47:09 tool pc ----------------------------------------------
01.23.10 07:47:09 reference function: _write_to_error_file
01.23.10 07:47:09 reference address: 42ca20
01.23.10 07:47:09 Couldn't read map file './toolbeta.map'
01.23.10 07:47:09 i'm going to render debug lightmaps for Atv_arena_beta_1 of levels\Atv_arena_beta_1\Atv_arena_beta_1, and i'll stop when red+blue+green = 0.800000.
Hit control-c now if this isn't right.
01.23.10 07:47:29 the scenario 'levels\Atv_arena_beta_1\Atv_arena_beta_1' refers to the structure bsp 'levels\atv_arena_beta_1\atv_arena_beta_1' twice

There is only one jms file in the models directory. But when i go the the bsp section of the sceniro file there is two the same.

I caan just delete one of them and carry on but any ideas what can cause this I havent seen before.

The sceniro file has the two of the bsps before i run lightmaps so could this be cause by the file name?

Cheers for any help on this

Halo CE General Discussion » [WIP] ATV Arena Jan 18, 2010 10:19 PM (Total replies: 79)

Quote: --- Original message by: Gamma927
Isn't a "prebeta" just an "alpha"? Or is there a certain reason for using "prebeta"?

You are correct alpha is a more correct turm for the map as it stands

The main reason we have put this out now is to test the concept and to see if the map is the correct size and layout and is also evenly ballenced for each side. Why spend lots of time on making a very good model to scrap it the next day!!!

The other reasion is to test a few scripts that are in there when you more than two players because I have scripted the way the players get spawned so thay will always have a atv if one is in the tunnels and if not you can wait or go though a teleport to a random spawn point on the map. This is working but has a few wee bugs in it which i need to test with a few players.

the map as it stands is working and is better than many of the maps that have been put on halomaps but it is no where near being complete!

Known bugs
1. The model is crap
2. If you reset the surver there are no vehicles. "Working on getting fixed know what the prob is just need to work out how to fix it"
3. weapon spawn points need fixed.

As for the comments feedback is good even if it is bad but when you get feed back that sounds like a 2 year old having a paddy i dont even listen. So give us feeback please but not from a 2 year old.

And to the 2 year olds out there make a map in three weeks with also making all of the scripts with the two of us on different sides of the planet and see what you get

Halo CE General Discussion » [WIP] ATV Arena Jan 17, 2010 02:36 PM (Total replies: 79)

I know the model needs work a bit more tweeking but as this is only a release to see if the concept and layout works why spend the time doing it to a high standard. As for the bitmaps yes thay are just put on for the same reason and when we get the final layout correct and size maybe. Then I will make the bitmaps for the ground so the path and terrain blend in.

Now as for using just one texture for the ground that wont work as there is two areas where you have to have 2 different colours in the same area and i know how i will do this part anyway.
Edited by killer kiwi on Jan 17, 2010 at 02:55 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » [WIP] ATV Arena Jan 17, 2010 04:40 AM (Total replies: 79)

Quote: --- Original message by: PX173
If you're going CE classic, please tweak the AR's accuracy, it just isn't fit for a rifle. And please tweak the pistol so that it kills in five shots, not one. I can see you're adding variety to the tagset. That's something the original CE lacked, when compared to the other games.

Just in case you don't know how to do the stuff in the misc part(which I'm pretty sure you know how to do 75% of it, else you would've already finished it):
-change the vehicle mass in the physics
-question: when the vehicle takes damage, does it decrease your shields(the atv's invincible), count as one step towards doom(the atv's vulnerable), or both(H3 style)? Either way, you could just change the hitpoints in the collision model, although I'm 75% sure you'll have to edit the damage_effect tags. It's in your weapons, of course.
-I dunno. I don't even know if it's possible with the physics engine.
-Pretty much just a unicode_string_list(or something).

This version is just to test game play fairness on both sides and all the scripts work and to find the bugs in my modling skills"LOL". As for the upgrades to the weapons we plan to get this done by the next relese and will also work will be done on the mongoose.

Note: We have got this far in about 4 weeks and this is because of the help that has been given at the fourms and i will make a list of all the poeple that have helped us with this as I beleave in giving gredit where it and when it is dew.
Edited by killer kiwi on Jan 17, 2010 at 04:53 AM

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » help with weapon tags Jan 16, 2010 10:52 PM (Total replies: 5)

Sweet got it working thanks all

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » help with weapon tags Jan 16, 2010 06:18 PM (Total replies: 5)

just to stop them being able to pick it up

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » help with weapon tags Jan 16, 2010 05:05 PM (Total replies: 5)

Is there a way to stop players from getting the "Press E to pickup weapon" message and stop them from being able to pick it up without scripting.

Any help would be cool

Thanks for that. I will give it a try and will add you to xfire bit tired at mo so will be tommororand give you the full run down on the prob i have have never come across it befor
Edited by killer kiwi on Jan 12, 2010 at 09:24 PM

What i am trying to do is use a biped top test to see if you are the surver or not. I need this to spawn vehicles for all game types including race so i cant just use the version that I made for easy halo scripter v2 as race dosent spawn the check vehicle. So I then tryed to use a biped.

I just cant seem to get it to work!

What i have tryed is to test is

1 to see if the biped is alive. "no joy"
2 to see if the biped is there at all. "no joy"

Any help or just point me in the correct way would be cool and will give credit for the help

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