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Halo CE General Discussion » Firefight Descent II - A call for help. Aug 30, 2018 04:21 AM (Total replies: 35)

I'd say keep this thing going! I had no idea anyone was still working on it!

Halo CE General Discussion » CE3 Gamenight! - August 27th Aug 22, 2017 01:42 AM (Total replies: 21)

I'll be up early. I can only be on for a bit though. So if you wish to play by my side get up early.

Halo CE General Discussion » merry xmas folks! Dec 25, 2016 12:07 AM (Total replies: 12)

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you. May your days be merry and not filled with crappy blood gulch mods.

Halo CE General Discussion » No more RP? Dec 22, 2016 07:19 PM (Total replies: 31)

Holy crap Nostalgia. I remember playing RP servers all the time when I was like 14. Fun times. That was like 9 years ago, Sadly all the RP servers are dead. Garry's mod is the game you want if you like to Role Play.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Vehicle Tags] Sophia-J5 Aug 20, 2016 11:15 PM (Total replies: 14)

I love the homing rocket pods on it by the way.

Halo CE General Discussion » CE3 2016 Live Jul 18, 2016 05:20 PM (Total replies: 395)

Quote: --- Original message by: DaLode
Someone should make a Pokémon map for CE3.

Back in the Day Beach Party and I were actually doing this. Too bad he's gone :(

Halo CE General Discussion » CE3 2016 Live Jul 14, 2016 03:28 PM (Total replies: 395)

Hi everyone, I recently went out and spammed people messages about CE3, I'm sorry if you did not get a message, it does not mean you are not invited. It means I'm to lazy to shift through more then 3 pages of Halomaps. So if you have a project please, let me know. You can message me here or on skype. Slow.Bullet is my skype.

Once again, Submission are open! Get your project in by August and we hope to see you LIVE August 20th at 5pm EDT/9pm UTC. Reply with any questions!

Hope to see you in CE3! Visit http://2016.haloce3.com for more info on this years CE3.
~ The CE3 Crew

Halo CE General Discussion » SPV3 Credits... make sure you aren't forgotten Jun 24, 2016 02:19 PM (Total replies: 39)

Halo CE3 should be in the credits for sponsoring.

Quote: --- Original message by: sparky
The only reason I play computer games is because of the social multi and coop player potential.

Same reason I play here. I hate playing in quiet servers or with no talkers online. Multiplayer I always imagine is one giant social interaction.

Halo CE General Discussion » CE3 2016 Live Apr 6, 2016 01:59 PM (Total replies: 395)

FYI everyone it's almost 4 months until deadline.

Also we did stream to twitch last year. We may do it again.

HaloCE3.com Yep that's about it.

I love how colorful everything is. Halo is a bright game not dark. Good Job!

Halo CE General Discussion » CE3 2016 Live Mar 20, 2016 01:15 PM (Total replies: 395)

I also have to stand with Matt on this. I have already been asked multiple times to continue CE3 after this year. I just can't. No offense to the other out there, but it just won't be the same. For the past 7 years the CE3 Crew have worked on this and have grown a strong bond together. You can't replace those or replicate those at all.

We will still be doing HMU's don't worry about that. Dratt and Myself will still be a huge part to this community. I still go around raving on about how this is my favorite community in all of gaming.

Remember just because CE3 is ending this year, does not mean we have other plans. Look towards the future I always say.

Halo CE General Discussion » CE3 2016 Live Mar 18, 2016 03:57 PM (Total replies: 395)

Remember if you have any questions please ask here or contact Dratt or myself.

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo CE3 Has a Server Feb 26, 2016 05:50 PM (Total replies: 24)

Quote: --- Original message by: Lateksi
Make the map cycle relative to player count.

It uses Sapp so it can go from small maps to large maps depending on how many players are in there.

Also I wouldn't mind hosting a game night where we all get into TS or Skype and test it out. Maybe film some and make a video talking about how its out.

I plan to do a lot of things with this server, Host Tournaments, Game Nights, Track players kills and Deaths and give ranks to the top 10 players, Do giveaways, Etc...

I want this server to be known as the best server you can find.
Edited by Slayer117 on Feb 26, 2016 at 06:15 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo CE3 Has a Server Feb 25, 2016 03:53 PM (Total replies: 24)

Quote: --- Original message by: altis94

Oh and please don't host any maps made by patxi

But... I love Paxti maps :(

Also we are looking for a skilled person who knows how to run a server extremely well to help us admin and set up the server to it's true potential. If interested just PM me or say so here
Edited by Slayer117 on Feb 25, 2016 at 03:55 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » Halo CE3 Has a Server Feb 25, 2016 02:16 PM (Total replies: 24)

Hi everyone Dratt and I are currently working on a server and we would like to know what maps and Game Types you would want on it.

So go ahead and post as many maps and game types you would want to see.

Halo CE General Discussion » New maps... What is this? Feb 24, 2016 09:52 PM (Total replies: 61)

It's been forever since I've downloaded from halo maps. Why is there a limit on download bandwidth again?

Halo CE General Discussion » what would you if i'd os mp maps? Feb 14, 2016 03:28 AM (Total replies: 66)

I'm pro OS. But like everyone else is saying, just making HD textures in the maps alone is not that interesting. Try going for something amazing to make them stand out from there .map brethren.

Halo CE General Discussion » modacity haxed? Feb 14, 2016 01:53 AM (Total replies: 30)

Quote: --- Original message by: supersniper
this place has been hosting maps for halo ce since the game's release. if you consider this place garbage go host your own halo map hosting site. or better yet stay at OC.

http://www.HaloCE3.com already ahead of you :P

I wouldn't say this site is garbage, I love it. I just wish it would be updated. the site still feels heavily the same since I've been here. Plus we haven't had a map upload in forever.

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