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Halo CE General Discussion » Weapons - Works in Process thread [WIP] Jan 12, 2016 05:41 AM (Total replies: 14954)

from the side you have a lot of straight horizontals and verticals (front, muzzle, details on bottom of receiver, even those 10 circular indentations simplify into a larger rectangular shape) that are stagnating the "flow" of the design? if that makes sense? they're sectioning the weapon in very flat, regular, and obstructive ways. then u have this one diagonal piece that juts out all akimbo with no/few other matching design elements, making the grip feel a little out of place (i know grips are generally diagonal i'm saying you should introduce more diagonality to the gun overall)

this is my stab at a variation on your design, trying to illustrate the changes i talked about above

it might also just be that your pistol is short (front to back)? or tall.. the proportions look a little iffy but i guess that's fine if it's an energy pistol or something that isn't used by humans or w/e but just comparing it to other pistols i've seen it looks tall and stubby (and i dont mean that disparagingly, just cant think of any other words haha)

that said though your edges look pretty good, and the geo of the grip itself seems to be handled well (hard to tell without an isoline wireframe but i don't see any errors so that's a good sign) although the front of the muzzle "housing" (?) and the front of the clip hatch cover look like they might be a little too tight (its usually better to make your high poly stuff softer than harder, the tighter your support edges are, the less pixels of normal info each corner gets, meaning tighter edges = less resolution for your engine to work off of as it calculates the lighting n stuff)

i think there should be a transitional piece (just something to bridge the gap) between the bottom of the grip and the "magazine cover", since they just kind of stick into each other right now, also try to keep in mind how the pieces themselves are fabricated, right now it looks like the grip and the receiver are all one big object, when in reality they'd have been machined separately and assembled. that piece with the X on it also has some smoothing issues on the side, try reassessing your control edges in that area, you might need some extra ones

i recognize a lot of this design feedback is a little late now that you're already into high poly but i wrote it all out so i might as well post it, hope it helps somewhat.
Edited by UnevenElefant5 on Jan 12, 2016 at 05:45 AM

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Common Debug.txt errors. May 15, 2015 08:10 PM (Total replies: 56)

Yeah it's a problem with your materials in max. Could be your Mat IDs are like 1, 3, 4, 5, or the material is just bad.

first check that each face has the correct material id, if you find a face with no ID, that could be the issue.

If all the faces have IDs, just remake the material and see what that does.

also do you have any special materials in your multimaterial (fogplanes, water, breakable surfaces, etc)?

Quote: --- Original message by: thellt

this is an update to my thellt works in progress thread. if dennis could combine the threads that would be great. but if not hey this is something new to see.... im working on fixing the nodes of blue team..... i know. anyways check it out! :)

i added teams and variants. assassin, minor, and major, are the 3 variants for each team.
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Edited by thellt on Jan 14, 2015 at 07:45 PM
edited 5 times because apparently tif files are not allowed????
Edited by thellt on Jan 14, 2015 at 07:45 PM

There you go

Halo CE General Discussion » Vehicles - Works in Process thread [WIP] Jan 13, 2015 09:45 PM (Total replies: 4973)

Is the Covenant destroyer based off an existing Concept? I think the shape is really interesting and has a lot of promise if you scaled it down into a more Scarab-sized craft. It might not even need to be a flyer, you could make it some kind of Covie tank and the flat top carries troops like the Scorpion treads.

Hope that design gets used for something, it's rare we see good Covie stuff around here and even rarer that it gets finished.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Textures not popping up on map?! Jan 13, 2015 09:42 PM (Total replies: 5)

It sounds like your shaders aren't referencing the bitmap properly. Can you open and see the .bitmap tag in Guerilla? If you can open it in Guerilla but can't see it in Sapien or Halo the problem is probably a shader thing. Is the texture pure white instead of the texture? If so that also points to a shader problem.

Remember, in Halo, you don't assign bitmaps to your bsp. You compile bitmaps, then reference them in /shaders/, which you then apply to your bsp. When you're in the material editor in max and you type out "metal flat generic" that's /actually/ a shader you're referencing, even though the bitmap has the same name.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Sound Manager.c #3304 Jan 13, 2015 09:39 PM (Total replies: 7)

Well only sound related tags have gain values so just think back to the last couple sound tags you modified or compiled and that should be where your problem is.

Halo CE General Discussion » Read this! The fate of Halo:CE depends on it! Jan 13, 2015 09:38 PM (Total replies: 12)

Well the AR already has a compass on it, so you could always add a blank plane to the FP arms gbxmodel and make it just face the screen and never move. Then just try assigning the AR compass shader to that plane. You could even add N E S W markers this way.

Halo CE General Discussion » Need help with scripting Jan 12, 2015 10:06 PM (Total replies: 9)

This line is your problem:
(= (unit_get_health player0 0)) 0.001)

It should look like this:
(= (unit_get_health (list_get (players) 0)) 0.001)

At least that's my guess. I'm not actually compiling or testing these scripts but I /believe/ this should fix it.

Yeah I believe they are all stored in tag files called .string_lists or .unicode_string_lists

Man it's been a long time since I've needed to work with those I'm almost positive they're under \ui\ folder though. Anyway there's a unicode string list editor on this site (don't get E3p0's one, it's messed up) where you can go in and edit all these strings.

Then you just compile a map with these new strings and when you kill someone in that map, your new message will appear.

Hopefully someone else can come along with more specific information about the string lists and where they are, it's been a while and I'm not even on my desktop right now.

Hope that helps

One thing you might try is to purposely break tag references that you know the scenario needs.

Like, rename "\weapons" to "\weapons2" so now the scenario /can't/ load those tags. Maybe that will make it small enough to open in guerilla? Cause guerilla can open tags with missing references, so then you can then go in and pick and choose stuff to remove from the scenario.

Dunno, this is just a shot in the dark since I've never seen this before.

One other thing you might try is to replace the script file it's referencing with a completely blank .hsc. Then you can manually add in parts of the script until it gets too big.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Halo CE will not work properly Jan 10, 2015 08:00 PM (Total replies: 12)

Honestly it sounds like a hardware problem. It could be tags related but I doubt it unless it only happens on recently compiled maps with specific weapons/vehicles/whatever you know?

Try downloading one of the stock maps from this site, Dennis hosts all the maps that come with CE by default. Load up that map in Halo and if you still get these problems then you know your tagset isn't at fault, because the tagset is really only accessed by HEK. Once it's compiled into a .map file, halo takes everything from that map file, so even if your tagset is completely borked the map will still run fine.

I dunno how much I've helped but I would bet money that it's a hardware thing and not a tagset thing.

Halo CE Technical / Map Design » Topology optimization Jan 10, 2015 07:56 PM (Total replies: 5)

Also if we're talking about saving files, you can set up max to autosave your file as well. I believe it's under preferences -> file handling. You can set the interval (in minutes) between backups as well as the number of incremental backups to store

you're gonna act like I'm from tumblr so I might as well roll with it

Quote: Also I am actually a faggot and I don't get triggered by that word. Faggot.

Yeah well queer people don't like it. And if you were actually queer you'd know that and take it into account.

Like you can complain about me or others being "oversensitive" as much as you want but at the end of the day who is really at fault, the person being mean or the person who gets hurt by someone being mean? Like, really. It's not even that big of a request it's just like "hey can you not use this word because it's an insult".

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but hey whatever you seem to know how "this community works" so I won't tell you how to your job of being a complete ass, I'll just suggest that maybe people like you are the reason older members leave
Edited by UnevenElefant5 on Jan 9, 2015 at 09:22 PM

Needle Pistol looks cool, I'm interested in seeing how it works and compares to the Needler and Plasma Pistol.

I could see you going the obvious route and giving it an overcharge that acts the same as the 7-needle-combo explosion but I feel like there's a more creative way to tag this weapon. Either way it looks cool.

Halo CE General Discussion » New Channel art. Jan 9, 2015 09:07 PM (Total replies: 51)

what does "it's photoshopped" have to do with the fact that there's a watermark on the image? If it's photoshopped then that means it's even easier to remove the watermark with something like the clone stamp.

jesus you're ornery, go pet a dog or something

Quote: --- Original message by: Kayak 001
he posted a topic about memes and images in almost a judgmental way.

how dare he judge people negatively for cluttering up the forum he pays for with ridiculous, off-topic, non-contributory, less-than-funny, images!

Halo CE General Discussion » Need help with scripting Jan 9, 2015 08:55 PM (Total replies: 9)

Without seeing your exact scripts it's hard to say what will work in your structure but the general idea is to have a variable that decreases by 1 every time you "die".

It's tricky because I believe Gamma fooled around with this for Firefight-Portent and since the game resets when you die you can't actually let the player "die".

I'm not sure if he actually ever got it working but you could use (unit_get_health <unit>) to check the player's health, then if it gets to something really low, teleport them to the start point and reset their health and ammo.

;starting number of lives for your player
(global short lives 7)

(script continuous death_water
(= (unit_get_health (list_get (players) 0)) 0.001)
;teleports you back to the start, this is a "flag" in Sapien, under the Game Data section.
(object_teleport (list_get (players) 0) respawn_flag)
;subtracts 1 from the current value of the var
(set lives_variable (- alerted_enemies 1))
(player_add_equipment (unit (list_get (players) 0)) regen_health true)


You'll need a flag in sapien named "respawn_flag" and a player starting profile in your scenario (you can add these in guerilla) named "regen_health" where you can set the health and shields to 1 each, and even give the player starting weapons. These will override the player's weapons that they were holding when they died.

That's just off the top of my head, I don't know if it will actually work but it's what I'd try.
Edited by UnevenElefant5 on Jan 9, 2015 at 08:58 PM

Sure makes it hard to miss this place when people can't go a day without using "retard" or "autistic" as an insult

hey who wants to take a guess as to why most of the good or original content creators leave this place before they release anything worthwhile? Probably because a fair amount of the community members are toxic as hell and nearly insufferable.

No wait... that can't be it... It must just be because they're stuck up or something right?

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