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Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Apr 4, 2020 06:23 AM (Total replies: 66)

There is a new version available that fixes an issue with the recursive bitmap extraction and with exporting BSPs as obj/collada.

Quote: --- Original message by: gpGlobals
Say, is sound extraction going to be coming? It's the one thing I still have to always use Adjutant for, so having it in Reclaimer would be a big convenience; surround sound extraction would also be great, if possible.
Another thing, I've been doing a bit of research into Halo 3's shader system (by extension I'm quite sure what I've found applies to ODST and Reach, as well), and with the information I've found I might be able to help shaders look more like they do in-game when you import a model into 3DS Max.

Sound extraction will likely arrive at some point for 3/Reach, but it may be a while.
The AMF format only records which bitmaps are used and what the tint values are. Depending on how many extra shader fields would need to be saved and the complexity of the material setup in Max it could be a significant amount of work to change how the shader import works.

Quote: --- Original message by: matty45
Hello, Im having problems using the AMF importer in 3DS Max.
I exported the grunt mode as an AMF and tried to import it into 3DS Max.
It imports fine but when i try to import its bitmaps, this error happens:

Based on that log it looks like something has changed in Max 2021 that means the AMF material import is no longer compatible. I believe it was still working in 2017.

Quote: --- Original message by: BRANITOR
I was just wondering if there was anyway I could help I do have a bit of a programming background but I would need to be shown a way to do anything!

Anyhow I would love to know if ripping assets from halo MCC PC could be possible soon or eventually!

If you have Max 2021 and know anything about MaxScript you could check out the issue matty45 is having.
As for MCC I'm not currently looking into it but it may happen eventually. To my knowledge it uses exactly the same assets as the Xbox 360 games though, so there won't be any high poly models or high res textures to get from it.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Mar 20, 2020 11:34 PM (Total replies: 66)

The first log is AMF, not COLLADA.
Is this happening only on certain games or on certain models? Or just on everything?

Please give an example of some models where you had this happen.
Can you please also post or PM me the content of your settings file. This can be found by clicking 'View > Application Folder' from the Reclaimer menu then the file is called 'settings.json'. Just open it with notepad if it doesn't already open with something.
Edited by Gravemind on Mar 20, 2020 at 11:37 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Feb 23, 2020 06:50 AM (Total replies: 66)

Reclaimer uses an external library called 'xcompress' to decompress Halo 4 data. As far as I can tell the 64-bit version of xcompress is having an issue with Windows 10 but works fine on Windows 7.
I'll have to change the app to always run in 32-bit and upload a new version tomorrow.

Edit: New version has been uploaded.
Edited by Gravemind on Feb 24, 2020 at 05:17 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Feb 21, 2020 05:45 AM (Total replies: 66)

Just after the crash, search for "Event Viewer" in the start menu.
In the event viewer navigate to "Windows Logs > Application" in the panel on the left. Then in the list of events look for the most recent ones with a red error icon and click on them to see the details. There will be two of them and one should be a lot longer than the other should say something about Reclaimer - this one will be the crash log.

Next time I update the app I'll add an easier way to get crash details.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Feb 21, 2020 04:37 AM (Total replies: 66)

Quote: --- Original message by: player147proman
I downloaded the program not long ago and I have to say it's nice and clean compared to adjutant. I am having an issue where it crashes everytime I try to open a halo 4 bitmap.

There was an issue with Halo 4 bitmaps in the previous version. Are you using the newest one?

Quote: --- Original message by: Durandal_X
Reclaimer keeps crashing whenever I try to load the halo reach map files. Do you guys know if it is at all possible to edit the textures, I want to change how the visor of the security helmet looks.

Reclaimer is only for the Xbox versions of Halo at this time - it does not support MCC. Reclaimer is also not a modding tool. There is a tool called Assembly that you can use to mod Halo, though I don't believe you can edit textures with it.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Feb 17, 2020 05:09 AM (Total replies: 66)

Quote: --- Original message by: Polingo
Don't know if I am just being a buffoon but the new version appears to be crashing on my end whenever I try to open any .map file of any kind.

Turns out the installer configuration got screwed somehow, I've sorted it out and uploaded a new installer.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Feb 16, 2020 04:19 AM (Total replies: 66)

A new Reclaimer update has been released, download link in the main post has been updated.
New in v1.1.129:

  • Support Halo 4 models and BSPs

  • Support Halo 4 on 64-bit systems

  • Support COLLADA and OBJ model formats in batch extraction

  • Performance improvements when loading a model or bitmap in Halo 3+ for the first time

  • Fix Halo 2 grunt skinning

  • Fix skinning on certain Halo 3/ODST/Reach models

  • Enable text search in tag lists (ie press R to jump to the first folder/tag at the current level starting with R)

Quote: --- Original message by: General_101
Any chance you can look into why grunts from H2 aren't rigged?

Edited by Gravemind on Feb 16, 2020 at 04:56 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Jan 24, 2020 09:24 PM (Total replies: 66)

I have updated the link in the first post with a new version.
It now has support to export as COLLADA and obj/mat, and now has recursive bitmap extractions from the model viewer. The new model formats are not yet supported in batch extraction.

When doing a recursive bitmap extract it will use the batch extract settings to determine the location and file format of the output.

When exporting to COLLADA and obj/mat the material paths will be relative paths the same as the tag name, ie "\objects\characters\...". The extension of the file path defaults to "tif".
If you are using a different file type, there is a section in the settings file called "Reclaimer.Plugins.ModelViewerPlugin" where you can change it.

This version also contains the fix for normals.
Edited by Gravemind on Jan 24, 2020 at 09:26 PM

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Jan 21, 2020 05:10 AM (Total replies: 66)

Quote: --- Original message by: gpGlobals
What's really cool is that this script that turns AMFs into SMDs will allow Blender to import Halo models - the Blender Source Tools allow imports of SMDs. (In fact, that's what I was using to check the normals.)

The next update will also include COLLADA and obj/mtl format support as well, though I have no ETA. Once your script is complete I can include it in the OP with the AMF link if you want.

Quote: --- Original message by: gpGlobals
Last edit: I have figured out the issue with normals. My code had zero issues - everything works absolutely perfectly. What the issue apparently was was that Reclaimer does not extract model normals properly. I decided to get a look at what the exact normals should be by exporting the Battle Rifle model from Adjutant in .obj format; my results showed that the normals in the .obj were correct, and the exact same as a direct port to Source I decompiled. I decided to test whether Reclaimer was the issue by exporting a .amf of the Battle Rifle with Adjutant, then reading it with my code; lo and behold, I got the correct normal values.

Based on a quick look in Max the normals seem fine to me, I'll have to compare the actual coordinate values and see what's different and which results are the correct ones.

Turns out the normals were getting transformed when they weren't supposed to - I'm not sure how they managed to still look passable instead of completely garbage. I've exported some AMF files here with hopefully correct normals: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lfw3jy6ofysy3st/amf.7z/file
Can you convert them with your script and see if Blender likes them? If so, it'll be fixed in the next update.
Edited by Gravemind on Jan 21, 2020 at 05:47 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Jan 18, 2020 08:39 AM (Total replies: 66)

Quote: --- Original message by: gpGlobals

Amazing work! Glad to see Adjutant nice and updated.
Thanks to the AMF importer script being in plaintext, I'm currently actually working on an AMF -> SMD exporter (it currently uses Garry's Mod to read/write the files - weird, I know, but I'm just too accustomed to its version of Lua at this point to adapt to making an average console program).
Although, I do have a question - what are all the matrices in the code used for? I've checked a JMS importer script for Max, and it seems to just straight up import the geometry with no matrix scaling or math. For AMF importing, is this optional/only for loading it into 3DS Max, or something that's required?

Okay, little update!
I've made enough progress that exporting geometry from a .amf to a .smd is entirely in working order, and weights are correctly written.
However, the one thing I can't seem to get right is writing normals; I don't know what it is, but the values are just wildly... off.
Decompiling other successfully-exported Halo models that other people have used in Source shows that the normals there are wildly different from what I'm reading from the .amf - what could be going on here?

AMF uses matrices for BSP geometry instances - when multiple objects use the same set of vertices but with a different offset and/or rotation. The matrix defines where the object is placed and how it is rotated. In a few rare cases this is also used in regular models, such as the Halo 3 brute and Halo Reach spartans. If .smd doesn't do transforms you'd need to use the matrices to calculate out the final position of each vertex. This applies to normals too, as they will also be affected by the matrix.

Other than being affected by the matrices, the only thing I can think of for the normals is that the direction might be the same but not the length. Try normalizing both sets of normals and see if they end up the same.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Dec 13, 2019 05:53 PM (Total replies: 66)

That gbxmodel converter sounds like the way to go if you intend on using the models in Halo CE. If youíre using them for renders and animations you may have to combine that with a Blender gbxmodel importer if there is one.

I believe the AMF script included with Adjutant is plain text, but if not, the one under the Reclaimer download link is. I donít know what GMax and Blenderís scripting is like but porting the AMF importer shouldnít be too difficult for someone familiar with their scripting formats as long as the equivalent functions exist.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Dec 13, 2019 03:13 AM (Total replies: 66)

Most of the bump maps in Halo 2 are 8bit monochrome. There's only a handful that use the blue/pink style.

The download link has been updated with a fix for some models being unable to export as JMS.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Dec 11, 2019 07:48 AM (Total replies: 66)

Quote: --- Original message by: Polingo
will blend shape extraction for head models ever be added, or will that require a bit too much work?

Iím not sure what you mean here.

Quote: --- Original message by: Pabeung
Halo 2 Xbox Maps don't export models properly and what's with the normal maps being weird also where is the model viewer bro and when will you have support for Halo CEA model extraction cause I have some private builds of Adjutant that can extract it hmmmm

What about Halo 2 models isnít working? Which models are affected? What do you mean by the normal maps being weird?
I explained in the original post how to access the model viewer.
I believe the build of Adjutant currently linked to in the Adjutant thread should allow you to open model files in CEA, so itís not exactly private. In any case, the CEA models in Adjutant are in a completely unusable state so thereís no point extracting them anyway.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Dec 10, 2019 03:27 AM (Total replies: 66)

Quote: --- Original message by: sharlowidalot
I also get a crash when trying to open bitmaps.map from Halo CE but that doesn't open in Adjutant either so I figure that's a known thing?

Only playable maps are supported (including ui/mainmenu) - bitmaps, loc, sounds, campaign, shared etc cannot be opened directly.

On another note, I fixed an issue loading some Halo 3/Reach bsps and added .yelo to the Open File filter when browsing for a map. The link has been updated.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Dec 7, 2019 10:52 PM (Total replies: 66)

Quote: --- Original message by: sharlowidalot
I get a crash when trying to load Halo 2 Vista .maps though

Turns out it was only the multiplayer maps that had an issue, I've updated the download link with a fix. Please note though that while H2V maps can be opened they don't support any extraction - you will need to use the Xbox maps for that.

Halo CE General Discussion » [Utility] Reclaimer Dec 6, 2019 11:55 PM (Total replies: 66)

Reclaimer is the successor to Adjutant. It was built from the ground up with flexibility in mind, and while the main library file still has the name 'Adjutant' it is not the same as the original Adjutant and does not have the same code base. It does however offer most of the same functionality, and unlike the original Adjutant it is flexible enough to add even more in future.

Instead of some fixed panels and tabs that cannot be changed other than resizing, the UI for Reclaimer allows you to drag and drop tabs and panels wherever you want or even move them out to separate windows. This allows you to open as many files at the same time as your computer can handle, and even view them side by side at the same time. Those of you familiar with Visual Studio should pick up on the new UI with no trouble at all, as the design is modeled directly off the Visual Studio UI. It also has the ability to switch between a number different themes at any time.

Reclaimer currently supports most kinds of .map files from Halo 1 to Halo 4 as well as decompressed .s3dpak files from Halo CE Anniversary (CEA). The current feature set is support of bitmaps, models and BSPs from Halo 1 to Halo 4, and bitmaps from Halo CEA. Models can be saved to AMF, JMS, OBJ and COLLADA formats and textures can be saved to DDS, TIF or PNG. Note the JMS support in Reclaimer should work for models with multiple permutations whereas the original Adjutant did not support this.

Apart from setting the theme there is currently no UI or menu to change the settings. When you first open and close the app it will generate a settings.json file in the same folder. This file can be edited to change settings.
The main settings you may want to change are for the batch extraction. In the settings file there is a section named "Reclaimer.Plugins.BatchExtractPlugin". Under this section are the following settings:

  • DataFolder - the path where extracted files will be saved. The path must be enclosed in double quotes and any back-slahes must be doubled (ie "C:\\new folder")

  • PromptForFolder - either "true" or "false" (no quotes). True to ask where to save the files each time you do a batch extract. False to always save to the specified folder. Default is true.

  • OverwriteExisting - either "true" or "false" (no quotes). True to overwrite existing files in the batch extract folder. False to skip any tags where the file already exists. Default is true.

  • FolderMode - must be one of the following (with quotes)

    • "Hierarchy" - (default) extract tags into sub-folders based on their tag path

    • "TagClass" - extract tags into sub-folders based on their tag class

    • "Hybrid" - extract tags into sub-folders based on their tag class, then within each class put them in sub-folders based on their tag path

  • BitmapFormat - either "TIF", "PNG" or "DDS" (with quotes). Default is TIF.

  • BitmapMode - must be one of the following (with quotes)

    • "Default" - (default) all colour channels are saved in the same file

    • "Bgr24" - all colour channels are saved in the same file except alpha, which is discarded

    • "IsolateAlpha" - BGR channels will be saved to a file ending in _hue and the alpha channel will be saved to a file ending in _alpha

    • "IsolateAll" - every channel will be saved to a separate file

    • "MixedIsolate" - if the tag name ends in "multi", "multipurpose" or "cc" then IsolateAll will be used. Otherwise, IsolateAlpha will be used.

  • ModelFormat - must be one of the following (with quotes, not case sensitive)

    • "amf" - (default) the AMF format used by Adjutant

    • "jms" - the jms format used to import models into HaloCE with Tool

    • "obj" - standard obj model format with a mtl material file

    • "objnomtl" - standard obj model format without a material file

    • "collada" - a common model format supported by many modelling applications

Download the Reclaimer installer: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hl98l7tk0jcn4oq/Setup-Reclaimer-v1.1.137.msi/file

Download the AMF importer script for 3DS MAX: http://www.mediafire.com/file/evxxoet6f6iupdd/AMF2.ms/file

When you first open model or BSP files they will open in the meta viewer. To open with the model viewer right-click on the tag and select 'open with'. You can then chose the model viewer and set it as the default viewer. This is per title, so you will have to do it once for each Halo game.
Reclaimer does not yet include sound extraction.

What comes next depends on feedback and what people are most interested in, or if there even is any interest. Some things I'd like to get around to eventually are a UI for editing settings, Halo 3/Reach sound extraction, Halo 1 Xbox support, Halo 5 Forge support, Halo Online support, MCC PC support.
Edited by Gravemind on Apr 4, 2020 at 06:24 AM

Halo CE General Discussion » Adjutant News and Info! Aug 10, 2019 10:00 AM (Total replies: 979)

Quote: --- Original message by: supersniper
Hey so I have 3ds max 8 and the AMF2 importer script was coded with a function that was introduce in 3ds max 9. I am using max8 because it's the most compatible for halo 2 vista.

However I cannot import the extracted geometry because of the script error.

The error is the dotNetControl function not existing in 3dx max 8 or lower.

After looking at the script source it is the tvRegions UI control to present all the options.

rollout mainRollout "AMF Importer v2.1" width:368 height:488
GroupBox grp_load "Load File" pos:[8,8] width:352 height:72
button btn_load "Load Model File" pos:[120,32] width:122 height:29

label lbl_selMesh "Select Meshes:" pos:[8,88] width:96 height:16 enabled:false
dotNetControl tvRegions "System.Windows.Forms.TreeView" pos:[8,104] width:184 height:296

I can probably change this but if Gravemind is still around, will you make a 3ds max 8 compatible script?

I can't guarantee there won't be more compatibility issues, but I removed the TreeView so maybe it will work with Max 8 now:

@SgtFlex unless you specifically want the bones to be spheres instead of diamonds then the standard AMF script should be fine. There's an option called "SetBoneEnable" - if you untick this the bones will be unlocked from their parent which will make it work better with the animation imports.
If that still doesn't work then check the envelopes and make sure all the skin weights look correct. If that doesn't work then I'm not sure what the issue could be.


Quote: --- Original message by: LaikaGlove

  • Extract Animations:

    • 5. You can compile right into Halo CE OR import onto an existing model using the provided Animation_Source_Importer maxscript.

  • Included in the .zip are some maxscripts to aide in viewing the files if you want to modify the files before compiling or just to view the files in 3ds max. All scripts tested in gmax and 3ds max 2019.


    • Animation_Source_Importer_v1-0-0.ms - Can be used to import the extracted animation source files (jma/jmo/jmr/etc.) onto an extracted model

    Halo CE General Discussion » Adjutant News and Info! Jul 3, 2019 10:40 PM (Total replies: 979)

    BC stands for block compression. There are a number of standard compression methods used to compress images - the BC formats are among them. They work by compressing small sections (blocks) of the image separately rather than the image as a whole.

    • BC1 is DXT1

    • BC2 is DXT2/3

    • BC3 is DXT4/5

    If I remember correctly BC4/BC5 are also known as ATI1/ATI2. I don't know of any common names for BC6 and 7.
    Xbox 360 also supports some modified versions of the standard BC formats.

    Time: Mon April 6, 2020 8:21 AM 437 ms.
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