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Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Dec 28, 2012 09:39 PM (Total replies: 1627)

you had mentioned before that inside red bases addendum that was a "useless" portion (i'm guessing an area opposite the windows in your last addendum pic) that you had also mentioned had a few teleporters on it. If that's correct then leaving that area relatively featureless would make it an excellent landing area... Do correct me if i misread something or misinterpretted your pictures.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Dec 26, 2012 08:04 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Quote: --- Original message by: CAG Gonzo
Quote: --- Original message by: callum12341
Yeh but in the last few pages there's been some solid work done and quick replies from the author, so looks like it's getting back into gear hopefully.

Yes. My last final is this Monday then I go on a month long break where I'll have ample time to make some more progress. Lately I've been able to get some work done not only because of recent inspirations and the insatiable desire to model Forerunner tech, but also because my academic load has declined lately given that the semester doth draw to a close.

It's tempting to continue work on the aircraft, but I'm going back to Requiem. Red side is soooo close to completion I can almost taste it.

just wanted to say: "its alive!!!!"

Just caught up on progress and red base looks a bit like a design i drew up a while back for another project. Obviously the design is awesome; you said something about having a free floating half of the red addendum that may be useless? Might i suggest doing something similar to someones suggestion earlier and leaving that open enough for a pelican to land on and have connecting teleporters to the main addendum?

As for the aircraft... i sense a disturbance in the force and its not the rocket fuel i just chugged. Halo aircraft all have one thing in common that everyone loves to overlook; they are based on forced air systems: pelicans are slow and cumbersome to turn because their weight to propulsion system size doesn't allow for side to side motion like the hornets and wasps, the longsword is slow again because of size and payload capacity and the fact that it has two engines; neither of which has air flow condensors (those little cone shaped things on the rear of most high speed jet engines). Now im a pretty good shot and am really good with nades but if you introduce a too highly maneuverable aircraft in game noobs with be on them like white on rice and ill be forced to use nuclear weapons to deal with them. (on a side note i believe i spotted a link to a halo universe civilian transport that would look very nice crashed somewhere if you dont intend to use something like an albatross for the "left behind" effect)

All in all looks good; tactical advice will be made available once youre done making iron and stone spring forth from the CG ground. XD

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Aug 31, 2012 05:22 PM (Total replies: 1627)

I actually like the beam tower base in revelations myself; i thought that two of those sitting directly across from each other over a canyon connected by a bridge or man canon would be awesome. Just a suggestion.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Aug 8, 2012 12:46 AM (Total replies: 1627)

Quote: --- Original message by: CAG Gonzo

Yes. Those structures. Not the lattice work connecting the individual spires to the central cluster, though. But something more along the lines of red and blue bases' towers.

How do you create blue/red lighting like in the stock maps? Right now, the only lighting in my map is coming from the sky, even though my blue lights shader tag has the same settings as the stock shaders that work in the stock maps.
Edited by CAG Gonzo on Aug 7, 2012 at 10:00 PM

I actually liked the sound of the lattice work (ie bridges) idea; it would serve as a snipers post, relative shelter from ground attack, not completely invulnerable from air attack, and gives a unique feel to it like the hallways in yoyorast island that lead to the flags (i've been sniped, naded, set on fire, and hit by a rocket in those hallways). If you located such a spire near or attatched to the sentinel wall with said walk ways it would make for an intereasting addition to gameplay especially if you had multiple towers with half finished exposed hallways connected only by teleporters. (uber complicated game of race anyone?).

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Aug 6, 2012 09:56 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Quote: --- Original message by: Echo77
Quote: --- Original message by: SilentJacket
the bridge from gephyrophobia would look epic here.

This guy might have a good idea; The bridge from Gephyrophobia might make a decent minimap.

Not a mini map but if there is a chasm in this map the bridge as well as red and blue base can be used provided that you like the bases to tunnels where the teleporters are now. (this could be a lot of fun with some editing like for instance if the bridge was broken on one side or slightly twisted so that if you take the wrong stairs you are either trapped or fall to your doom lol)

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Aug 5, 2012 11:54 PM (Total replies: 1627)

He he ive been waiting for this one...

1- as far as tactical hills are concerned (for combat usage) the best map (or hill) i've found is the one in Blood Gulch seeing as you can very easily hide a tank behind it or whatever other maniacal weapon or device you choose; seeing as its backed by hills cliffs its relatively invulnerable to direct attack from either side and Air craft tend not to be much use because of the required tight turns (i suggest setting up something like this near either one base or the other or if you keep the mini map then place it over looking it but keep it easy access for either team with dual team ports not behind it or directly in front of it but near by; the results are obvious in Blood Gulch multiplayer)
2- as for air cover i'm quite partial to the idea of structures like in infinity but only if you have easy access tunnels beneath them leading to another escape point or to stairs that lead up to the main surface of the platform where an AA gun is waiting. (for the AA gun the covenants AA is far too bulky and makes for an easy target, the shade has the same issue as well, the human "tank turret" in the airstrike series was decent but far to slow in targeting circling vehicles, so i'm thinking something new is in order here perhaps a "forerunner" AA turret that redirects the energy pulses they emit between the spires?)
3- this map being large and slow going due to obvious aerial battles and lengthy tunnels large rocks hiding minor weapons caches (AA fuel rod gun maybe with a long respawn time) are a necessity so scatter them wisely or have a debris field surrounding the crashed ship with large metal sections and weapons strewn about beneathe them works too.
4- you can keep tunnel combat to a minimum by either keeping weapons spawns above ground or keeping only the less than useful weapons below ground surrounded by crappy lighting. This will keep most players above ground seeing as very few will waste time walking around a possible death trap using only their flashlights (kill boxes and holes well hidden in the darkness will assure minimum cowardice in game).
5- i agree with the notion that open plains make for a nice looking map but seeing as this is a map that is located on a well over sized machine that a Halcyon has crash landed into i'd say the more debris and exposed mechanical forerunner components the better (this means that you can leave open "power conduits" mangled in the open which players can easily walk in or fit a hog into with no other purpose than to hide or simply explore. (this solves need for weapons placement as well as gives decent reason to be cheap on your polyes and have cylindrical tunnels everywhere)

Hope this helped. =D

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Mar 10, 2012 09:15 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Quote: --- Original message by: CAG Gonzo

Here are all the errors from the report:

03.10.12 16:00:52 Couldn't read map file './sapienbeta.map'

-I'm assuming this isn't referring to an experimental Dual BSP theory (parent > child) that was discussed earlier in this forum so there could be some name issues in either your object files you've transferred to this project.-

03.10.12 16:00:53 Could not initialize unknown device object 192 instance number 0 - Collection 0 - Game Pad
03.10.12 16:00:53 Could not initialize unknown device object 448 instance number 1 - Collection 1
03.10.12 16:00:53 Could not initialize unknown device object 704 instance number 2 - Collection 2
03.10.12 16:00:53 Could not initialize unknown device object 960 instance number 3 - Collection 3

-Now, i haven't seen the pieces of the map pertaining to devices so idk if these errors are referring to doors (auto doors, blast doors, door switches), effect triggers (sparks, flames, flickering lights, auto lights), or the walls you discussed placing around you mini map for CTF, oddball, king or whatever else you wanted to solely happen in the mini map. the device objects are numbered so it should be fairly simple to locate.-

03.10.12 16:00:53 Sound card doesn't meet minimum hardware requirements. Disabling hardware option.

-This is fairly standard; you upgraded your graphics but forgot to beef up your audio hardware.-

03.10.12 16:01:20 WARNING: 168 clusters in structure_bsp levels\requiem\requiem have no background sound or sound environment.

-This one quite literally translates to BSP has no environment sound (chirping birds, or Campaigns' music)-

03.10.12 16:01:20 local player 0, weapon (0x0), deleted unexpectedly

-I'll be honest; i have no idea what would cause this but the idea of a spawning player biped starting off with no weapon(as the error suggests) is hilarious to me.-

03.10.12 16:01:21 ### ERROR unsupported shader type
03.10.12 16:01:21 ### ERROR rasterizer_transparent_geometry_group_draw failed

-These two translate very simply as your shaders are corrupt meaning, you've either edited them too many times or had their check boxes unchecked when you sent them through tool. If i recall correctly, max and gmax as well as most other editing programs run the same way that Photoshop does with layers; if the layers box for what you want to see isnt checked before you print it, that layer wont show.-

Edited by CAG Gonzo on Mar 10, 2012 at 04:15 PM

I hope this helped.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Mar 10, 2012 03:20 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Yes ladies and gentlemen i am still alive! Now i might be way out of practice in map modelling and such so bear with me here. Is it at all feasible that the reason Gonzo's collision geometry is invisible is because its supposed to be? O.o I mean honestly, when was the last time someone was playing an MP map and ran into the red or blue bubbles that make up the warthog collision geometry?

In all seriousness though Gonzo; just because you don't see it while its going through the loading or editing process doesn't mean that you've failed, it could be: video card rendering issues, program script errors, angle of view giving the illusion of missing faces (had this error before in almost every 3d program i've toyed with; its cause by object faces matching the "flat" background of the viewing screen. Also, there are several maps with portal errors that play beautifully (unless you're a sniper). You just have to test it and seeing as i haven't read any complaints from you saying it cant get through certain aspects of getting it in game i don't see why not.

PS- For anyone reading this and suddenly feeling the impulse that comes right before you flame or disprove someones theory; be aware that i don't frankly care.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Dec 13, 2011 07:05 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Quote: --- Original message by: CAG Gonzo
I will not be including them. My map is already quite large, and the additional tags I have will only add to probable lag, especially for low-end computers. Me, I built my own, so I have no concern. If I don't force VSYNC and 30 FPS, Halo starts doing all sorts of wild things. Mine too. But not everyone has a high-end system, so I must take them into account. From what you've been saying, I'd like to include them to add something new and tactical. I JUST WISH I COULD FREAKING GET PAST THESE PORTALS.

If i'm understanding correctly, portals are the points at which the map renders its parts for the player to "see" more or less its taking the idea of human sight into the game world (you cant see everything perfectly from far away).

So... why not take the portals used in coldsnap and scale them to the size of your map for testing purposes? And while on that note; will you be implementing the same teleporter used for the mythos (the seemingly universal teleporter) in this map?

As for the tactical value involving the smoke grenades; i'm one of those crazy players who tends to empty everything i have in the direction of a smokescreen. Yes its a brilliant idea for CTF on the large scale because some defenders can toss a few down and cover a teleporter escape or just blind the enemy, but at the same time, what happens when youre already surrounded and the other team tosses one down? (my point being, you get blinded, then noobed like no ones business) what works to blind the enemy works perfectly for doing the same thing to you or your team. (my example here being the smoke grenade feature on the Heavy Scorpion in Airstrike; yes it could be used to cover your escape but if anyone is hunting you with a larger reticle than you (ie- the longsword, guass hog, rocket hog, bansee, ghost, sereph, ect) its pretty much pointless unless you are camping or know for sure no one is botting.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Nov 17, 2011 06:49 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Quote: --- Original message by: CAG Gonzo

Describe this golden needler...sounds overpowered if you want a small clip.

Its a modified Needler with golden crystals (as far as appearance). Its unique attributes include a single shard from it detonates exactly like an entire clip of needles from a standard needler would (yes, its overpowered but that was the entire point of it in the map it was put in). It has a 16x zoom capability with no range limit on the crystals themselves (normal needlers have a short range before detonation)which means if you can see it in your reticle, you can hit it. The projectiles are only slightly faster than the ones in normal needlers meaning that you can dodge the shiny things of doom flying at you (just dont stand too close because they seem to detonate like grenades on impact with the terrain). This being a rapid fire weapon, giving it a smaller clip size as well as placing it ridiculously far away from the main action areas of the map will make it fun to play with just not effective if you are trying to win in a firefight.

A variant of this might make for one heck of a covenant AA shade turret seeing as most covie AA's are slow, easily picked off, and usually require 5 to 10 direct shots on a target before getting a kill. (if you adjust it so that it can only eject players from their vehicles when the projectile hits them it will make for hours of LOLs and generally be more irritating than a threat but makes for a viable defense in large scale CTF games [you cant score quickly if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere without a ride])
Edited by Switchblade on Nov 17, 2011 at 06:50 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Nov 16, 2011 08:32 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Really? last i heard (through the grapevine so to speak) CAG has been uber busy with his real life and his responsible and has done what he can when he can to complete this project. Meaning, he has split error codes among knowledgeable community members and has asked them to keep their progress or lack of, very quiet. Obviously, both he and his compatriots have been successful in this endeavor. Now, i to ask so kindly if the nincompoops spamming this thread to cease and desist their attempts to derail this thread or at least wait until the map is completed so that i as well as a few others may give you the proper pwning treatment.

As for Gonzo, will i be seeing my favorite weapon in this map as an Easter egg with a ridiculously small clip? (the golden needler from the mummy series?)

Edited by Switchblade on Nov 16, 2011 at 08:34 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Oct 28, 2011 08:08 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Quote: --- Original message by: Killer22

The Lost Spartan Tags

Icetiger Mech Model and Tags

Goose Vehicle Tagset

Pyro GX Vehicle tags Beta

Tankhog tags

more later

oddly enough these were the only tags i couldn't identify from memory from either using them, commenting on them or, personally working on them. I would appreciate it if anyone could possibly post pictures of these tags in use on the links provided or a small description of what each does.

Meanwhile i'll add my own vehicle request that comes directly from Matooba's insane mind "Hogfoot":a monster truck variant of everyone's favorite vehicle (minus the gun turret). This particular vehicle was only featured in its incomplete form in Hoggulch where it had physics issues involving tipping. Personally, i think this monster needs a map of this size just to make it a viable resource (that and the thing is extremely fun to drive).

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Oct 1, 2011 12:59 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Quote: --- Original message by: UBE Chief
So a main, single-shot primary, and a carpet-bomb secondary? Is that what you're trying to ask?

Actually i was suggesting a modification to the Artillery piece placed in "Airstrike" and "Airstrike2". It had a tank projectile with a moderately fast reload. The downside was that it was easy pickings for snipers but no amount of explosives could kill its occupant. I'd say, swap the projectiles and you'd have a formidable artillery piece.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Sep 26, 2011 08:03 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Ooooooooooooo....waterfall XD. Anyways; Gonzo, i replied to your PM (which i just noticed you had sent me a minute ago) and am currently packing a nice fat Zip file for you. Just give me an email address or w/e and ill send it on its way.

Back on topic... the thought just came to mind; will we be seeing the possibility of a UNSC custom artillery piece that uses an arcing, explosive shotgun projectile to give the illusion of an artillery strike from multiple weapons? the vehicle could just be a scorpion tank with legs similar to coldsnaps' mythos and slow like no other or a warthog with an over-sized gun turret. I figured that this if nothing else; could be used as a device for suppression fire or just major annoyance if its damage effect only knocks out shields or flips vehicles. Just a though, but something like this could add some real LOlz to combat if you are shot out of the air in a jet by this thing.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Sep 25, 2011 10:36 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Have you created your "kill boxes" yet Gonzo? Just curious...XD

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Sep 23, 2011 09:12 PM (Total replies: 1627)

Out of curiosity; will you be employing the multi-weather triggers into this map (as seen in some of the RPG maps [night, day, rain, etc?]) if so that would be awesome. If the idea of just changing weather conditions doesn't thrill you like adding fog and rain to uber obscure vision then might i toss out there the option of a meteor shower? Timed of course or only implemented on certain game types? this would further eliminate the possibility of snipers camping in the open terrain and force players to move their fights indoors; provided that these "meteors" have impact damage that could either flip vehicles (launching players from them) or simply kill any player outside struck by one. I'm not sure how this sort of thing might be implemented so i'd leave that to the more "experienced" mappers haunting this thread.

On another note aimed at CAG Gonzo, specifically; i have a few map files in my possession from an old project with a few features you may find very useful if not just very entertaining. (IE- a wraith that shoots pinball mortars, a flashlight based "jet pack" as well as a few other modded items). If you are interested let me know via PM.
Edited by Switchblade on Sep 23, 2011 at 09:13 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Sep 22, 2011 08:58 PM (Total replies: 1627)

The molotov grenades was introduced in the later halo games but several versions of it have since appeared in maps here on the the site. (none of which i am too fond of) As for tool and technology; think of it as a "special child" it is very good for one particular thing but will fight you till no ends on anything else. XD

PS- its also been a while for me; work and friends have stepped in as well as a few side projects very much halo related but i assure you, my skills are not rusty and my testing methods are still the same.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Sep 22, 2011 08:39 PM (Total replies: 1627)

At CAG Gonzo:

As far as all of the random arguments are concerned; if i were you, i'd take them as a very large complement seeing as you now have so much attention being paid to this map. That being said, i hope you continue pushing forward on this project.

As for the game play issues and "noobery tactics"... i believe i can help you out in this particular department seeing as thus far, i have been called "noob" in just about every single mp map i've ever played in at one time or another. I'll be honest here; my weapons of choice are usually the heavies (pistol, rockets[when im out of ammo or the enemy is simply really annoying me], sniper [if i get bored], and fuelrod [only when dealing with someone trying to make a Spartan pancake with a warthog]). That being said, i usually keep to close quarters combat so hallway camping will be tested. I also (on larger maps like this) love a good vehicle fight (i was the one who discovered extinctions pelicans' invulnerability angle, as well as the one that pisses off everyone in blood gulch with my bulletproof tank gag). So needless to say; your map will be tested from all aspects even down to the grenades and viability of using the hills as AA placements. You will be receiving a lot of feedback from me.

I do have some questions about starting equipment: Most standard game types start players with the AR and a pistol; is there any chance of starting off with a modified AR with a secondary fire of a flashbang (using the rocket design from hugess?)? and will the molotov grenades be involved in any part of this map? (i do love the idea of setting a team at close proximity on fire XD)

thats it for now and i look forward to your reply.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Sep 20, 2011 04:25 PM (Total replies: 1627)

And here comes the suggestion which everyone hates yet seems to prove very useful. Copy your maps file (in whatever form its in) open the copied file in a different modelling program (IE - a CAD program) fix any known errors (like open edges) by going to the drop down menu where it says something like "connect touching [splines?]" then check for any errors that appear. After which you can export the file to whatever type you want and do with it as you please.

On a side note: i use TurboCAD v12 for just about everything; it has no 3d model size limit and the zooming capabilities make it nearly impossible not to see an open edge or to correct one. I've exported files from CAD and sent them to one of my friends who was using who knows what version of max for completion. This is only a suggestion but i hope it helps.

Halo CE General Discussion » Requiem - Extinction on Steroids Sep 10, 2011 07:32 PM (Total replies: 1627)

To Gonzo; this may seem a bit dumb due mainly to the fact that my expertise isn't in BSP design but, if you know where the errors are and how big they are can't you use a scenery tag/model to meld over the issue areas then trim the main BSP around the newly attached sections? (if i'm right, the results should be similar to that of some of Bungi's Halo 2 maps where rocks or trees seem to be placed where problems like what you are experiencing are most likely to occur.)

Just trying to help. ^_^

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