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Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Snow Effects Feb 15, 2011 09:44 PM (Total replies: 7)

Map Hierarchy:


The map BSP references the shader files, and the shader files reference the bitmaps. If you want to use snow textures for the map, make sure the map is set to use shaders the specify snow textures.

Halo CE General Discussion » the flood Oct 15, 2010 02:04 AM (Total replies: 139)

Yeah, I mean I was like what, a high school freshman when I posted in this? Now I'm a senior, thats a long time for a bump.
Edited by MechWarrior001 on Oct 15, 2010 at 02:05 AM

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » High Quality 3D Textures Sep 28, 2010 09:07 PM (Total replies: 6)

I tried that but when I set it to 3D texture tool gave me a error about it not having a valid plate. Know any others?

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » High Quality 3D Textures Sep 27, 2010 11:36 PM (Total replies: 6)

Thanks for the link Dennis, but that doesn't have what I want. I did try searching earlier, but that turned up empty as well.

And Maniac1000, I'm trying to find a set of 3D textures that are higher resolution than the default ones, which are approx. 32x32. I'm looking for higher resolution ones so the plasma shader might be revamped a bit, since it's looking kinda dated. And possibly having two different textures from the primary and secondary noise stages, so it can produce a somewhat more stylized, vivid and lively effect than the default textures provide.

On that note, what do the exponents for offset and intensity do? Like, how do they effect the way the shader_transparent_plasma is rendered?

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » High Quality 3D Textures Sep 27, 2010 09:56 PM (Total replies: 6)

Does anyone know of some higher resolution 3D textures? The regular plasma shield noise bitmaps are kinda low quality (Like what, 32x32?) and I'm looking for something of nicer quality.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Biped Vitality Functions Jul 25, 2010 07:08 PM (Total replies: 2)

No, actually, I was referring to this:

Edited by MechWarrior001 on Jul 25, 2010 at 07:09 PM

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Biped Vitality Functions Jul 25, 2010 06:29 PM (Total replies: 2)

Does anyone know the difference between the regular shield vitality & umbrella shield vitality functions for bipeds?

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Graphics Problems Jun 18, 2010 03:43 AM (Total replies: 3)

What he means is that your card maybe physically outdated for Halo. What card are you using? Nvidia Geforce or Ati Radeon? Or do you have a basic, integrated graphical chipset? (Intel)

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Having ai's follow player Feb 15, 2010 06:23 PM (Total replies: 14)

To ensure that AI follow the command lists you have to set their initiative to disable. I usually put it at the top of the list to guarantee it will have a effect.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Indecipherable Error from Sapien Feb 7, 2010 07:05 PM (Total replies: 11)

You either tried to manually set your inertial matrix block values or your center of mass/gravity values in the physics tag. Those values & the xx/zz/yy moment values are calculated automatically after you give the physics tag mass points. They will cause errors if you try to input them manually. Also, about the powered mass point error, is it possible you have too many flags checked at once? I use 3 most of the time, usually only the ground/water/air friction flags.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » halo ce biped question. Feb 7, 2010 06:57 PM (Total replies: 2)

Simply modify the AI's .actor and .actor_variant parameters for the Jackals' to to be more like the Jackals' behavior from Halo3.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Making Glass Jan 10, 2010 12:31 AM (Total replies: 6)

If your desperate you can get away with creating a .shader_transparent_glass tag and assigning nothing but a reflection cube map to it. You can even set it to be a dynamic mirror, but you might have to render higher quality lightmaps to see any mirror effects.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » SAPIEN PROBLEMS Dec 20, 2009 12:32 AM (Total replies: 20)

all tags need to be in the tags subdirectory of the HCE root folder. (usually ...\...\Halo Custom Edition\tags) or Guerilla & Sapien will not see them as tags. Your trying to open a scenario tag outside of the tags directory so sapien thinks it's not a scenario tag.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » I have some questions... Dec 19, 2009 04:09 PM (Total replies: 7)

What do you mean? A common method for cinematic events would be to use two bipeds and script one to shoot the other, if that's what your referring to.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Odd ai problem... Dec 19, 2009 04:06 PM (Total replies: 12)

In multiplayer:

0 - Red Team
1 - Blue Team

In Singleplayer:
0 - Unit Defined (drop-down menu labeled "default team" under the $$$UNIT$$$ section)
1 - Player
2 - Human
3 - Covenant
4 - Flood
5 - Sentinels
6-9 - Unused (Presumably usable, just does not have a official name)

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Makin' a Mine Jun 9, 2009 12:17 AM (Total replies: 11)

Quote: --- Original message by: Advancebo

if you read, it was made by Choking Victim. And if he made it, he would know how to do the lens flare.

Anyways, you can attach a lens flare tag to a marker in the tags.

And Sabre, projectiles dont have collision geometry.
Edited by Advancebo on Jun 8, 2009 at 07:02 PM

Projectiles can have Collision-Geometry, you just need to specify the collision tag in the projectile flag. The field should be right under the gbxmodel field, or under the animation field.

Just in case your wondering, projectiles can use a physics tag too. You just have to make it right otherwise it can result in some unique but unwanted effects. To have Tool make it for you, type
tool physics [.jms file directory of the model you want to use]
Just make sure you put the file you used for Collision-Geometry in a folder called physics, the collision-geometry command looks in this folder aswell.
Edited by MechWarrior001 on Jun 9, 2009 at 12:19 AM

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Commands vs. Scripts Mar 22, 2009 12:02 AM (Total replies: 35)

You could also change some of the cubemaps and reflection properties used by the models & shaders to match the environment. For example:


Reflection cube map: a50\bitmaps\reflection_desert_night

Perpindicular Color- R: 0.160784 G: 0.121569 B: 0.0862745

Parallel Color- R: 0.34902 G: 0.278431 B: 0.215686

This is just a example, but it can help to add to the map's theme. I'd definitely use it for the visor shader (visor.shader_model), since it's glass and (supposedly) reflects its surroundings, not just look yellowish-golden all the time.

Sandtrap had a good sand texture though. they used 2 detail maps, and a micro detail map, and I think lightmap was used for specular mask, not sure.
Edited by MechWarrior001 on Mar 22, 2009 at 12:15 AM

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Commands vs. Scripts Mar 20, 2009 10:24 PM (Total replies: 35)

At the beginning of the Command list, add 'Set initiative: Disable", That will make them cooperate more, since they won't choose to disobey the CMD List after that's disabled.

After that, you can set a radius. After that, just add a vehicle command. Tell them to get in any seat and set their spawn points to use that CMD List. The "any seat" modifier will let them get in another seat in case the cockpit is occupied.

Also, there is a radius field in the vehicle command. Use it as a modifier for how close to the vehicle's they have to be before they can get in.
Edited by MechWarrior001 on Mar 20, 2009 at 10:30 PM

For those who want details, lots and lots of details:

Most shaders (_environment and _model for example) support the use of detail maps, which are just regular bitmaps that the shader applies on top of the diffuse layer, giving the impression of sand, dirt, snow, and etc.


Base map (the diffuse map, or bottom layer)
Primary detail map (2nd bottommost layer)
Secondary detail map (topmost layer)
Micro detail map (a extra layer, for use when you want very small details)

detail map function & micro detail map function (not sure how these 3 effect the shader)

-double/biased multiply


-double/biased add


-rescale detail maps (Likely scales detail maps to base map UVW coordinates

-rescale bump map (Not entirely sure, but I am assuming it auto-scales the bump map for something)

material color field (modulates incoming diffuse light, including lightmaps, but excluding self-illumination and specular effects)

- Use the color picker on the right to select the desired color (black button on default)


-simple parameterization (lightmap texture parameterization should correspond to diffuse texture parameterization)

-ignore normals (light independent of normals [trees])

-transparent lit (no description, I do not know how it effects radiosity)

Detail Level (effects lightmap detail for this shader. Lower levels result in lower quality lightmaps)

-high (highest quality, most particle "bouncing")

-medium (second highest quality)

-low (lowest quality)

-turd (horrible quality, only use on textures that are very "rare", or, going to be seen the least in the entire level.)

Power (power of emitted light from 0 to infinity)

color of emitted light (Tells the shader to color/tint the surrounding area a specified color, range/intensity effected by power)

tint color (light passing through this surface [if it's transparent] will be tinted this color)

Specular Properties (controls dynamic specular highlights, highlights are modulated by brightness and blends between perpendicular and parallel color, set brightness to 0 to disable)




-lightmap is specular (Uses lightmap to control specular highlights)

Brightness (tells how bright/intense specular will be)

perpendicular color (highlight color when viewed perpendicularly)

parallel color (highlight color when viewed at a glancing angle)

Reflection Properties


-dynamic mirror (Tells the shader to reflect every thing cast on it back, as seen in b40_ctrlmirror.shader_environment)

type (Tells shader to either use bump map to effect reflection cube map, leave cube map alone, or somehow "bump" the radiosity)

lightmap brightness scale (reflection brightness when lightmap brightness is 1)

perpendicular brightness (brightness when viewed perpendicularly)

paralled brightness (brightness when viewed at a glancing angle)

reflection cube map (Tells the engine to use a specified cube map to give the shader a glossy, reflective look)

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Quote: 01.17.09 17:38:32 EXCEPTION halt in .\editor_persist.cpp,#392: pos+buffer_size<=size

Time: Fri July 3, 2020 1:55 PM 438 ms.
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